Erotic Story Jamie and the Adaora's wedding day revenge plan

Jamie and Adaora dated for a long time, only for her to break up with him and married someone else a couple of months later, Jamie planned his perfect revenge.

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I was on a war path, I had just a little time left before she was gone from me forever and it seemed like I was getting nowhere. I’m Jamie and this is the story of how I got back my prized possession.

I know what you might say ‘Prized Possession’? Yeah that’s it, I can’t help but be very possessive, I think I got that from my father.

But that is pretty much all I got from him. He was a monster, a brutal and violent one, I am nothing like him but I have been called a monster before by the one person I have wanted most of my damn life. You see, I love the female anatomy, everything about it, and rather than abuse it like my lowlife father would, I worship and adore it.

Every inch pleases me and when I claim it, it becomes mine and mine alone to feed on continuously and do with whatever I choose.

All I wanted to do was worship and adore Adaora’s body which is why I could not understand why she would leave me for that wimp of a nigga Chinwendu, a fellow graduating student in our department and the son of the Dean. The pussy who cowered before me the whole time we were in University together.

Let me shift my attention to Adaora, she is beautiful, she is the epitome of an angel for lack of a better word to describe her. Her untouched body was my haven and I was prepared to bury myself in it, she was a virgin when I met her, so innocent and so pure and she wanted to be till she got married.

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The warrior in me was fighting for release every time she resisted, she had the perfect breasts, not too big and not too small, perfectly round and whole. Where I died each time was when my mouth was in her pussy but then she would revive me with a heart-warming kiss, I had taught her well, her fat ass was another joy for me but the joy of spanking it while we fucked never came, she would stop me each time I tried and it got frustrating to say the least.

I never loved her I won’t lie, her body was all I wanted, all I needed and she gave it to me except that one thing. Had I pressured her too much for sex, yes I did but only because she was mine, I am not big on cheating, I have to have some kind of connection with you before I fuck you, girls throw themselves at me every damn day but my eyes were for Adaora alone.

The ultimate betrayal came when after two years of being with me and never fucking me she tells me that she was leaving me. I was flabbergasted, I couldn’t understand why, she gave no explanations either. You can imagine my immense rage and disbelief when I found out that she left me for him. I could not contain myself!

Her best friend Oikeh had wanted me for so long too and figured then was her chance, she had seduced me and the rage inside me fucked her until she bled, I never saw her again – the weakling.

Her pussy was tight though, not exactly as tight as my Adaora’s would have been but it was tight and dripping with need, I grabbed her pussy and smacked it hard with all the hate and lust building up inside me. She squealed in pain but that only served to fuel my anger. She had probably realised then that I was not planning to be gentle with her and so she tried to wriggle away.

I pulled her back towards me and gave her the fuck of her life, no woman was going to run away from me ever again. I tied her hands to the bedpost and made her watch as I devoured every beautiful inch of her body, the animal in me fighting to come loose but I tamed him, it wasn’t the time or the prey just yet.

Oikeh’s body was so soft and willing that it almost made me cry until I rammed my cock inside her pussy and she screamed with what I hoped was pain. I held on to her small breasts as I buried myself in her, thrust after delicious thrust, my cock could not get any harder as she begged me to stop but I was on a roll, I bent to kiss her to keep her from her annoying whimpers and she kissed me right back, hoping that I was going to stop but I was just getting started.

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When I came it was glorious, I sprayed my cum all over hear face and breasts and told her to go clean herself up. Her legs were shaking by the time I was done and the great thing was that I wasn’t even sorry.

She had tried to seduce me for so long so I couldn’t understand what she was complaining about. I can hazard a guess still, it was probably my cock you see unlike most men I know I have been blessed with what my friends like to call “the weapon”. 10inches of thick, hard flesh when it was riled up and I was a master at my craft.

Thinking about that day now makes my dick hard. I am laying just in my boxers and immediately I grip my cock tightly, stroking it at the thought of Oikeh or is it Adaora, I don’t know, I know I need a tight pussy, then again my animal wants the one that had been denied him.

The thought makes me quiver with need. I stroke my dick a little faster, my shaft is rock hard and every vein is exposed as my body racks with pleasure. The head of my dick is enlarged and wet with pre-cum. I am on the brink of climax and the phone rings and it’s my mom. Dammit!

I had planned and strategized and the time was near, my mom had also gotten an invitation to Adaora’s wedding, she like me couldn’t imagine why, she warned me not to go that my obsession with her had always been unhealthy and borderline crazy but she didn’t know that I had let Adaora go as she wanted but I wasn’t going to let her go completely until I had exacted my revenge on those who dared cross me and take what was mine.

The wedding invitation stood pretty on my dining room table, with a lighter in my hand I was itching to burn it to ash but then it clicked that this was the key to my mission being complete. She dared send me an invitation to come and watch her marry someone else that would fuck her for the first time?

It had been three years since graduation and I was supposed to be over it all right? Wrong! I made her, and now another man wanted to enjoy what I had produced and yes since you want to know, I have kept tabs on her, I have had people spy on her, I know that she really did keep that one promise of remaining a virgin till marriage.

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Unbeknownst to her, she has really been keeping it for me. I stare at the dozen pictures I have of her on my bedroom wall and my dick is hard again. This time instead of jerking off, I decide to come to call someone willing to take my giant cock at the blow of a whistle. Adaora’s friend Nneoma was always willing and she would ride me like a pony for months on end if I let her.

She had decided to be different and instead of a church, chose to do the ceremony in a garden, it was supposed to be beautiful but I didn’t care, I wasn’t there for all that. A couple of her friends recognized me as I walked passed asking directions to where the bride might be. Her friends are still of the opinion that she never should have left me, they say this of course every time before I fuck their brains out.

Every single one of her friends have seduced or asked me out and I tore their pussies apart. Some of them came back and some never healed. Adaora must hate me now because I know she knows so why did I get an invitation? Was it to say that you can fuck all my friends but I have the man of my dreams or some shit like that?

Her friend Nneoma showed me the bridal suite and tapped my ass before she walked away – the wily she-devil. I listened to see if she had company and when I was sure she was alone, I pushed the door open.

‘Ladies it’s about time’ she said before turning, her surprised gasp made my cock shiver a little.

‘What the fuck are you doing here Jamie?’ she said

‘Language my darling, I was invited remember?’ I replied with my cockiest of smiles inching closer to her. She stepped back from me.

‘Where are you going my lady? I won’t bite’ I said, finally I had her cornered against the wall.’I have just been dying to see you, I thought I would get the first glimpse of the beautiful bride’ I added as I looked at her closely now and my mouth watered. She was exquisite, her beautiful breasts had been held up by some invisible force and begging me to suckle on them.

They looked like they hadn’t been touched in years. I hadn’t seen her up close in three years and just now something was tugging at me as I trailed a finger down her cheek. Why had I waited this long just to get back at her, I didn’t even have a solid plan I just needed to see her and now that I was there the only thing I wanted to do was take back what was mine.

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I looked deep in her eyes and searcedh for any kind of hatred that might be festering there but there was nothing, did I detect a hint of desire?

I kissed her forehead and felt her eyes close, but instead of try to be intimate with her for once, the animal in me burst forward and I seized her arms and squeezed. Her gasp got me hard this time and then I smashed my lips against hers. Forcing my tongue into her mouth, and kissing her with all the anger and frustration I still felt.

She didn’t kiss me back, I broke away so I could look in her eyes again, they were defiant.

‘Get out, Jamie!’ She said in a low menacing tone. I was intrigued, I had never seen her like this,

‘Not until you tell me why you left me, and for that pussy wipe Chinwendu’ I said.

She smiled, a cold smile and said ‘He’s a better man than you will ever be Jamie, he’s tender and kind, and does not look at me as an object of desire and that is why I have saved myself for him’

‘For him, you saved yourself for him’? I said incredulously I was angry now and without thinking I pushed her against the wall and attacked her lips again, finding the swollen mounds of flesh on her chest and fingering the nipples the way I knew she likes, I got a pleasured gasp out of her and I moved to the other nipple while restraining her with my other arm.

I felt her wrap her arms around my neck as she finally gave in to the kiss. I didn’t care whether she wanted me to be gentle, I was here to TAKE not give, I pushed away from her and led her towards the table where I bent her over,

‘Jamie, please, it’s my wedding day, if you ever cared for me at all you won’t do this’ she pleads.

‘Oh darling, it’s because I care for you that I am giving you this as a wedding present’ I say as I stroke her wet juicy clit with all four fingers, expertly flicking the lips and pinching the meat between my two fingers, she moans in spite of herself and whines her waist to the rhythm of my tiny thrusts.

I’ve unzipped my trousers and my erection is pressing against her fat ass. Her moaning gets louder and I put my wet fingers filled with her juices in her mouth to suck on. She wasn’t even putting up a fight, did she really want this? Did she want me as much as I had wanted her for so damn long?

My animal did not want her to be pleasured, it only wanted our satisfaction after the years of torment. I was ready, knowing she wasn’t paying attention but sucking on my fingers like she was starved, I placed my dick at the mouth of her pussy, slowly sliding in, I take it out and then slide it in a little deeper and a little rougher.

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She winces and bites hard on my fingers, the pain of that was nothing, I repeat nothing to how I felt when I slid in to her. The tightness, the wetness, it had all been worth waiting for. My animal had been released and he took over, ramming hard into her without stopping, I could hear her moans, cries and begging but the animal didn’t care.

I bent low and held on to her nipples, squeezing tight as I thrust the whole of myself in, the sounds she made were driving me crazy.

I saw the blood that trickled down her legs and I smiled, I had taken it before anyone else could and that was the perfect revenge. I felt wet hot tears fall on my hand as I massaged her breasts and the animal in me fucked on but I had to fight to slow down. When I came it was thunderous, my body shook with pleasure and I released all over her ass. Just as I let go of the rest of my cum, there was banging on the doors and voices sounded, asking her to open the door.

She turned to look at me, she was a right mess but she was still beautiful.

‘I think you should leave now’ she said.

‘I didn’t expect her to be happy about what just happened, but the look on her face could have broken any other man, luckily it only tugged at the little emotion I had left. I kissed her cheek, looked at her long and hard and left through the other door.

I didn’t plan to be in the ceremony, but I had to see her one more time, because now that I had done what I had to do, I could finally move on. She had come in, walked down the aisle by her father, she had cleaned up well and there was not a sign of anything amiss.

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She avoided my eye as she walked passed, twenty minutes later I had seen enough, I stood up quietly to leave and the next thing I heard was

‘I’m sorry Chinwendu but I can’t marry you’ followed by the audible gasp of the guests. The last thing I saw was Adaora running passed me before I blacked out.