Erotic Story/Minxie B Lily & Blessing prey on an innocent office boy [Part 2]

After getting tired of fondling each other, Lily & Blessing stop by Blessing's office to pick something and Lily spots a young boy crushing on Blessing, and acts immediately

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“Okay okay!” Maybe just this once she said

She walked towards us and we stopped kissing, she kissed him and I moved away from him slightly, they kissed pressing hard against each other, his hands came around and he grabbed her ass, he squeezed gently and she kissed him harder, he pushed her jacket off and pulled her neck kissing her deeply, I walked towards the table and half seated watching them.

I made her break one of her principles and watching her do it was so fucking hot.

She unbuttoned her shirt and he bent down to kiss the top of her boob, he grabbed them and squeezed them together as he kissed, he went down on one knee, she gather her skirt up and he reached up, grabbed the side of her panty and pulled down, she lifted one leg and he help throw it over his shoulder, he grabbed her ass and buried his face in her pussy, she threw her head back and exhaled deeply.

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He squeezed her ass and ate her out like he was thirty and just found water, I could hear the slurp sounds his tongue made as he licked her up, she was rocking forward and backward gently. He pulled her closer digging his fingers into her round ass making her moan out, she grabbed his head and made her ‘I’m cumming’ face.

She came hard and held unto her. She put down her leg and he stood up, he took off his shirt slowly. My eyes fell on his abs; or whatever that gorgeousness was, my eyes rested on the V line on his waist: I wanted to go wherever that line lead, Blessing must have been thinking the same thing as she ran her hands down his abs, she unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down, she took his hard dick in her hand and stroked slowly up and down, she spat on her hand and coated his dick with it, she moved up and down the shaft slightly faster.

She kissed him and kept moving up and down his dick slowly, she curled one of her legs and he grabbed her waist, she guided his dick to her pussy and he buried himself deep within her.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my trouser, I licked my fingers, parting my legs slightly I slipped my fingers down my pant, I rubbed my clit as he slammed into her with so much strength, I pushed my fingers deeper as I watched his muscles flex while he fucked Blessing senseless, I fucked myself faster as he lifted her and fucked her faster, she was screaming in ecstasy and it was driving me crazy, he held her by the neck and pushed in deeper, he came but held onto to her as they kissed deeply, soon my orgasm followed. I stood up and walked towards them I needed to be drilled too, Blessing smiled up at me

“What, Lils? You can’t hold out” she asked with a sly smile

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She wanted to punish me and I liked it, I went back to the table and watched them, he spun her around her pushed her back down, she bent over with her ass in the air, he parted her legs and rubbed her pussy lips making her back into him, he held her waist with one hand and slid into her, he started to move, slow at first then he picked up pace, slamming in and out of her

“Oh that’s deep, fuck yeah” She moaned loudly

He held her waist with both hands and fucked her hard, I pushed my fingers deeper in and out of my pussy, he pushed in deeper and she came splashing cum juice all over, her beautiful spray pushed me over the edge. I came all over my fingers again, feeling the warm juice tricking down my thighs.

We got dressed and he left, we arranged her office and adjusted our clothes, she grabbed her laptop and purse and we headed out

“So which of your principles can I make you break” she asked as we got to the car

I smiled and said “But I don’t have principles”

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