Sexy Women & Football Do Mix! Lingerie show during the half-time of a live football is going viral

Ofcourse it will go viral, now consider that inside of the halftime football analysis during the Champions' league, you're watching this. Imagine!

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In other sports, the half time show is cheerleaders dancing, others the big musical stars are billed to perform. We love South America and Brazil more importantly because they know how to bring the party.

What do you think of having women in their underwears parading? Cool isn’t it?

That is what is going viral right now on the internet. A racy clip reveals a woman in her white underwear parading into the studio before she paused briefly to show off her body to the camera.

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She then proceeded to remove a lace under garment that was covering her lower half to show us all the white thong underneath, reports George Mills, Daily Star.

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The raunchy clip shows a woman in white underwear parading into the studio before stopping to show her stunning body off to the camera. She twirls briefly before joining the rest of beautiful lady displaying their wares.

To make this even better, a studio band played light jazz music in the background as their lady stole the show. Not sure if everyone still remembers there is another half of a football match to watch.

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The crowd seem to appreciate the gesture as the crowd gave them a deserved applause.

Watch the video below