Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies Interwined mystery [Part 8]

The internal squabbles in the family have begun and Maureen has just realised how randy this entire family can be despite the death.

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Marvis Dairies play

Marvis Dairies

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‘Boss! Chief refused to do the transaction as agreed, what do we do?’

The Boss as he is popularly called picked up his phone and called Chief who confirmed that he wasn’t going to comply with the agreement.

His reasons being that he singlehandedly spearheaded the operation, so there is no need to divide the loot.

Chief Bankole AKA the Boss was so furious after the call; he put a call through to his other associates and they confirmed that Chief didn’t settle any of them and that in view of that they have decided to decamp to Chief’s group and gain a little from it.

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According to them, it is better to stand with Chief and gain little than to stand alone and gain nothing after all their efforts.

‘Traitors, Cowards, after what I’ve done for this cartel, all my efforts and time sacrifice to make the deal successful this is how they repay me? It’s fine, very fine. I think the real game just begun, they all will feel my wrath no matter how long it takes, when they have grown that money into a bigger amount I will come and snoop it all, work on my 150 million Pounds dudes, turn my fish into a whale.’

Chief Mike is the CEO, his sons spearhead the branches outside Nigeria, he has an ex wife and three daughters, two of his daughters are married while his last daughter is single.

The plan is simple to encroach his home, run him down through his feelings and get him to sign over everything he owns to you. As for his associates we pin them down with cheap crimes and take them off the way, I’m already grateful to God that our only visible obstacle is now an enemy to the Lawson’s.

‘Ronke I’ve heard all you said but I’m yet to understand how I will come in’

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‘Oh that? It’s very easy you will date Chief Mike get him to marry you and then get him to sign over everything to you. He’s a sucker for young girls and he will fall trust me on that one Mau.’

‘Ronke, I don’t know, this feels wrong, very wrong, what if the plan goes wrong? Why not allow Karma do justice? Why serve it yourself?’

Ronke broke down her feelings to her and told her that she will see that they suffer the way she suffered.

Ronke left and came back one evening after their strategy and told Mau that things are getting complicated as she just found out that Mike is Chief Lawson’s first son.

Mau who was sitting down stood up a little confused approached Ronke and asked her to throw more light into what she just said.

Ronke explained that she has gone to gather Intel to off him that will boost up their strategy, when he told her that he has the pictures of Chief’s family like she demanded and lo and behold Mike was right there in the list.

I blinked twice but it’s the bitter truth, I have to come home so we can decide what to do, I swear I don’t want to get you all mixed up in my mess, so I’d perfectly understand if you decide to leave she said.

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Mau took a deep breath walked to the bar poured herself two shots of Hennessey, walked back to Ronke and said

‘We’ve started this so we finish it, no sentiments.’

That said she walked away leaving Ronke to ponder.

‘The Boss! there’s a notification’

‘Go ahead’

The Boss urged him, he told him that Chief Badmus the mafia they murdered 8 years ago his daughter Ronke is suspected to be planning a hit on the Lawson’s family.

Chief laughed hysterically and then asked his boy to keep an eye on her and at a certain time he will tell him what to do. With that he discharged him and got lost in thought.

Somewhere in town another cartel plans to take out Chief Lawson and his cartel including The Boss and whilst strategising they got to the same road block which is Ronke whom have already started taking actions, they also decided to fold their arms and watch things unfold so they can take advantage.