Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Niyi's brutal assault on Tara

Joe has Steph all over his mind, leaves the office under the guise of illness, his assistant offers 'assistance' while Niyi woke up with Tara away, and does the crudest thing ever.

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Joe looked at the time and saw it was just a few minutes past four pm and official closing hours was five. But in all honesty, it was only his body that had come to work today. His mind was simply somewhere else and right now his body was telling him it could not cope without the mind till five. It had done enough for him today already and he knew it.

So without much ado, he picked up his car key and phone and stepped out of his office.

“If anyone asks of me, tell them I am not feeling so good and I have gone home for the day” He said to his secretary as he got to her desk. She look up at him all puzzled.

“You really don’t look so good, are you even going to come to work tomorrow?” She asked him.

“Let tomorrow come first” Joe said as he began to walk away.

“But wait. Who is at home to take care of you? Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you?” She smiled at him.

“No, I am going to my friend’s place. She will take care of me” He said on purpose just to put her in her place.

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She was the one lady at his work place he could never fuck. She was his secretary for crying out loud and he was not going to cross that line no matter how many ‘come fuck me” lines she threw at him or how many days she showed up to work without panties.

Olisa had fucked her once and told Joe that she was one of the top three best fucks in the whole office that had still not tempted him. He was that disciplined, he went through the motion of replying everyone who greeted or waved at him on his way out. He got into his car and took a deep breathe knowing what he had to do.

He couldn’t deny it or fight it any longer, he had to confront Steph, get their acts together once and for all. Hopefully, she would see things his way.

But he knew he had to present his case as well as he could without appearing all needy and pushy. He closed his eyes and said a quick prayer before starting his car and pulling out the parking lot. He chuckled as he thought of what Niyi would say if he told him he prayed because of a woman.

Niyi would probably say he needed a bottle or two and yes he was pretty sure that is what he needed at the moment.


Niyi scratched his head as he got out of bed. He felt strange as his feet hit the ground but he quickly knew what was up. His erection nudging against his boxers told him all that he needed to know.

“Tara” He whispered before turning around to look at the empty bed space behind him.

“Tara” He called out once again, still no response. He stood up and winced as he felt the nagging pain in his ribs. It had reduced now but the doctor had told him it would take a few more weeks for the pain to completely disappear. He could deal with that later.

“Tara!!!” he shouted as he walked into the parlor. Still all he got in return was utter silence. Where could she have gone to? He clenched his fist in anger. He was about turning around and heading back into the room when he heard the keys jingling and the apartment door been open. He folded his arms across his chest and waited to see who it was.

“Hey, you are out of bed” Tara smiled at him as she walked into the apartment.

“Where did you go to?” He let his hands fall to his side and started walking towards her.

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“I went to the market to get some things and you were sleeping when I was leaving. Didn’t want to disturb you” She had barely finished her statement when he grabbed her angrily by the neck and dragged her till she slammed against a wall.

“You went to the market and came back empty handed. You must think my accident has made me a fool of some sort ehn” He said as he slapped her hard across the face.

She wanted to say something but his hand was so firm around her neck that she was even fighting it difficult to breathe. He grabbed the tee shirt she had on and tore it off her body.

The tears were always in full form in her eyes now but he wasn’t looking at them. He turned her around with a force that shocked her and pressed her face hard by the wall.

“You went to the market in leggings ehn. Tell me another lie” He was saying a he was ripping her leggings off her ass along with the G-string she had on. She didn’t bother making an attempt to talk this time because she knew it would yield no fruit.

He grabbed her by the hips and shoved her backwards a little before getting his dick out his boxers. He slapped it on her ass a few times before shoving it up her ass even though he knew how much she hated anal sex but right now he didn’t care.

She was in pain but she didn’t make a sound. She closed her eyes and tried as much as she could not to make sound with a straight face. She knew what was coming, he didn’t.

“So someone else is fucking you good now just because of my little accident, right” He grunted behind her, still she said nothing.

“It didn’t even take you long to hop on to the next available dick you could find” Still nothing till he spanked her hard in anger and she let out a cry. This forced him to squeeze on her neck tighter till she couldn’t breathe at all.

Lucky for her, he came just as that moment filling up her ass with his cum while he hold on her neck loosened. Just when she thought the worse was over, he slapped her hard right behind her neck. The blow was so much that she fell to the ground screaming.

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“What are you screaming for, are you…?” The question stopped halfway as he noticed a shadow of someone standing right behind him in the doorway. He turned around to see Wole standing with two nylon bags in his hands, he wasn’t smiling.