Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 7]

The new director is taking personal interviews with all the project managers, taking time to torture them with her tantalizing shape and boss moves.

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Ifeanyi sat and watched as Kunle stepped back into the office sweating. Now that got his attention because Kunle looked really rattled, and Ifeanyi was not the only one to notice.

“Oboy, wetin do you. See as you dey sweat?” Kene was the first to fire.

“Abi the woman don give you sack letter fast fast?” Amaka taunted. Kunle didn’t say a word, just walked to his chair and sat down.

“Guy, talk. Why are you behaving like someone that just saw a ghost?” It was Tess’ turn to fire a shot.

“Omo the one wey I see pass Ghost o”. Kunle started.

“What happened?” Oyinda.

“That woman fit make man dick commit suicide” Kunle continued while pausing to get his handkerchief out and wipe his forehead.

“Idiot, na breast you go dey look. I am sure you didn’t even pay attention to what she was saying. This guy sef” Oyinda shook her head at him.

“Calm down, let him say what he wants to say” Tess pleaded.

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“Why won’t I look at breast? Breasts that were already popping out of the bra. And the lady’s shirt buttons sef were undone. Na one life I manage use waka comot for her office. I nearly died in there. But wait, that woman get ass join o. no be small at all at all” Kunle explained.

“Wait, you say wetin? Her buttons were not done and you just dey stare like mumu” Kene sat up.

“Wetin make I do? Make I stand up, run bury face in between her breast abi? Na you go give me new job abi?” Kunle raised an eyebrow at him.

“But wait, did you tell her? I mean did you point out to her that her shirt was all open?” Tess asked.

“Tell her bawo. How am I supposed to tell her that kind of thing …” He was interrupted by the phone ringing right next to Amaka.

She picked it up and the ‘Yes ma’ that ended the call told them all they needed to know. Another person was about to be called up.

“Ifeanyi, she wants to see you” Amaka announced.

“Menn” Ifeanyi said as he stood up and adjusted his pants.

“Just dey pray make that woman don adjust her shirt. Coz ehn your dick no go wan get manners again. Sha no go embarrass yourself for there”. Kunle advised.

“No na, he can’t. I trust Ifeanyi” Tess said. Ifeanyi turned around to look at her just as she winked at him.

“If her buttons dey open, I will tell her straight up” Ifeanyi announced to the group forming the tough guy.

“Confirm, I believe you sef” Kene hailed.

“And if she is close sef, I can help her with the buttons” Ifeanyi continued with his tough guy stance.

“Bad guy!” Tess said with her hands up in false salutation

“I go dey help you search online for new job, no worry just go do pass yourself” Kunle said and everyone busted out laughing as Ifeanyi made his way out and into the hallway. One thing they didn’t know was that his dick had already started misbehaving as he pictured the image of the new boss with her boobs all out as Kunle explained. But he had to be the bigger man.

He unhooked his belt and adjusted his boxers and dick, he just had to be on the safe side. Then he zipped and hooked his belt back in place before arriving at the director’s door. He took a deep breathe before letting out a two rap knock on the door.

“Come in” Came the voice that sounded like seduction to Ifeanyi.

He calmed himself before turning the door knob and stepping into the office. She was gazing out the window in a similiar position she had been in when Kunle had come I, only this time she had nothing in her hands which were firmly interlocked behind her.

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“You sent for me, ma” Ifeanyi decided to go on the offensive, if he was going to get fired today he sure was ready to go out with his head held up high.

“Stating the obvious, are we now? Do have a seat” She said without turning around to look at him. He nodded slightly and pulled out the chair.

“So Mr Ifeanyi Ezeogu, I have gone through your reports and I am not impressed to say the least. You have got the lowest return rate of all six PMs we have got here. I am very much inclined to let you go” She continued while still staring out.

“Then why am I seated? I can receive my sack like a man, standing” Ifeanyi said without flinching.

His remark finally made her turn around to look at him in shock. He sounded like someone who didn’t give a damn. And people who didn’t give a damn well were just people who actually didn’t give a damn.

“Mr Ezeogu, you would very much like to watch your tone when talking to me” She warned.

But right now the sack could take the back seat in his mind, he could see and understand what Kunle was all about. Because as she turned to face him, he could see her top two buttons were undone and her cleavage was in full view.

He adjusted on the chair and took a deep breath and gripped the arm of the chair.

“Excuse me, ma” He managed to say.

“Yes?” she raised an eyebrow at him expecting an apology.

“Would you mind getting your buttons done? Your breasts are all out in the open” He calmly said.

The look on her face was of utter shock, he could tell. Perhaps he had not met a man bold enough to call her bull shit. Then the look disappeared and was replaced with one of defiance.

“Mr Ezeogu, would you please be a gentleman and take your eyes off my cleavage? What if I love them in the open to get some much needed fresh air?” She said in a cold tone.

“Well I could call that sexual harassment, Ma” Ifeanyi said.

“Because I want to be comfortable?” she moved closer to him.

“Well then if it’s about comfort, may I also get comfortable?” Ifeanyi asked indifferently.

“Please by all means do” She waved as she sat down by the edge of the big table.

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Without much ado, Ifeanyi undid his belt once again and let his hard throbbing dick out in the open. He could swear he heard the lady gasp, he could understand because he also wasn’t so such he had ever seen his dick all popping with so many veins before. He held it by the base and shook it a few times.

“About my reports ma, I can assure you there are good reasons for my poor performance especially over the last two quarters” He said as he slowly started to stroke himself, right now he was beyond caring if he kept his job or not.

“What reasons?” She asked in a very low voice as she watched him slowly jerk off. She couldn’t say how wet her panties were right about now but she was just too paralyzed to even move.

“Well one of the major reasons is comfort, ma. The director, he never really made us feel quite comfortable. But with you in charge now and this policy of yours about comfort been paramount, I can assure you ma that I am ready to deliver. Beyond your imagination” He stopped stroking himself for a bit and shook his dick again.

She could hold herself no further, she let a hand down between her thighs and into her skirt and started rubbing on her pussy through her already soaked panties.

Now it was Ifeanyi’s turn to be stunned. His eyes widened as she hiked her skirt a little higher up her thighs and he could see how fresh her thighs were. His dick ached some more and he could feel its pain.

“Well, Mr Ezeogu I am all about comfort. Especially in the work place. I believe it is the best way to maximize output.” She adjusted her ass on the table and spread her legs wide apart so Ifeanyi could see the lace black panties she had on. She slid it to a side and stuck a finger right into her pussy.

“Well ma, I believe we are on the same page and I think we should help each other to not just maximize output but also have efficient ones” He said as he stood up with his dick all pointed and winked at her.

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“Well, I believe that too” She smiled at him as he moved closer.