Erotic Story/Edymaniac The evening with the sexy store attendant [Part 2]

Edy was shopping for his sister's birthday present at the local store where it looked like the attendant is seriously flirting with him. Is it going to happen or will he pass?

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"You've got a great dick, Ed!" she said, smiling up at me as she wrapped her hand around my hard shaft and began to pump it up and down. "Nice and hard; big, too! How big are you?"

"Eight inches," I replied, watching her pump my cock with her hand.

"Mmmm, this is gonna feel so good inside my tight little pussy!" she said, looking at my dick.

"But first..." she said, never finishing the sentence. She slipped her mouth over the head of my dick and slowly sucked nearly my entire shaft into her mouth.

As she began sliding her mouth up and down my cock, she reached inside my boxers and pulled out my balls, massaging them in her hand while she sucked my dick.

I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me; the girl was good! If she had kept that up I would have blasted my load in her mouth in no time! But for the moment I just let her go at me, enjoying the sensations of her tongue sliding around my shaft and the head of my dick.

After several very enjoyable minutes of the one of the best blowjob I have ever had, Ada slipped my dick from her mouth and then licked the underside slowly from the base to the head, then looked up at me and smiled.

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"I could make you cum like this," she said, pumping my slippery dick with her hand,

"But I'll save that for later. I want this big, hard dick inside my pussy, and I want it in there right now!"

She stood up; keeping one hand wrapped around my dick, and kissed me again. Then she turned around and bent over, resting her elbows on the table in front of her. Her short skirt lifted up over her ass as she bent over, and she spread her feet apart to reveal her smooth, shaven pussy lips to him. I could see that they were already swollen and parted, and I could see the moisture on them. She looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a wicked smile as she wiggled her ass at me.

I unfastened my trousers and dropped them and my boxers to the floor as I moved in behind her, my hard dick pressing against her smooth pussy lips. I slid the head of my dick up and down her slit to get it wet with her juices; she was more than ready for me! I placed the head of my dick against her opening and pushed, sliding my entire dick deep inside her pussy with one stroke. She was incredibly wet and incredibly tight, and she threw her head back and moaned as I filled her up.

"Oooohhh, that feels good! Aahh, yesss!" she said as she pushed back against my hips, driving my dick deeper. She wiggled her hips against me, her tight pussy gripping my shaft. She was hot, wet, and tight, tighter than any woman I had ever been with before, and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was filling her up with my cum. I moaned as I began thrusting in and out of her in long, deliberate strokes.

"That's it, Ed!" she gasped, thrusting back to meet my strokes.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fill my tight little pussy up with your big, hard dick!" She gripped the edge of the table as she moved against me, driving my dick deep into her with every thrust. I grabbed her hips with my hands and began driving hard, thrusting my dick deeper inside her pussy.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" she cried,

"That's it! Oh, baby, you're gonna make me cum!" I could feel her gripping my dick with her pussy muscles as I stroked in and out of her. The underside of my shaft was rubbing against her clit, and was driving her closer to orgasm with every thrust.

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I looked down and saw my dick, shiny with her pussy juices, sliding in and out of her smooth, shaven pussy, her inner lips gripping it as I slid out. I knew that I was going to cum soon, and hoped that I could hold out until she did. I didn't have long to wait.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum...Oh my God, I'm cumming!" she cried, clamping down on my dick with her pussy as she slammed her ass back against him. She screamed as her orgasm exploded inside her, washing over me with wave after wave of intense pleasure. I felt my dick widen and knew that I was going to cum also, and within second I did.

My sick exploded inside her pussy, blasting stream after stream of hot, thick cum deep inside her. I kept thrusting hard as my dick spurted again and again, and she kept slamming her hips back into me. She came again, harder, as my dick pumped my load into her. I gripped her hips hard and pushed forward harder than before and then held it there, feeling my dick spurt and pump as her pussy clamped down on it.

I held it there until the spasms stopped and the last drop of cum slipped out of my dick; by now she had stopped cumming also, and she slumped forward onto the table, gasping and panting for breath. We stayed that way for several minutes, catching our breath, until I felt my now-softening dick begin to slip out of her dripping wet pussy.

"Ooh, let me!" she said, quickly spinning around and dropping to her knees in front of me and sucking my softening dick into her mouth. She sucked me clean, draining the last bit of cum from my shaft with the powerful suction she created with her mouth. When she had sucked me clean she let my dick slip out of her mouth, then grinned from ear to ear as she stood up in front of him.

"Mmmm, wonderful!" she said, licking her lips. "I just love doing that!"

"You're really something, Ada!" I said, smiling at her as I reached down to pull up my trousers.

“Thank you!" she said, retying her apron around her waist and straightening out her short skirt while I finished fastening my trousers. She kissed me again, deep, and then we walked out of the storeroom. She went back behind the counter and I went around front, where she gave me a box of perfume and charged me for a half the price.

"Now is there anything else I can do for you, sir?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Well, as a matter of fact, Mother’s Day is next week," I said, grinning back at her.

"Yes, it is," she said, returning my grin.

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"And my mother sure deserve a gift," I continued.

"Of course she does!"

"But she's choosy about her gifts; it may take me several trips here to decide what I want."

"If that's what it takes, then by all means! Feel free to come as many times as you like!"

"Thank you, Ada, I think I will!" I said, turning to walk away. I got to the door and turned around, my hand on the doorknob. "I'll see you in a few days, then," I said.

"I'll be looking forward to it!" she replied.

I left the shop and closed the door behind me. On the way to my crib, I was thinking of all the holidays and birthdays ahead of me, all of them that would require gifts...