Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 12]

Michael, the new staff is sleeping with the director, and Ifeanyi is melting down thinking, he blew his one chance to impress the director

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Ifeanyi breathed fast as his dick grew limp in his hands. That was crazy, he thought to himself.

What exactly had he just watched? Dara the madam fucking her nephew? Wait, he couldn’t be her nephew na, abi had he heard wrong?

He had not only fucked her but in some way he had dominated her and she had loved it. Chei, see him that was scared to spank her yesterday. He knew at that very moment that he had fucked up.

He had failed his audition with her and that was a fact no matter how good he felt he must have fucked her. He wanted to peep again but what was the use, he had already spilled.

He walked up to the closest tap to him and cleaned up. He zipped back up and walked back to his desk. He sat down and stared out the window at the ever busy road. Why is he always fucking up? When he should have spanked and grabbed that woman’s ass like he was paying to fuck her up. But no he had not, he had behaved just like Kunle would.

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Chei, wait till Kunle even gets back and hears this gist but now he wasn’t so sure he should tell Kunle about it. Or even tell anyone else in the office. Who knows this particular knowledge might be to his advantage but that was if Dara even cared or Michael was really her nephew in the first place.

Ifeanyi scratched his chin in confusion. He needed to tell someone at least, maybe he probably got everything all wrong but he didn’t get Michael fucking Dara wrong at all. He sat there, arms folded across his chest as the others came back in chattering from their lunch break. As expected their discussion was sex related.

“I swear if that lady sits down on me, I won’t walk again” Kunle was saying.

“See you but you would love her to ride your dick abi” Oyinda sneered behind him.

“You still never get my point, if that kind of lady should ride me once ehn! That is the end, I won’t stand up from the bed or wherever it is we just fucked” Kunle explained

“Asin na there you go just die” Kene said as everyone started laughing.

“Omo Ifeanyi if you see one yansh wey we see for road now ehn” Kunle said as he walked towards Ifeanyi.

“Wetin do am?” Ifeanyi asked with an indifferent tone.

“The ass on her was crazy, like really crazy. I swear I wouldn’t mind doing her” Tess jumped in.

“Tess come sef, which female don’t you wanna do? Are you sure you are not Bi sexual like this? Calling yourself straight” Amaka attacked.

“It’s true o. When the new director showed up, you said the same thing” Oyinda also added her own.

“You guys should chill. First off I never said I was straight. I am as Bi as they come. Secondly, I wouldn’t do just about any female. You have got to have something to offer” Tess waved the white paper roll she had in her hand as she spoke.

“Oshe Mia Khalifa. So what does the ladies had to offer you?” Kene hailed

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“Well, I am not too picky but at least some good ass to spank and lovely tits to suck on, you know na” Tess giggled as she walked up to Ifeanyi and handed him the paper roll in her hand.

“Got you shawarma” She said.

“Chei, una don dey fuck now and you have started feeding him” Kunle grinned in between them.

“Oga what is your own sef?” Amaka hissed as she made her way to her desk. Everyone was quiet, obviously they could feel there was some tension in the air and no one wanted to start up anything with Amaka.

Ifeanyi looked up at Kunle then to Amaka then shrugged.

“Thank you, dear” He said to Tess as he started unwrapping his shawarma. As he sank his teeth in for the first bite, he forgot all about the live porn he had just got to watch a while ago. He was quite hungry and this shawarma only served to remind him of that. He was so caught up in it that he didn’t notice when Michael walked back into the office.

“Ahan Oga, where did you go since?” Amaka as always was the first to talk.

“Oh, I had a lunch date that took longer than expected”. Michael chuckled as he walked up to his seat.

“Na wa o. So none of us here is hot enough to take out for lunch date abi na so we ugly reach?” Amaka continued.

“No it is not like that, she is an old friend and I have been postponing for way too long”. Michael explained with a smile.

Yes, postpone pounding your aunt’s pussy. Ifeanyi thought to himself as he finished up with his shawarma then picked his phone and scrolled down to Tess’ number.

*Restroom, 2mins* then he stood up and walked out of the office, he could still hear Amaka trying to charm up to Michael.

He shook his head, if only she knew. He had not even stepped into the male restroom when he felt someone coming up behind him. He turned and saw Tess.

“Menn, you didn’t even chill for me to finish leaving the office”. He raised an eyebrow.

“So?” She asked.

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“Those folks would think we are out now for a quickie”. He explained.

“And so? Isn’t that what we are actually here for?” She asked again as she pushed him to the wall and started to go down on her knees grabbing his belt in the process. He knew it was going to end this way one way or another.

“Chill, chill. I have got something to tell you” He grabbed her shoulders.

“What is it?” she was getting his belt undone now.

“Wait, just stand up first” He urged. She reluctantly obliged but slid her hand into his pants as she stood up.

“Well what is it?” She asked again as he felt her hot breathe right by his neck. He swallowed and…

“Dara is fucking Michael”. He went straight to the point.

“Huh” She asked as she grabbed his dick.

“You heard me right. The director and Michael are fucking”.

She didn’t say anything at first as she tried to process the information.

“I saw them when you guys went out to lunch. I wanted to go drop some files in her office and found out”. He explained.

“You wanted to go drop some files or you wanted to go fuck her without me?” Tess teased.

“Files not fuck” He couldn’t stop the angry in his voice.

“Calm down, I was only joking” Tess quickly said. He eased up and none of them said anything for a while as she got to stroke his dick which was coming to life in her grasp.

“Well it is all good” she finally said.

“What do you mean by that?”

“It means we can set up and just have a straight up orgy” She said.

This realization hit him unexpectedly and his eyes widened like a kid being offered candy.

“You are crazy o. I never even thought about it”.

“Yes, I know I am” She said as she went back on her knees.

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“I am crazy for you” and with that she took his dick in her mouth.