It’s Not As Bad As You Think Here is why she called another man’s name during sex

This is grounds for break-up for relationship, and serious therapy if you're married. Psychologists believe it isn't that serious

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This action has brought about the end of many relationships either dating or almost married. What effrontery that is, how can she call someone’s name instead of mine, is she still thinking about that guy. Either ways, it sucks.

So, here is a bit of good news, It’s not that bad infact it isn’t remotely disastrous. According to psychology, Dr. Jim Pfaus who spoke to Maxim, don’t be so mad if your partner screams out someone else’s name during sex because that means you’re doing something right. It’s so good that it’s bringing back memories of when she was thoroughly shagged by that her ex a while back.

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"When you're in a state of euphoria, you conjure up things that remind you of other things, because you're in a state that has happened before,” Pfaus said in a statement to the Independent.

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"Let's assume the person had a very special former lover who made him or her feel a certain thrill. Those sexual thrills, quality of orgasms, and feelings of closeness were associated with that person and his or her name."

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That clears things up, doesn’t it? Can’t believe it makes sense but it does. Her mentioning someone else’s name while having sex means its that good, it’s something that you should be happy about. Just means you were giving incredible dick down.

Hmmm… I guess the same explanation goes for calling another’s name while being on a date with someone else. I got dumped because of that, If I read this article then, maybe I would have been able to save that relationship, but then again, who am I kidding? She is married with 2 kids now. So, I guess this one can be filed under road never taken.

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This means that you don’t need to call her a whore or better put like I would say, a nymphomaniacal sociopath. It’s a compliment, Segun. Take it and move on!

Do you think the doctor is right?