Sex Talk With Mide 'How long should sex last?'

He wants to know how long sex should last and how many rounds is considered 'normal' when it comes to sex.

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When you are bombarded with stories of various people claiming to have regular sex that last hours, while others are lamenting about not lasting longer than a couple of minutes, you find yourself wondering, 'how long should sex last?'

Suleiman is interested in understanding what is normal when it comes to sex duration.

Dear Mide

I have been a fan of your advice column and I must say, I have learned quite a lot. My main issue now is, I will like to understand how long sex is supposed to last. I want to enquire how long a man suppose to have sex in a round, and how many rounds are normal at a time.

Thank you,


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Dear Suleiman

Your question is one that does not have one specific answer. Sex can last however long depending on a lot of factors. It also depends on when you start to count. Do you measure the time starting from foreplay or are you simply talking about how long penetrative sex should last? In any case, it is almost impossible to come up with a fixed answer.

Basically, sex is one of those times that quality is way more important than quantity. If you are terrible in bed and last for hours, you are unlikely to satisfy your partner, but if you are great in bed, and are able to help your partner achieve orgasm, trust me, she is unlikely to complain about how long the sex was. Women put more emphasis on how the sex feels than how long it was. On the other hand, men seem to always want to brag about how long they can go. So, if your aim is to please your partner, then you should ignore the timer and focus on your woman.

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Sex facts


If lasting long during penetrative sex is a problem, then just focus on other ways to make her feel good and extend time. Engage in longer foreplay and other pre-sex activities so at the end of the day, it feels like you have had sex for longer and she is more likely to be satisfied.

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As far as how many 'rounds' is concerned, this should not be something you should be obsessed with also. Once again, one round of good sex is so much better than 5 rounds of terrible lovemaking.

But if you are absolutely curious about the number, a recent statistics show that the average penetrative sex lasts for between 5 minutes and 13 minutes. Another study also show that in a long term relationship, couples that have sex weekly (one round a week) are usually happier.

Good luck.