Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Sarah, the tailor's apprentice initiates Grace

The same day she arrives for her sewing lesson, her senior Sarah who attends an only girl's school shows her why girls are better than boys.

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“You no wan make I do abi, Grace” Oga said and went ahead to snap his fingers

It’s been a week since Matthew left and she’s still ravishing in the goodness he made her feel, she did not want to tint it with anyone, she had been avoiding her Oga advances and even Papa Doris. She cleared the dishes after everyone was done with their breakfast of pap and kuli-kuli, she quickly did the dishes as everyone started to file out; her Oga went to the market and her madam went with the children.

She wore her checked pattern uniform she had ironed at night when there was light, it was her first day as the tailor’s apprentice.

She walked fast down the road to the tailor shop

“Good morning ma” She greeted exaggerating the ma.

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“Welcome Grace, it’s good you came early not like this other useless girls that can come late, carry broom and sweep oh” She said

Grace carried the broom behind the door and started to sweep, careful not to sweep out useful pieces of sewing materials, she finished and started arranging the scattered magazines with different styles and books that contained measurement, she switched on the radio.

A girl came in greeted the madam and dropped her bag, she was also an apprentice with an un-ironed uniform.

“Good morning” She said to Grace

“I have not seen you here before” She smiled

“I just start today” Grace replied

“Oh! I see, my name is Sarah, I started last week, my parent won’t let someone enjoy the break in peace” She said hissing

Sarah talks a lot and would go on to telling Grace about how she’s back for the long break, she was in ss2 in a Federal Girls Boarding School Bwari, she told her all about her seniors and juniors and the teachers she hated.

“Will your madam send you to university?” She asked

“I no know” Grace muttered

Sarah was silent for a while before she went on with all her chattering about the girls in her school, she dances whenever a nice song comes on the radio, shaking her flat ass, she was skinny and a bit tall with tiny boobs that poked out on her uniform. The madam taught Grace the basics of sewing and gave her a brown paper to practice cutting and told her to ask Sarah if she had any questions.

“If madam Oluchi come, tell her to come back in one hour” The madam said picking up her purse and left.

“She wants to go and see her boyfriend” Sarah said nudging Grace

“He’s married sef” she whispered

They gossiped and laughed some more, before Sarah asked if she had a boyfriend, to which she laughed and said

“So you have not um done it before” she asked, using hand gestures to signify sex

Grace laughed and nodded no shyly

“Do you like it” Sarah asked

“Ehen!” She answered

“Boys must like touching your big breast” Sarah said touching her boobs, she wanted to move away but didn’t, she kept touching her boobs squeezing slightly, she leaned in and kissed Grace lightly on the lips. Grace has heard about lesbians in boarding schools and could not imagine ever being with a girl but now with Sarah with her lips to her it felt somehow good and not nasty as she had imagined it.

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Sarah kissed her deeper, using her tongue to part her lips, her mouth felt soft and warm unlike the men she had been with, she kissed her back slowly.

Sarah stopped kissing her and went to close the door

“Have you done it with a girl before” She asked

“No” Grace said nodding her head.

Sarah covered her lips with hers pushing in her tongue to tongue hers, they kept kissing and Sarah grabbed her boobs squeezing slightly through her uniform, she reached around and pulled down her zip and pull the dress down grace’s shoulder, she reached into her bra and pulled out her boob, she rubbed her nipple with her thumb till it was hard.

She covered with her mouth sucking gently making a moan escape grace’s lips; she shouldn’t be enjoying this but she did, she kept sucking squeezing the other nipple gently, she gathered her dress up and put her hands on either side of her pant and pulled down

“Oh you shave, nice” She said smiling, leaving Grace feeling naked.

She reached out and touched Grace’s pussy making her tremble a little, she rubbed her clit slowly and moved down slipping a finger in, she started to move in and out slowly, when Grace started to slightly buck against her finger she added another finger increasing her speed a bit, she brought her other hand and rubbed her clit as she moved in and faster

“Ah ah oh no oh no no no” Grace moaned

“Should I stop” she asked smiling

“Uhm uhm” Grace nodded her head sideways fast

She kept on rubbing her clit and moving in and out faster with Grace bucking faster against her fingers, she pushed in deeper and deeper till grace came all over her fingers. She parted her legs wider and buried her face in-between Grace’s legs lapping at her cum juices till she licked it all clean.

She kept sucking making Grace louder; she didn’t know it could feel any better than when Matthew did it, she pushed her tongue into her pussy and began to tongue fuck her, she fucked and sucked biting a little.

Grace moaned louder ashamed at herself, Sarah sucked on her clit flicking it with her tongue, that pushed Grace over as she came again into her mouth, she licked her clean and raised her head up.

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“Madam will soon come back, tomorrow will be my turn” She said looking at Grace