Naughty Host Bikini model slaps host for rubbing her booty

Apparently, after a bikini model warned the host about not touching her ass, he did and it was followed by slap, watch the video.

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People get carried away easily and forget everything, that’s what a good booty does to you. Have you ever been in the scenario where you’re staring at a booty and forget yourself so badly that she catches you staring but all your dignity is gone at that point, and you just keep staring until your friends come and drag you away? Me neither!

The thing is that these things happen, and this is almost what happened to this TV host in Brazil, isn’t that where we get all the crazy stuff these days? This randy host was teaching viewers how to protect their bodies from sunburn with a very pretty brunette clad only in a bikini and high heels, reports Gerard Couzens, Daily Star.

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Turns out the model, Rayssa Teixeira Melo is a celebrity on social media initially told the host to exclude her bum from his straying hands. He was only meant to rub her toned belly and the top of her legs but he had other plans of his own, and he got punished for them, I have to add.

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When he veered into zones he had no business in, she grabbed his wrist and told him.

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“No, that’s my bottom” and signaled off limit to him, before she schooled him on what part of the body her bum is, the others host were looking quite uncomfortable.

He then went ahead to ask for permission to rub the sunscreen on her leg, and explained to clear air on the issue, like he understood and then again, he went for the bottom, this time he won the jackpot of a slap across the face.

The show continued but it can be seen as no comfortable anymore, as the host also struggled to smile on the broadcast. It ended tragically with her hulling objects at him, called him a clown.

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Here is the kicker, this incident happened on the health section of a Brazilian TV show.

Rayssa didn’t mention the incident on any of her social pages, guess the presenter went behind the scene to apologise once more or his producers pleaded before the incident becomes a global goof, or wait. It did!