Things We Do For Love! Here is what you can do if you girlfriend likes period sex and you don’t

Things we do for love indeed. What do we as men do if our partner likes to have sex during her period. Just give in right?

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During this time, she feels very aroused and needs it. play

During this time, she feels very aroused and needs it.

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Period sex ranks among one of the most disgusting things about sex, at least for normal human beings who are scared of the sight of blood or whatever that happens with a woman’s private part during her period.

For me, I would rather not while my policy of waiting till her period is over for sex stands… most of time. However, I have compromised on it on one occasion that I can remember vividly. I didn’t want to, but I had to, she really wanted to, and as a caring and devoted boyfriend I had to, despite the fact that I didn’t want to.

To men, it can be disgusting even to some women as well, but here is the real truth about it. Period sex has a lot of benefits for women, admonished by Moushumi Ghose, a sex therapist and psychotherapist. Which is why some women insist on it, reports Men’s Fitness.

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As you know women experience cramps during their period, orgasms can help alleviate that. That’s one big advantage of sex during this period.

Take one for the team! She needs it right now regardless of what your stand is play

Take one for the team! She needs it right now regardless of what your stand is



Ghose further reveals "It provides lots of natural lubrication to make sex so much more fun, slick, and joyful. Sure, it might get messy, but isn’t that what sex is about? Just put some towels down first. Also, many women are really relaxed during their period. Their PMS is over, their hormones are flowing—why not take advantage?"

Another reason why your lady may be on your neck throughout this period is that they feel very aroused during this period. A sex therapist and psychotherapist, Tammy Nelson Ph.D revealed that Lots of women feel aroused like no other time during their period. You get why she keeps bugging you for sex during that period that you want to stay away from her.

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We’ve been discussing how it is good for women, but for the guy. He may be genuinely disgusted by the prospect of having his junk stained by blood. Some men faint at the sight of blood even if it isn’t theirs. Just have in mind that she really needs you this period, and you know what they say about one good turn?

While the sex may be mercy sex, the orgasm isn’t necessary labelled as that. In case you’re not familiar with what mercy sex is, it is when you have sex with someone not because you want to but if you feel the need to satisfy the other person. In short form, mercy sex is sex given not as a result of love or desire.

Fellas, does sex we give our women during their period count as mercy sex?