Ladies, This Is For You 7 daily excuses that should lead to sex

Little victories of the day should be celebrated with your partner with sex. It will help your bonding as couples and make you feel incredible as well.

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Like you needed any more excuse to have sex. Well, just in case you need more reasons to tell your partner.

So, to help your case, you might have a partner who likes to have a genuine case to have sex, in which case you’re completely screwed but hey there is a reason why you love them.

No need to wait for birthday or date nights, here are the simple reasons for some coital action.

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1. Your presentation was lit

It’s good to celebrate little wins, like when your presentation really went well, or you met your target at work, or anything good happened at work. That occasion perfectly calls for hot sex. Get home and get busy!

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2. You saw him fixing something around the house

A beautiful sight is seeing your man doing something in the house, some manly thing around the house. Asides from the fact from being beautiful, it’s also very sexy. Once he’s done, get him to fix you down south with his ‘tool’.

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3. Watching a movie at home

You probably have a show or movie you watch together, you can also use this as an excuse for sex, I mean you’re both enjoying it, and what if there is a sex scene, for instance, Mike and Rachel in SUITS start making out. I think that’s about the perfect excuse for some action with your partner. Little victory, ladies!

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4. You fought him

Doesn’t really matter what you guys fought about, make-up is one of the best sex you can have, put all that anger into satisfying each other. If there isn’t a fight, create one. Isn’t that what ladies already do, when it happens, settle it quickly with some exquisite sweet sex.

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5. You cannot figure out the weather

The weather sometimes can be unpredictable and listens to no criticism, use the weather as an excuse for some hot sex action especially when it’s really cold.

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6. No kids around

Kids can be such a bother but totally adorable set of young humans, they take up all your time and when you’re in luck that they’re at school or at a party, you can use this time to hit the sack with your partner.

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7. No traffic on your way home

Knowing Nigeria and our traffic problem, if you are ever so lucky that you got home in minutes not hours like you normally would. It might be a worthy excuse to give up the cookie? That calls for celebration with some body rubbing ritual.

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Using some of these occasions to get intimate with your spouse will make your relationship better and fine-tune your sex lives. All we want to do is help you achieve that.