Is This Even A Question? Should you be sexually compatible with your partner

It should be a rhetorical question, you should both have similar interests in the bedroom or atleast be open.

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Normally the answer to the question is yes, and a lot of people also believe this. It’s almost a rhetorical question.

Of course, you should be sexually compatible with your partner but a lot of people in their relationship/marriage are not.

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but this time, I’m not exactly sure that I’m sorry. I actually love to be the bearer of this bad news because people who are seen to talk about sex are deemed ungodly and are offered the hottest parts of hell.

Mainly because they choose to talk about sex, they claim its rubbish and should never be heard in the mouth of children of God. Meanwhile, Nigerians are about the biggest pretenders in the world, eager to tell people to turn God on erotic posts. Brother in the Lord, how did you find your way there, how about closing the page and going away.

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I digress a lot, and I have done this again, and this time. I’m sorry for doing that. The reason for this post is to talk to people about their sexuality which they always refuse to talk about because of the fear of the being burnt forever and ever in the hell.

One thing, if you don’t talk about sex still doesn’t mean you won’t go to hell, what about those other sins you’ve committed like lying and stealing and remember what the bible said, no sin is greater than the other. Somebody in the house, please find me that bible verse.

Talking about your sexual life and preferences isn’t bad with someone you’re dating or married to. Just like you have things in common outside of the bedroom. It’s great that you both love to watch Super Story or Game of Thrones or Suits, or whichever you both find interesting.

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So, also you should endeavor to compare notes about your sexual proclivities, it will help your marriage or relationship and help you avoid public humiliation of social media pages like Breakup Or Makeup, Joro Olumofin and the likes.

I read these things and laugh, not knowing what your partner likes in bed makes it frustrating and a hellish adventure. The hell you’re avoiding is what you’re currently living unknowingly.

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For instance, if the guy likes to get his dick sucked and the ladies cant even stand holding a dick in her hand, their marriage make seem fine but deep down, the man will always think about it, and by the time he gets a side chic whose hobbies is chucking down dick into her throat, it’s a jackpot.

Also as hard as it might seem for the guy not to cheat but the thought that this other girl wants to suck his dick might lead him to cheat, and then we will be back to Nigerian twitter’s favorite tagline, Men are scums!

Not saying men are not scums, but in this case, men are also not left out of this. Your lady might like to receiving head but you think your mouth is only made for praising Jesus, it can do both, brother.

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Relationships and marriages are landmines filled with compromises. Our culture doesn’t give the chance to talk about sex, but it is important

Be with someone who likes the same things as you in bed or almost the same things. It will save you a life of worry and make your sexual life much more exciting.

Isn’t it better you suck your husband’s dick than catch him having his dick sucked by some young girl who is probably hotter than you were at her age.

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And for guys, won’t it be better for you to work on yourself and give it to her as hard as she wants or do you want to walk into her receiving some serious pounding from the back with that guy she said was her friend’s junior brother.

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Find your fucking middle ground, quite literally. Talk about your sexual desires and help each other achieve it.

Sexual compatibility is more important than you think, it can make or mar your relationship, just take a trip on social media pages if you don’t agree.