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Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies The making of a hoe [Part 3]

After Oma's child delivery, Demola has made a personal vow not to touch her until she is legal, but the hoe in her wants to come out to play.

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Ever since Oma gave birth and Demola found out that she's a minor, she has been starved for sex.

Demola had told her on confrontation that he still loves her and is ready to wait till she's 18 to make everything legal and touch her again.

He told her anything less than that, he wasn't getting involved, Oma was furious, her body yearns for sex, it yearns for his touch and all but then he has made it pretty obvious to her face that she's not getting any action in 2 years so it's time to scheme.

Her post UME result came out a few weeks after and she made it into Unilag to study her dream course, she was happy and sad at the same time given that there wasn't anybody to see her through school since her dad was out of the picture and her mother went with him.

Since she returned from the hospital she hasn't come to visit her it has been her taking care of a child she doesn't even want except for Demola’s mum who comes to help her out every morning.

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She gave it a long thought but nothing seems to be coming to her head so she dumped the letter on the table in defeat and went up to the room to sulk. She slept off in the process and didn't here Demola come in, she was still sleeping when Demola woke her up brandishing a letter and smiling at her

'Baby, you made into Unilag. Wow this calls for celebration or what do you think?'

'I know right?' She replied making a face.

'Oh common now babe, you are supposed to be happy or is there a problem?' asked Demola

'Of course not, just that I don't see the reason behind the celebration, when obviously I won't be able to see myself through school.' she said amidst tears.

'Oh, that don't worry my family and I got covered, now get up and get dressed we are going out for dinner.' She hugged him tightly and made to kiss him but he turned instantly and it landed on his cheek

'Oh I forgot, it's in 2 years time.' she said in a sarcastic tone. They went for dinner and returned exhausted, she was horny as hell likewise Demola but he wouldn't just touch her, he looked away when she undressed and entered the bath.

When she stepped out and lingered naked, it took all his willpower to leave the room, that alone told Oma that Demola means business.  The process for her admission started and took her mind off stuff as she was always going to school and back in his company.

She likes her new school and looks forward to getting in, studying, meeting new people and mingling, these and many more brought her enormous joy.

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The zenith of her happiness was when he took her shopping, she bought all the clothes, shoes and hand bags she could think of and more. He also got her a good number of weaves and also took her to the SPA.

When she got back she was really looking more beautiful than ever. Her matriculation came and Demola and his family came making up for her family which didn't show up. School started in earnest after the celebration and she settled in.

Being a smart girl, she didn't have any difficulties at all and pretty soon her smartness and beauty preceded her. Giving that she was quite popular in class making friends wasn't difficult at all, she just chose the ones she can tolerate.

The guys started coming but there was just one person she has her eyes on even though he seemed not notice her. Luck shone on her one evening about 4pm precisely, her driver had come to pick her up and made for the stairs blindly after he announced his arrival and in the process bumped into his classroom crush.

She apologized as fast as possible and made to walk away when he drew her back

'Not so fast, I think it's destiny that made an angel like you bump into me and I won't let you go unless you at least give something through which I can reach you.' he said, Oma looked at him for a while and said to him

'Hmmm Destiny indeed, let's see if it happens again only then  I’ll let you reach me' with that she left.

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The thoughts of him filled her when she got home, whilst preparing dinner she kept on having flashes of him cupping her boobs from behind and giving it a tease, she even saw him pull her shorts and tell her in the most sensual voice, concentrate on dinner whilst I concentrate on you.

He spanked her ass and plunged in from behind she gasped and felt pain on her finger, she snapped out of her daydream to discover that she has cut deep into her finger whilst daydreaming. She tended to her wound, finished dinner, set the table and went to freshen up.

She was so lost in her world of fantasy and masturbating while at it that she didn't hear her Demola come in and call her name.

She was still swimming in her world of fantasy when Demola tapped her on the shoulder

'Oh Ken please don't stop' 

'Who is Ken?' asked Demola, she opened her eyes to face an inquisitive Demola who has a frown on his face.

This is real Gobe!!