Erotic Story/Separated At Birth Epilogue [Tatiana]

After collapsing just as she concluded reading the letter that her uncle sent her, Catherine and Steven nursed her back to health with their private parts.

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“Baby are you okay?” I heard his voice say but my eyes were closed. I couldn’t bring myself to open them because if I did, then I would have had to face reality and I wasn’t ready for it. Steven and Catherine stood by my side as I regained consciousness at St. Nicholas hospital after Catherine found me unconscious on the kitchen floor.

This was a month ago, now I am out of my mind wondering what to wear to this meeting that was scheduled at Sheraton Hotel. Steven and I are officially an item much to his mother’s detriment but his father made no comments especially after he was briefed on the circumstances behind my birth. I’m throwing my clothes around the room unable to find the right one, tears lingering in my eyes waiting for the signal to drop as I search frantically amongst the many items of clothing Steven has been buying me in the last month.

Catherine is sitting there on the bed with a look of deep sympathy on her face that annoys me to no end, and Steven is standing by the door watching me closely. They have both been handling me with kid gloves since my fainting spell and I was over it, I feel Steven’s strong arms engulf me as my shoulders begin to shake with tiny sobs.

‘Shhh my love, it’s alright, you know you don’t have to go if you don’t want to’ He whispered, his hand rubbing my tummy and his other arm holding me firmly in one place.

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I watch as Catherine stands and walks slowly toward me and standing before me, she places a riveting smile on her beautiful face.

‘Steven, you know she must go, how would she ever live with herself if she never met them?’ she said not taking her eyes away from mine, then she moves forward and places her lips on mine, drawing me into a hungry kiss, I needed this, they didn’t know how much.

I could tell they didn’t know whether touching me was a good idea the last couple of weeks but I feel relief as Steven’s hand slid up my gown to find the wetness waiting, begging. His fingers started to work their way around, marking their territory while Catherine deepens the kiss, I let the clothes in my hands drop as I seize Catherine’s face, following her tongue with mine and letting her lick my lips seductively.

My waist is pushed against Steven’s groin and I can feel the hardness of him grazing my back, my waist whines slowly, following his pace, letting him take what he wants and how he wants it. A moan escapes my mouth the minute Catherine pulls away and begins to pull me towards the bed. Steven doesn’t let go instead he follows behind, urging me on with soft thrusts in my pussy.

All is forgotten as I climb on Catherine and Steven plunges into me from behind, the moans grow louder and our bodies tense and release, tense and release over again as we bring ourselves to inexplicable pleasure.

Steven pounded hard and fast, we haven’t had sex in a month and I could tell he had been waiting for this like I had been yearning for him too. Catherine and I had shared stolen kisses but that was all, now I had my mouth devouring her pussy and her hand pressing my head down, the moans that escaped her lips pushed me above breaking point.

I’m moaning aloud with her as she is cumin and I am cumin and Steven is right there behind us on his way, we all collapse in fits of laughter, Steven draws me to him and holds me while Catherine stands up and leaves us alone this is the aspect of our relationship I believe she is uncomfortable with.

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As I lay in Steven’s arms, body still tingling from the mind-blowing sex, that goddamn letter comes back into my head again. I had already sworn for my Uncle Dan a billion times and promised to kill him if they ever let me in a room alone with him. The thought of smearing his face with his own blood has my pussy throbbing again and with a sly smile I climb up on Steven and bend down to kiss his parted lips, he wakes and sees my smile and smiles back.

‘I thought you’d never ask’ He said.

Tatiana’s mum Mrs Ezeokana was livid. She figured she had gone through too much in her life and she didn’t deserve what was happening to her now. How could Dan do this to her? To Tatiana that had been like a daughter to him, he had nurtured her, sponsored her entire schooling and now he was the one that broke the news to her.

When she received a copy of the letter he had sent her she almost died, the shock of learning that he had been having an affair with her was nothing compared to the fact that she had been a lesbian for most of her teenage and adult life, where had she gone wrong? All she wanted was to have a happy family after all she had been through growing up, after all the men that had used and dumped her after the last tragedy that rocked her world.

She was whining her waist and riding hard on him, her orgasm reaching its peak and his too. She held on to his fat belly as she rocked his world or so he liked to say. He reached up and grabbed her small breasts as she rode him faster, sweat pouring from her skin and unto his and mixing up in disgusting ways. She closed her eyes as the wave came and swooped her up then crashing back down to earth and then she collapsed.

Moments later, she was cleaning herself up while her friend Amina sat down counting the money she had made that night.

‘Omo tonight was good oo, the guy gave you the regular plus tips sef!’ Amina squealed as she counted note after note. Chizoba Ezedike shook her head at her friend who loved money more than the sex they were paid to give random strangers.

‘Come here and give momma a kiss’ Chizoba said trying to change the subject, her pussy throbbed again as she watched the delectable beauty that was Amina Yaro strut over, her breasts bursting out of her skimpy top and her thighs slapping together in her barely there shorts.

She had fallen in love with Amina the day she met her, they were both 16 and homeless and had only each other, he both of them were 18 now and had made a little more than they ever had sleeping around with men for money and blackmailing some in to even more.

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Chizoba had taught Amina everything she had been taught by her step-father and it served them well in their business. Until Amina had carelessly gotten pregnant with triplets for a man that she claimed professed to love her every time they fucked, Chizoba felt that she would die when she was told, all Amina’s attention would shift from her for not one but three babies and no matter what Chizoba did or said Amina refused to get rid of them.

Amina no longer had sex for money as frequent as she used to as she waited night and day for her prince to return after she told him she was pregnant so Chizoba fucked for the two of them, she made twice as much but it didn’t afford her enough time to spend with Amina. She was tired every minute of the day, often fell asleep when Amina started eating her pussy and was in a bad mood most of the time. She wished she had put more effort into the last couple of months of Amina’s pregnancy as she held her lifeless body in her arms after Amina died during childbirth.

She had left the hospital that day and never came back, she never knew where they took Amina to but the minute they showed her the baby she would be adopting months later at the orphanage, she knew the tiny pink bundle was Amina’s child.

She cleaned her tears as all the memories came flooding back to her, Dan’s involvement in the whole thing, the husband she had never been able to love after Amina died, and the ex fuck mate that Dan gave Amina’s last baby to, she never knew what happened to the last one but she supposed she would find out now that everyone was coming together.

Her heart ached for her daughter, she felt Amina roll in her grave every second of the day as she watched from wherever she was the way all their lives had turned out.

Tatiana apart from the sexcapades she just recently found out about deserved to have found out about her mum and sisters in a much better way. She swore she would stab her brother to death if she saw him before she saw Tatiana who had refused to see her till the day of the meeting.

Nothing her pathetic husband tried to do was working and she sat on the toilet, an old picture of Amina laying naked on a bed in her hand and her other hand furiously bringing herself to an earth-shattering orgasm. She knew her husband could hear her but she didn’t care if she couldn’t give herself well deserved and extraordinary orgasms in her life to her old lover’s naked picture then she had nothing in life.

The three of them walked in to the conference room through different doors led by their significant others and it was as though time stood still. Their parents had already arrived and where seating far away from each other, their faces grim and angry at the same time. None of them wanted to be there and it was evident in their postures and mannerisms.

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The only unwelcomed person that was not there was Uncle Dan and it was just as well because they had all decided in their minds that they would take it in turns to torture then kill him if he showed up. For a moment, the girls stood there staring at themselves and then Martina stepped forward and opened her arms and Keara and Tatiana fell into them, wailing and weeping uncontrollably, no words needed to be said for just that moment.

Martina stayed calm which was surprising as of the three of them she was the most prone to crying, but as the first one to come out of the womb and unknown instinct came over her to be strong for her baby sisters.

As she opened her eyes, they locked with Tatiana’s mum. Mrs Chizoba Ezeokana and she smiled, Tatiana’s mum felt a cold shiver run up and won her spine, she had just seen Amina in the flesh for the first time in twenty- three years.