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If you are suffering from a dull sex life, all you probably need is to change location. Any sturdy surface can serve as an awesome location to get it on. You just need to see the possiblity.

The sex position of the day is - The Lust and Thrust.

Lust and thrust sex position play

Sex position of the day: The Lust and Thrust


How it's done:

The woman is lying on her back on the edge of bed, using her forearms to support her weight, with her legs dangling down. The man now stands in front of her, leaning forwards with his hands beside her hips and, as the name suggests, thrusts.

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Why it's hot:

Great for quickies as it can be done on any major surface. If she can balance on one elbow, she will be able to stimulate herself easily with one hand. This might be difficult to sustain for long as they are not fully lying on a surface, but it can be a great sex move change.