Erotic Story/Edymaniac Ngozi and Funke's naughty under table tease [Part 2]

While at work, Ngozi walked in on Funke watching porn in the office, a girl on girl action that had more interested in Ngozi right there.

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Above, Ngozi was gripping the edge of the counter so hard that her knuckles were numb. It was all she could do to keep her concentration on this man and his conversation. She was breathing heavier now, and if this old guy had relaxed for a second, he probably would have noticed Ngozi's nervousness.

Funke hooked her fingers around the waistline of the panties and slowly pulled them down. She was very surprised to see that Ngozi had shaved herself bald. It was an incredible sight to behold--all that smooth, flawless skin surrounding the stunning folds of the most beautiful vagina Funke had ever seen. The lips were thick, and wet with Ngozi's excitement.

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Her little clit was poking out, begging for attention. Funke was in Heaven, and she was determined to bring Ngozi along with her.

Dipping her head forward, Funke repeated her previous move by touching the tip of her nose to just above Ngozi's clit and breathing in. She put her hands back on Ngozi's ass and squeezed and massaged her cheeks. Funke darted her tongue out again, placing its tip right into the centre of Ngozi's warm pussy, and she trembled when she tasted her best friend for the first time.

Ngozi shivered, too, and she dropped the pen that she was using to write down the old man's details. He saw it and looked to her, seeing her eyes roll back into her head and then close, just for an instant. Ngozi tried to recover by holding her hand up to her nose, and pretending to suppress a sneeze.

"Excuse me," she whispered. Then she picked the pen up again and continued. Her free hand was still gripping the counter edge as if her life depended on it.

Funke couldn't hold back any longer, and so she dove in, burying her face into Ngozi's hot, moist pussy lips. Her nose bumped Ngozi's clit, and Funke's lips pressed fully against her skin. Her tongue licked madly at her pussy. Funke was so hungry for this that her saliva was already dripping down her chin and down Ngozi's thighs. She licked and sucked and nibbled, lathering up Ngozi's cunt with her spit before plunging her tongue deep into her tunnel.

Ngozi clenched her teeth and bowed her head, desperately trying to hide her facial expressions. She wanted so badly to let loose, to sigh or moan or just plain yell out "yes!", but the old man was still there, just two feet away, and completely oblivious. She gripped the edge of the counter with both hands again, and pretended to be thinking.

"Tuesday," she said. "Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday..."

She was supposed to be trying to fit him into the schedule. Ngozi knew very well that Tuesday was open, but for the moment, this was as clear as she was going to get, and she needed to stop or things would get really out of hand.

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Under the table, Funke ate Ngozi's pussy energetically and now concentrated on her clit. She flicked it back and forth with her tongue, then up and down, then back and forth again. Then she took the hard little knob between her lips and sucked, gently at first, then harder.

"Tuesday, Tuesday...I think....Yes. We can--" Ngozi gritted her teeth together and slapped the top of the table. "Yes! We can fit you in," she continued. Her words were quick, loud, and very breathy. She fumbled for the right papers to fill him into the schedule.

Then he started talking again, telling his life story or something. Ngozi hoped he wasn't asking any more questions, because she didn't have the concentration to put any of his words together, let alone her own.

Feigning interest in his story, Ngozi leaned forward on the table. It was really just a way to help herself, however, as her feet lifted off the floor. Still wearing her heels, she spread her legs out wide and found footing on the boxes under the table.

Now Funke had total access, and she took full advantage of it. She stuck her tongue even deeper into Ngozi's pussy, and Ngozi responded by moving her hips back and forth against Funke's face. She was breathing very hard now, and beads of sweat collected on her forehead.

Funke was overwhelmed, too. She expected Ngozi to enjoy this, but wow! This girl was out of control, and yet still keeping her cool. It was so hot. For the first time, Funke took notice of how wet she was herself, and how close she was to reaching her own orgasm just by licking her friend.

She put one of her hands down her trousers and rubbed at her own clit. Her pussy was soaking wet.

All it took was a few flicks of her finger and Funke had put herself over the edge. She dove madly for Ngozi's clit and let her tongue stroke it with amazing speed. And just like that, Ngozi had peaked herself. For the second time in their lives, the two beautiful young women reached unbelievable orgasms together.

Funke almost jumped under the table, making a sharp thud against the wood. To cover that and her own climax, Ngozi closed her eyes tightly and shouted out loud.

"Ahh Ahh! Muscle pull o!" she exclaimed to the bewildered old man.

She continued moaning and shouting, hoping it was passing off as pain. She shook her body, trying to regain control of herself, but the orgasm would not let up. Her hands still gripped the table.

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"Are you okay?" The old man asked. "Yes!" Ngozi grunted through clenched teeth. "Oh God yes!"

Below, Funke was still shuddering as she came, and she was still licking Ngozi's pussy up and down, bumping her clit with her nose. Her whole hand was down her trousers now, massaging her pussy as her own orgasm began to subside.

"I used to be a football coach," the old man said, looking at Ngozi awkwardly. "I could come around and massage that leg for you--"

"No!" Ngozi exclaimed, reaching out her hand in the stop position. She was finally well enough to compose herself. "No, but thank you. I think..." She shivered, and then leaned back so she was standing on the floor again, though now on rubbery legs. "Yeah, I think it's gone. I'm okay now."

Funke gave Ngozi's clit one last, very soft kiss, then backed away. She leaned back against the wall, smiled, sighed, and waited.

Ngozi finished helping the man while her skirt and panties lay in a pile at her feet. Once he was gone, she squatted down to face Funke. Neither of them knew what to say, and so there was a long moment of silence. Then Ngozi smiled, leaned forward and kissed Funke full on the mouth.

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