Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies Meet the pompous Reynard [Part 2]

Her trip to see her friend on the other side of town is anything but good, Reynard knows how to make her forget her stress.

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Marvis Dairies

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Our relationship boomed in earnest even though he was married and I am single, he dropped me of at the airport and in less than 50 minutes I was in Abuja.

I did everything I had to do swiftly and travelled to the East visit my bestie. I got to the East and called her to put all plans on hold as I have a blind date with some guy that have been talking to me for a while now.

“What? Don’t give that look I’m single and I have to build a relationship nah, will Reynard marry me?”

“No matter how nice he is he will still put his home first so abeg make everybody dey em lane”

Thomas picked me up and drove towards World bank road; he got to Top Rate hotel and booked a room.

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Immediately we were in, I sent a text to my girl

‘Omo we dey World Bank oo! Top Rate hotel room 215 in case and this dude is so fugly. .. Jeez.’

I had dinner and we got talking, it wasn’t the most interesting chitchat anyway so when it finally ended I was happy, very happy. I had my bath and settled in to sleep but Thomas wouldn’t let me.

He got all touchy and I rebuffed him, he tried again and again and got the same treatment, in the last one I told him that he is not nice at all; I travelled a very long distance to come see him and all he could do at the first night instead of letting me rest at least for the night, he is greedily being all touchy.

My words got to him and he finally allowed me to sleep till 5am and he woke me again and started harassing me again, yes oo harassment this guy is not your regular kind of guy.

He is not someone you will see and want to have sex with, so I rebuffed him again and he got aggressive and started chasing me everywhere around the room. I called Mercy and told her to come get me before Thomas rapes me she told me to run to the reception and wait that she is on her way to get me, so I waited till he enters the bathroom to cool off and packed my stuff.

When I got to the reception he started calling me on the phone I didn’t answer so he sent a text, Mercy came in due time and took me home. I had fun in the East and even met another guy whom I fell for instantly even though Mercy was vehemently kicking against it.

Reynard kept on calling me like no man’s business he wanted to know my every move, who I’m talking to and who I’m going out with and all, if he calls and hears a guy’s voice in the background that is pure war coming from him.

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I went back to Lagos to prepare for my birthday and Mercy joined me on my birthday, we went to the orphanage and hung out after that.

“Babe, you are gonna make me cum so early and I wouldn’t want that” He just kept pumping and I kept saying gibberish

‘Cum for me baby, he said. You know I Love it when you cum on my cock, just cum for me sweetness.’

He kept on saying those beautiful words to me while pumping his full dick in out of my pussy till I came all over his cock, he kept on pumping even after I climaxed and another orgasm started building up and boom we climaxed together with my body vibrating.

‘I really do care about you babes please don’t let me down’ He said I just smiled and got up. It was his friend’s babe birthday and we’ve all gone to cave to hang out.

I didn’t like the place so I insisted we left and we did, I was fucking angry with him, come on If you wanted to take me to a strippers you would have asked me first if I was in the mood to see naked women, I had never been so ashamed in my life.

I pretended till we left there and I told him off, he now capitalised on the fact that one of his loud friends tried asking me out to get angry, grudgingly we drove to our hotel room and in the midst of that heated argument our lips locked together and immediately his hands cupped my boobs the rest was history.

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Reynard shaa knows multiple ways to get me dripping, sex with him is magical.