Erotic Story/Separated At Birth Part Two: Episode 6A

Martina is pregnant and doesnt know who the father is, Keara is still having a ball with Olise who has his own agenda. Tatiana just witnessed Hannah take the fall for her.

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‘What do you mean you don’t know the paternity of the child? What in God’s name is one supposed to do with you Martina?’ Ebele screamed.

Busola and Martina turned to look at her, eyes wide open.

‘What is this one’s problem?’ Busola said referring to Ebele, she hissed then turned to Martina

‘Luckily there’s what we call a DNA test, you can have one done and then move on, have you told any of the potential fathers yet?’ Martina shook her head and Busola sighed and hugged her friend close to her.

Ebele rolled her eyes

‘You’re always spoiling Martina Ebele, is no one bothered by the fact that she was sleeping with two men and one of them married? Not to talk of the other lecturers she’s sampled, any one of them could be the father, what would you do then Martina hmmm?’

‘Ebele shut up! Try to be supportive for once in your miserable life’ Busola sneered

‘I’m not being supportive? I let her live here rent-free and she eats up all my food and fucks her boyfriend all night long and I am not supportive? Ebele screeched. She heaved a huge sigh and walked out of Martina’s room.


‘I don’t know how long I can stay married to your son, he will find out soon enough what I am’ the daughter-in-law said.

‘Hush child, you needed a job and I gave you one, you wouldn’t fuck me and so marrying my son was a good thank you gift all I asked of you was to make him happy’ the Dean said

‘I suck his dick and cook for him, don’t I? that’s as far as this deal can go’ she replied as she continued to finger fuck her pussy, her legs spread wide on his desk, she was purposely teasing him and she knew he wouldn’t dare touch her.

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The dean’s daughter-in-law was a vixen, a beautiful, shapely creature, she oozed sex as she breathed and had men falling over themselves to have her, too bad she wanted women and women of a certain kind. She desired women who were broken and emotionally unstable, it turned her on when women broke down and cried and told her their problems, she would proceed to fuck the living daylights out of them and help them recover.

That was when she met the Dean’s wife who she had fallen in love with on sight, the Dean’s wife was a difficult catch but she was determined to have her, she had come seeking a job with the Dean just so she would be near her. It worked but the punishment she got in return was to marry the Dean’s disabled son, he was in his mid30’s and their only son and child, his parents were afraid he would never marry.

When she became the Dean’s son’s wife, the love affair between the mother and her ended. She couldn’t bring herself to continue fucking her beloved son’s wife. She was furious, she had condoned the Dean’s extra marital affairs and set up all the clandestine meetings he needed, what he didn’t know was that she had been responsible for the smile that graced his wife’s lips and for the multiple orgasms she received daily the past couple of months.

She had despised Martina for so long because she without thought or compassion slept with her lover’s husband day in, day out. She marveled the other day when she got to see Martina in action, granted the girl turned her on and her moans were music to her ears. But she needed to look her in the eye as she formulated a way to get rid of her for good.

The Dean didn’t deserve to be happy after he’d caused her lover so much pain. She needed her lover back and she was going to get her, damn the Dean and his son!

Her legs were spread open, her pussy wet and willing but her mind was far away. The Dean had his fingers and tongue going in and out of her pussy but not a moan escaped Martina’s lips as it usually would. When he’d gotten her wet enough, he slid on a condom and slowly pushed his dick inside her, she gasped and was brought back to life, she sat up and pushed him off.

‘What is wrong with you tonight?’ the Dean asked. Martina hesitated

‘I’m…’ she began

‘Yes, go on’ the Dean urged, he wanted to get this over with and fuck her brains out, all the torture he endured from his daughter-in-law put him on edge and made him irritable.

‘I’m pregnant’ she said clearing her throat. The Dean’s dick went limp instantly.

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‘You can’t be serious’ he said ‘I am’ Martina replied. The Dean got down from the bed and began to pace,

‘You’re hundred percent sure?’

‘I’ve taken a test’ Martina replied.

‘Are you keeping it?’ the Dean said, hoping that her answer would be no.

‘It depends, do you want it?’ Martina replied chin up.

‘Is it mine? We have only had unprotected sex once’ the Dean replied his voice faltering. Martina did not reply.

A couple of days later, Martina decided that she needed to take a DNA test and she would obviously need to get the Dean involved, it had to be either him or Matthew.

Matthew and her never used condoms, he had always said he would marry her so he didn’t need to protect himself from his ‘faithful’ wife. If only he knew, she sighed as she walked towards his office, her face for the past couple of weeks had been fixed in a permanent frown and was that way when she met the Dean’s secretary again, garbed in one of her famous long skirts and long sleeved blouses, her hair tied in a scarf.

Martina rolled her eyes, if only everyone knew who this lady really was. The secretary plastered a wide smile on her face as she saw Martina enter, the smile however, did not reach her eyes.

‘How can I help you today Miss?’ the Secretary said in her usual oily voice.

‘You know why I’m here, I’d like to see the Dean please’ Martina responded eyeing her. The secretary smiled a knowing smile,

‘I’m afraid he’s not on seat today, can you check back in a few weeks?’ ‘weeks? Where is he?’ Martina spluttered.

‘Don’t the both of you communicate? Surely, he would have mentioned it to you’ the secretary said

‘Tell me where he went or...’ Martina said, her anger building up ‘or you’ll what? Fine, I’ll tell you, he has travelled to the States with his son on a medical treatment and won’t be back for some time’ the Secretary said.

Unbeknownst to Martina, the Dean had confided in her and told her that he might be the Father of her baby and he didn’t know how to tell her he didn’t want it or want any scandals associated with his name so he had begged her to take care of it for him. He didn’t say how, he just took the next available flight and ran, typical of men.

‘What?!’ Martina said

‘He never goes anywhere without telling me?’ she said, she had started crying now why she couldn’t understand. The secretary watched her and smiled, the sobs turning her on and making her pussy throb. She stood up and walked over to the Dean’s office door and unlocked it.

‘In here’ she said in a bland tone, Martina raised her head and frowned.

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‘Come on, I haven’t got all day’ the secretary said more demanding. Martina got up silently and walked in to the office. The secretary made sure the main door was locked and then walked in after Martina. Martina stood in the middle of the office, wiping her eyes and sniffing. The secretary looked at her with disgust, to Martina’s surprise she grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, her face just an inch from Martina’s.

‘I am going to fuck you and make you forget whatever it was you came to see my boss for, your sadness thrills me and makes me want to touch you and kiss you in all the places that make you moan. Your breasts heaving and leaning on my chest is making me want to tear you to pieces, you’re going to shut up and enjoy it but please feel free to keep crying. I will cum faster’ she said menacingly in Martina’s ear.

Martina was so shocked she couldn’t speak, the secretary had lifted up her dress and her hands began playing tricks on her brain. Her lips were tracing lines along her ear and neck and the biting made Martina wince. The secretary pictured her lover’s naked body and then her fingers worked faster on Martina’s clit, she wasn’t after Martina’s pleasure, just hers until she got back what she wanted.

Martina however couldn’t stop from moaning amidst her tears, she wiggled her waist fast as the fingers dug into her pussy hard making her gasp out loud. The secretary began to tug at Martina’s clothes and hers, once they were both naked the secretary pushed Martina to the floor, and with a look of pure murder descended on her, she guided Martina’s lips to her pussy and screamed as Martina the amateur she was brought her to ecstasy.

She held on to Martina’s head as she continued, with one hand she squeezed her breasts and groaned as she came. The explosion didn’t last long because she was on top of Martina in a second, she placed her pussy on Martina’s in a scissors position and began to rock her pussy on Martina’s, she had never felt this sensation before. As the secretary held on to her thigh and fucked her pussy with hers, she remembered what got her there in the first place and tears streamed down her eyes once again.

The secretary did not miss this, her body began to shake with pleasure as she watched the tears fall from Martina’s eyes, she bent down and planted her tongue on Martina’s face, licking away the salty tears as she came, this time with a bang. She collapsed on Martina’s body and lay there, thoughts of her lover’s exquisite body on her mind.



‘Baby you’re so sweet, your body is my paradise, your pussy my haven, your ass my downfall’ Olise said as he fingered Keara from behind, her hands tied behind her and her ass in the air, they had been at it for hours it was the night of his birthday and Olise had chosen rather than receive any of the expensive gifts she usually got him, he was going to use her body the way he pleased and used he did.

He looked at her magnificent body, her ass looking at him and her hole widening begging him to come in, he was holding himself back, he was delirious with the pleasure he had been receiving from her moans of pain, his finger traced the bites on her skin, the cigarette burns and the marks his whip left behind from hitting her ass.

His dick was rock hard as he felt her shiver while licked and kissed these wounds, ‘kneel my love, let me feel you properly, I want to hear you moan loud for me and beg me to fuck you again and again’ he said. Keara did as she was told, she knelt up on the bed where they were and braced her body for more of the onslaught, she never knew how much pain would please her until she met the sick son of a bitch that was Olise.

She felt his fingers rub on her clit, slowly he came as if he wouldn’t take her fast and hard in minutes. He rubbed up then down, up then down and a moan escaped her lips. A soft one, barely audible

‘Louder baby, I want to hear you beg me’ Olise said as the pace increased. He traced the same hand up her tummy and to her breasts then seizing both nipples he squeezed tight eliciting a cry of pain from her, he began to twist and turn, occasionally cupping both breasts while his tongue wreaked havoc on the parts of skin he could reach.

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Olise’s dick pushed hard against Keara’s back reacting the moans and cries, he squeezed her breasts harder, turning the nipples with his finger and with every shot of pain to her brain her pussy got wetter and throbbed hard begging for release.

‘Olise please’ she whispered,

‘What was that?’ he said gruffly in her ear, his voice thick with need.

‘Olise please…fuck me’ she gritted out as he continued to stimulate her nipples, her body aching, her pussy throbbing. ‘louder baby, I can’t hear you’ Olise said as he bit on her shoulder, he had taken one hand down to her clit and smacked it hard causing her to push her waist out against him involuntarily, Olise groaned

‘Yes baby, tell me you want me’ he said. ‘I want you’ Keara sighed as the smacking continued, her mouth wide open as the sensation gripped her body and took over her senses.

‘Louder!’ he commanded

‘I want you! Fuck me please’ she said louder the second time.

‘My pleasure baby’ Olise said as he pushed her over, he bent down and traced his tongue up and down her ass hole, spitting on it and ensuring it was well lubricated, he rose and then with ease he slid his dick inside her ass hole. It opened to let him in, and he buried himself there, pushing the whole of him in and earning a loud gasp from Keara for his effort.

He began to thrust, hard and fast building momentum as her cries got louder, she had her hands freed and with immediate effect she began to rub on her clit fast as her ass hole was violated by Olise’s thick, hard cock. She was screaming now with both pain and pleasure, spasms of extreme pleasure coursing through them both as the climax drew near.

For Olise, his body racked with uncontrollable joy, his dick feeding from Keara’s ass, taking what was his. He rammed harder, his dick was so far up her ass and it was driving him mental, he couldn’t imagine spending his birthday anywhere else than inside Keara. She had done so much for him without her even knowing and his dick would be forever grateful, she had by just existing secured his future and he was horny all over again just thinking about it.

Keara had come ages ago but it always took Olise a little longer, she was sure it was because he enjoyed the fact that he had so much control over her body and could do with it whatever he pleased. She let him because she couldn’t imagine him not touching her, her body had become so accustomed to his brutality and aggressiveness and it wanted more each day.

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Her brain could not understand it, he finally came and then the both of them collapsed on the bed together, he wasn’t necessarily intimate and she had come to understand that. He didn’t cuddle with her, or just kiss her for long minutes for no reason, he just fucked her senseless. She herself had never been the romantic type and so she had no idea whether she was missing out on anything or not.

She fell asleep almost immediately with a half -smile on her face because Olise had buried his head in her pussy and was slowly sticking his tongue in and out of it.

She woke up the next day spent and aching, her body always ached her these days but she always felt better after a hot shower and a massage at the spa. She tipped the masseuse handsomely so she would not ask or even attempt to look at the various different scars on her body.

Today she was going in for a very long session because Olise had fucked her the whole damn night, her pussy tingled as she remembered the night before. She got up and headed in for a shower, once done she decided to look for Olise to tell him she needed to get to class.

She didn’t bother dressing up yet, he preferred that they walk around naked in his house. His dick was always hard and that usually resulted in multiple fucks daily, Keara hadn’t withered away yet, her traitor pussy and ass still craved more of him every time. Her heart had gotten in on the betrayal and fluttered every time Olise called her “Baby”. She refused to fall in love with him, she fought with herself everyday about it but she had to admit that the past couple of months had been a whirlwind of amazingness, her body had never known so much pain or so much pleasure in her entire life, she wasn’t sure which she enjoyed more still.

She hadn’t seen or heard from Femi since that day at the gala months ago and she didn’t care. She had enjoyed her time with Femi, now she realized that he was such a wimp, letting her remain in control was something she had enjoyed but Olise stripped that from her along with her defenses and inhibitions. He had set her free and she felt lucky to have met him, she heard Olise’s voice in the kitchen and she hurried towards it, then she slowed down when she heard strange sounds coming from it.

She peeped through the crack in the door and her mouth opened slightly when she saw that Olise was not alone.

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked on, there stood a tall man behind Olise, ramming his dick inside him. Olise held on to the kitchen table as he got fucked, Keara watched as Olise bit his lower lip, his eyes closed and clearly enjoying himself.

‘Yes baby, fuck me harder’ Olise said.

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‘When are you going to be done with that bitch Olly, I fucking miss you’ the tall man said as he moaned his pleasure. ‘Soon baby, soon. I have gotten the job at her dad’s hospital as planned, I don’t need her anymore – though I will miss the sex, she was so ready and willing’ Olise replied in a low husky voice.

That statement earned him a hard slap across his ass cheek ‘you prefer to fuck her and not me?’ the tall man said a little hurt in his voice.

‘Honey, I’ve never fucked you, you prefer to fuck me remember? I love it, I love you, but you can’t expect me not to want my dick in someone’s ass as well’ the tall man said nothing

‘Look, I want you, I always have, Keara was just a distraction and a tool to get what we wanted, I want to practice medicine and you want the money I’d get doing it, I have been able to achieve that, let me worry about how to get rid of Keara’ Olise said thrusting his ass backwards so that the tall man’s dick could go in further.

They both reached their climax and Keara watched as Olise lovingly kissed the tall man, caressing his body and she felt faint. She slowly walked away towards Olise’s room as the tears ran down her cheeks, she put her clothes on fast as she wiped them away and got out of the house as fast as she could.



Tatiana could not believe it, Hannah had been expelled! She paced her room shaking with anger, why had she done it? they were both innocent. Hannah kept nothing from her and so she knew the phone did not belong to her, what had she lied and protected her like that? They had just three terms to go before they were free from this hell hole, why had she ruined their chances of being together?

She missed her terribly already and she was horny as fuck. Her roommate Denike was nowhere to be found, she hadn’t seen that one in days. She wasn’t worried, at least she wasn’t there to hear her moan out loud as she made herself cum, with images of her naked girlfriend in her head. She was moving to her new room as Head Girl the next day and she decided to put her emotions aside for the time being and get to packing her parents would be at the school the next day for the ceremony.

She was packing her books when she saw a paper fall out of one of them, it was pink and folded up. She frowned trying to remember ever owning something so girly, she picked it up in annoyance and shoved it back in to the book, when she was done packing her curiousity got the best of her and she fished out the paper from her book. She flipped it open and immediately recognized Hannah’s whimsical handwriting and her familiar scent of coconut spray’ her pussy throbbed.

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Dearest Tatiana,

I hope by now you’re calm, you seemed very disconnected as I left and I couldn’t talk to you then. Not that I was allowed. I had to sneak in to hide this where I know you’d find it. Don’t despair, the culprit is Denike your roommate, she has been obsessed with me and has tried numerous times to seduce me, but I rebuffed her. I guess this was her revenge, to get rid of you – it worked only that I couldn’t bear to see you unhappy so I took the fall instead, knowing that they would believe me as it seems like the kind of thing I would do right? I miss you so much already as I am writing this, I am sorry I didn’t tell you about Denike sooner, it has been her all along like you initially suspected.

Please don’t do anything rash, it pains me that I am not there to protect you but I know you’ll be fine, you’re almost there. I will miss you, your hugs, your kisses, that wet pussy that called to me every minute of every day, those breasts, God, those breasts! Please take care of them for me till I see you again. Find a way to contact me if you can, you have my email and number.

Forever yours, Hannah.

Tatiana crumbled the letter and breathed hard, her anger building up again. How dare Denike?! And she had lived with the bitch all this time? She remembered Hannah’s pleading not to do anything and so she took another deep breath and calmed down.

She lay back on her bed and slid her hand down her pants and began to rub her throbbing pussy, all that energy made her want to explode but she’d be damned if she didn’t reach a satisfying orgasm first.

Sister Martha Louise was meant to be a simple person. She was sent to the convent as a child because her parents felt she had a demon inside of her. She had hated them sincerely for it and still did to this day, she had been denied all the pleasures of life and all that her other siblings had enjoyed. She grew apart from her family by each passing day, refusing to go home during holidays and refusing their visits.

Soon enough they stopped calling or checking, she didn’t find out until two years later that her dad had died of heart failure. She was disturbed that she wasn’t told or invited to the burial but she felt nothing for the passing of the soul involved. Sister Martha Louise had made friends easily despite her mean, callous and thoughtless behavior, other girls seemed to like her and for good reason – she was beautiful.

The younger girls looked up to her and her mates envied her yet wanted to be like her, she excelled in her studies because she felt she still had to prove something to her family. But then there was that demon that followed her everywhere she went, instructing her on what to do, it told her that it was ok to seduce the younger girls and threaten them to silence. She enjoyed herself immensely on their account, she had them do her every bidding, not only when she was naked but when she needed her clothes washed.

Sister Martha Louise then grew up with a deep love for all things with a vagina and an amazing pair of breasts.

Tatiana amongst other girls had caught her eye the minute she stepped foot into the school. Looking at her made her mouth water and she resisted touching her because of the earlier scandal she had caused with one of the students when she had almost beat her senseless when she refused her advances, of course the school never found out the reason for the rage but she was asked to punish and not touch and so she took out her frustration on the students in her dormitory by dishing out severe punishments to them for the slightest thing.

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She had summoned Tatiana to her office because she noticed that the girl had been acting strange since her lover had been expelled. Oh yes, she knew, she knew all about Tatiana and Hannah’s love affair, she would hear them going at it unashamedly at night when she did her rounds but she wanted Tatiana and getting her in trouble would not have helped. Luck came from nowhere when Hannah had gone and gotten herself expelled.

She smiled and looked up as Tatiana came in to her office after knocking, her shoulders hunched and a forlorn expression on her face. Sister Martha Louise removed her finger from her pussy. ‘hello dear’ she said a huge grin on her face.