Erotic Story/Edymaniac Edy's crazy night with the Chi sisters [Part 5]

Edy met two incredibly hot sisters on a Friday night-out, and they hit off. He wasn't expecting what happened with the crazy sisters.

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I complied with her demands and pounded her ass as hard as I could. Nkechi squeezed her ass cheeks together as she orgasmed and I joined her and shot a huge load of cum deep into her ass. She screamed and moaned as she felt me pump several shots of cum into her rectum. Nkechi's beautiful body radiated heat as I pumped cum into her ass.

Nkechi was almost out of breath but started to return to normal breathing as I caressed her body lovingly.

I eased my dick from her ass and traces of cum ran out of her asshole between her cheeks and over her pussy.

"Chioma told me that you were a good lover. I loved the way you fucked my ass," She whispered.

We got out of bed, showered, dressed and went out for breakfast just as I had with her sister the previous Saturday. After breakfast, Nkechi went home and then I returned to my flat for a well-deserved rest. Later the next week I received a call from Chioma. She wanted to come over to my place on Friday.

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I was working out of my home so I told her anytime Friday would be fine. I was in for the surprise of my life.

It was about 4:00 PM the following Friday when Chioma arrived at my house. To my surprise, Nkechi was with her and I had a sense that I was in for a wild weekend. The two sisters entered my flat and I noticed that they had brought night bags with them. I offered then something to drink and they asked for a glass of wine. I opened a bottle and the three of us relaxed in my living room sipping the wine.

Chioma then told Nkechi that it was time to get ready and the two of them went into my bedroom. Minutes later they called to me telling me to join them. I already had a hard-on just from my anticipation. I entered my bedroom and my jaw dropped when I saw them. They were both wearing fishnet outfits. I had no idea where they could even buy anything like what they were wearing. Chioma's was a red colour and Nkechi's was pink.

The outfits were identical except for the colour. Their legs were covered from their feet to above their knees. Their pussies and asses were bare. The tops covered their arms and shoulders and ended just below their breasts. The fishnet openings were large enough so that their hard nipples poked through. It was the sexiest and must erotic sight I had ever seen.

The two of them smiled at me, approached me and undressed me.

Once I was naked they both sucked my dick. They passed it back and forth and took turns taking in their mouths. I was incredibly turned on and it did not take long for me to shoot. Chioma held my dick in her hand as I ejaculated and she pointed it her breasts and then at Nkechi's breasts. Chioma kept moving my dick back and forth as I ejaculated on both of their bodies.

"There now you should be able to last longer when you fuck us in the ass," Chioma announced with an evil grin on her face.

Then she added,

"Don't worry about our pussies, we will take care of those. We just want you to fuck us in the ass today."

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Those were like words from heaven. I could spend all day fucking these two beautiful butts. Chioma then had Nkechi lie on her side and directed me to get behind her. I got in the bed and Chioma guided my cock into Nkechi's asshole. Nkechi was already well lubed and my dick slipped in easily.

Nkechi emitted a gasp as my rod filled her ass and then I began to fuck her slowly. Chioma's face was level with her sister's pussy and she lifted Nkechi's leg for access. Chioma began licking her sister's pussy. It was my first threesome and the hottest thing that I had ever done with women.

Every so often Chioma would take my dick out of her sister's ass and suck it. She would suck my dick making it moist and then she pushed it back into Nkechi's ass and returned to licking her sister's pussy. Even though I had cum once already I could feel my ball sac tightening as another release approached.

Chioma, sensing that I was close, pulled my dick from Nkechi's ass and stroked it. She kept it pointed at Nkechi's anus as she jerked me off. I told her I was going to cum and then I fired several streams that hit Nkechi's ass hole. Chioma kept jerking me off until my dick was drained and then she sucked it dry.

Chioma really blew me away when she licked the semen off of her sister's ass. I reached around and tweaked Nkechi's nipples which were rock hard and poking through the fishnet top. Chioma returned to licking her sister's pussy and Nkechi squealed with delight as I continued to play with her nubs.

Nkechi's body then shook as she orgasmed and drenched Chioma's face. Incredibly I was hard again and Chioma smiled at me as she changed positions with Nkechi.

This time Nkechi sucked my dick and then put it in Chioma's asshole. Nkechi repeated the same actions with Chioma and me just as Chioma had done with her. I was continually blown away with the act of removing my dick from Chioma's ass, Nkechi sucking it and then putting it back in.

All the while I played with Chioma's hard nipples poking through the fishnet top while Nkechi licked her sister's clit. It took considerably longer for me to cum a third time but Chioma seemed to like my dick in her ass for the duration.

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Finally I told Nkechi that I was about to shoot and she took my dick out and jerked me off just as Chioma had done. I didn't ejaculate a large load but it was enough and Nkechi held my dick right at Chioma's anus. Then Nkechi sucked me dry and licked my seed off of her sister's anus.

Nkechi probed Chioma's asshole and she had Chioma squirming all over. Nkechi next returned to sucking Chioma's clit as she fingered her sister's pussy. Chioma had a massive orgasm and her body vibrated all over the bed.

The three of us stretched out on the bed as I was drained and the girls rested. "What brought that on?" I asked in an exhaustive voice.

"Nkechi and I were watching this porno movie and there was a scene in it that turned us on. It was with two girls and a muscular guy. The girls wore the fishnet outfits and the guy only fucked them in the ass. We decided that it would be fun to do it with you and we knew you would be game on," Chioma told me.

"I am in for anything with you two sexy ladies but you emptied my balls for a while," I told them with a chuckle.

"No problem, we came prepared," Nkechi said as she reached into one of the overnight bags and took out a double dildo.

I had only seen one in a porn movie and I was surprised how realistic it looked. It was 15 inches long and 5" around with a set of fake testicles in the middle.

"I'll be interested to see you two using that," I told them.

"You will but for now I'm a little hungry," Chioma replied.

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"I'll bring food for us," I offered as I swung my legs out of bed,

The girls took off their fishnets as I prepared the snacks and opened a pack of juice. They both put on shirts that barely covered their asses. They looked as sexy partially dressed as they did naked. The three of us sat around in my living room, eating, drinking and chatting for several hours.

When it was time for bed the three of us got in my bed and the sisters put the dildo in their pussies.

I watched as they lay on their sides with the fake double dick in their pussy. They caressed each other's breasts and pinched each other's nipples as they fucked.

Then Chioma told me to put my fingers in her ass but since I was hard again, I eased my dick into her ass.

"Oh, that's even better," she moaned.

I knew that I would probably not cum again but it was still great to have my dick in her hot ass. After they both orgasmed again, Chioma told me to fuck Nkechi's ass again. I moved behind Nkechi and then eased my dick into her ass.

The two of them kept the dildo in their pussies and fucked until they achieved another orgasm. I didn't cum again but I managed to stay hard in their asses until they each orgasmed. We were done and the three of us slept soundly together in my bed.

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