Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies Confessions of a nymphomaniac

Nma is at her first Nymphomaniac Anonymous meeting (N.A), and she is telling it all, how it began, so she can begin the healing process.

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‘Hello everyone, we have a new person in our midst today,

[Facing the new person]

Dear do introduce yourself.’

‘Thank you counsellor. Hello everyone, my name is Nma and I’m a Nymphomaniac.’

‘Hello Nma’ they all chorused.

‘That’s a good, Nma. As the first step to getting rid of a problem is admitting you have one.

You’ve accepted that you are a nymphomaniac and to complete the process you have to take us through your journey so far, no secrets let it all out, for when you come clean you get the solution you seek, proceed.’

‘Urrm just like I said I’m a nymphomaniac although I didn’t come to terms with the fact that I’m hypersexual till recently. My body count is way up that I have lost count and I no longer bother counting although it still gives ne concern how high[my body count] it is.

Sex is like a ritual to me, my brain comes to a halt once I see an intelligent, slim, tall, handsome, dark guy who has a big dick.

Once I see someone like that? I lose all forms of decency and crave to FUCK instantly. I used to think I won’t fuck unless the person meets my criteria but I knew things have gotten out of hand when I started fucking guys not in my criteria simply because they’ve got a big cock.

A few days after my period my pussy starts tingling and once I’m in that mood I start smelling sex everywhere, as bad as it is I don’t masturbate and I dislike porn but I love sex.

I don’t even know how this quest started, growing up as a child I was just not your regular kind of girl, I was your girlie/tomboy kind of girl. I was just a girl raised in the midst of four boys, they were older though and my older sister was barely around to help groom.

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My brother’s didn’t molest me, although there were times they were attracted to me but they all kept their distance in other to avoid incest. Our neighbour though who was thrice my age didn’t bother to bottle up his feelings just like my brothers, he continued to seek for an alone time with me.

I was just a little girl who barely knew her left from her right, I didn’t even have boobs then, I was as bare as anything you could think yet he kept on sending for my presence in his rooms at odd times. He didn’t even back off considering he was my dad’s friend [dad is late now].

He eventually had his way one day, everybody in our quarters had left and I strolled out in search of our housekeeper when he called me and asked me to go get his newspaper on his room table

‘But uncle you are not too far from your room why send me?’

‘I’m sending you because I’m older than you, now run along and get me the papers he said.’ I barely touched the papers before he puckered me with something so hard form behind.

Jesus!!! I screamed but his hands were swiftly on my lips to seal it.

‘It’s me; I’m not going to hurt you.’ He said and then went ahead to undress, my heart skipped again and again as I stared at the big flesh dangling between his legs, it was the first time I was seeing that in my life I’ve never thought of it.

He came closer using his hands to signal me to silence, then slowly he parted my legs, lifted my skirt, shifted my pant and asked me to hold on to it, then he started stroking his dick, he stroked and stroked till he climaxed and I saw whitish fluid exiting the tiny hole on his big flesh.

That was my first experience, as a child I knew it was wrong and I should talk to someone but my mum was way out of the question, she was too judgemental and was definitely going to blame me for getting touched.

I kept the situation to myself and the abuse continued, he seizes every little opportunity to send me to his room and then go ahead to jerk off. They eventually left our vicinity and I was free for the time been, some dude and his brothers moved into the vacant flat and it wasn’t long the older one started hitting on me which I was used to but not comfortable with.

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It wasn’t long, he started pinching my tiny nipples at will even though there was nothing there, it hurts badly but I had no one to talk to, eventually my older brother caught him one day and beat him to a pulp.

He had heard me screaming at him, telling him to stop hurting me and leave me be even threatening to report to my dad and out of curiosity, he trailed my voice and found me repelling to his touch and beat him till he bled. It didn’t end there as he started blackmailing him into giving him my lunch money else he will tell dad.

Dad died and I was sent to boarding school, it was such a relief being away from the prying eyes of older men. The annoying thing was boys my age didn’t look my way at all, they just friend zoned me and used me as pimps to get to other girls.

Being in a mixed school, I thought everything was going to change but the scenario of being a pimp at such a young age continued. One senior had eyes on me, he even asked me out but his other girl friend a senior too was stronger.

By the time I was 16 more men started showing interest, I was very cute in the face, busty, tiny waist line and a moderate ass and to compliment it, I was fucking intelligent.

Men asked me out randomly and every little opportunity squeeze my breast and massages my clit through my cloth. I was a teenager now with feelings and it wasn’t long I started longing for sex but then pregnancy scares me, so I just bottled up the urge in my 5 brain.

I eventually had an official boyfriend who was ready to wait till I was ready to have sex with me but we didn’t get that chance as my friend who found out that I was a virgin and began bad-mouthing me to everyone, and so called boyfriend started avoiding me even before hearing from me.

Then came Junior who gave me my first kiss, he was so cute and at the same time in a hurry to have sex and I wasn’t so we broke up. I didn’t have a boyfriend again till I was 18 and had just left high school, he was so nice to me and wouldn’t touch me without my consent but we didn’t last because he felt a lot of men were coming after me [invisible men].

He was just scared over nothing because truthfully there were no men.

After him came Nick when I was 19, we had started as friends and then he took the bold step and asked me out. I agreed because I genuinely loved him, he was my first love and I had fallen for him even before he asked.

I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity yet but I loved him so much to deny him that, so when he asked I gladly gave him and he took my pride. I didn’t enjoy it the first time the pain was just unbearable, it was my first and his dick was just the exact size if not bigger than the first dick I saw. When he was done I was like, so this is the over hyped sex there’s nothing special about it.

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Then we had it the second time and I started craving for it more, I craved for his hands on my boobs, his lips on them and his soft hands on my clit, I craved for his soft lips on my lips, I craved for his 9 inches dick inside of me, I craved for the way he fucks me with my body trembling under him begging for more. Anyway the joy was short lived as I got pregnant; I didn’t have anybody to talk to so I never knew there were something called a contraceptive.

I knew about condoms but we didn’t like it so we stuck to flesh, anyway I got rid of the baby and we continued in our life of bliss but even roses have thorns, Nick got bored and broke my heart, he told me he was tired and left me, he took me to our usual hangout after series of weeks and months of him avoiding me, looked me in the eye and told me he was done and walked out on me.

I bore the pain and moved on, Vincent came 11 months after him and we started dating but I didn’t love him, he was nothing like Nick and I told him how I felt and he insisted and again sex with him wasn’t as pleasant as that of Nicks, his dick was small and I couldn’t bear it, after telling him I couldn’t deceive him no more I broke up with him and moved on.

By this time I had started having random sex with older men both for fun and for benefits, not married men though but men way matured than I am, I was open to try new things.

Two years after I broke up with Nick, I met Pascal. I met him in a club, we dated for 6 months and till date he’s still the best thing that happened to me, sexually, affection wise etc.

Sex with him was magical, I pushed every other guy around me away just because of him, I wanted to be his alone and him mine alone. When he makes love to me, he savours every part of my body, he adores my boobs and sucks them like it’s going to be his last, he then teases my pucci in a way that I can’t even imagine.

He’s so good at what he does that I climax even before he slides in, and when he slides in, jeez it’s as if the world halts. Talking about it now makes my pucci tingly, but it is what is, he left me anyway and for the first time I cried, I cried like a baby, I cried over a man for the first time and the annoying thing was that he broke up with me over nothing in the first session of my final year in school.

That pain and other pains in the past all joined together and turned me into a formidable bitch. My trust was broken so why date? I started doing flings, I see you, you match my criteria I walk up to you and ask you out and once I have sex with you, I’m done with you.

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There was Ian, Daniel, Clinton, Obi, Donald, Ben, Frank, Nonso, Femi, Julius etc.

[You don’t wanna know them]

I fucked them all. I gave them the best sex they could ever think of and walked out on them with them chasing after me. Some text me using curse words on me but who cares? I mean you all asked for it. Married or not when I see you and you match my criteria Onku we wee knack and I go my way, there’s no time to catch feelings.

I once visited a friend and his friend made a joke that he tattooed his dick and then dared me to see it, I opened and saw a monstrous weapon, gush me pucci was chilly instantly and I vowed there and then to fuck him and I did.

I visited again alone and lucky me he was in the shower so I let myself in, and whilst he was washing his face took his dick all in into my mouth. He gasped but I continued, biting his dick cap at intervals and then deep throated. He pulled me up and took to me to the room after whispering to my ear that he dislikes shower sex, I followed him sheepishly my eyes fixated at his tool of wonders.

He laid me down and gave me the most intriguing head ever; I came twice and begged him to fuck me already ‘right away baby’ he said he penetrated like one bad guy but his dick game was a mess.

Disappointed I left comforting myself with the head I received. But Ebuka’s dick game beats every other fling I have ever had. I don’t fuck my flings twice but I fucked him more than twice.

Although he ruined it when he popped the date question, Ebuka just know the right places to touch, he will massage my boobs and pinch the nipples then gently flicker through my pussy whilst sucking on my lips. The more I moan the more he touches me deeper and deeper, he makes me sit on him, then slowly he plunges in and starts fucking.

He will give five instant strokes and break it at interval, my juices were flowing freely and I was singing melodiously to him with moans of ecstasy. I started humping and he followed the rhythm rubbing and massaging my ass cheeks while at it and boom he flipped me and plunged in from the back, he pulled his dick out slowly and stopped before his dick head could come out then plunged back in.

He increased his tempo and immediately he bit my back I climaxed and like he was waiting for me too he climaxed and we both collapsed on the bed. The truth is my quest for sex is insatiable and I’m scared for myself. My experiences are way higher than I’ve listed and I will still have more.

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I know for sure you will give me that judgemental look when you find out that I met Ebuka through Zuby who I used to fuck and then he advertised big dick Ebuka and I went to test the waters. What about Nelson the 3d cinema guy whom I fucked at the back of my car simply because my hands brushed through his trousers and I felt his huge dick.

I lured him to my car in the guise of having a file to show him and just when I have his undivided attention, I grabbed his dick and started stroking whilst making eye contact and before you could say jack we were fucking. His dick is massive just the way I love them and I would love to have more but it's against my rules. What about Peter in Port Harcourt whom I fucked despite knowing that I was ON.

Oh common don't give me that look, he's got a big dick guys! And you honestly don't expect me to let that pass me by do you? Besides my period was just starting and it wasn't flowing smoothly and he didn't even notice and yes we used a condom.

Should I talk about the outing with my friends and their dates in Port Harcourt too? We got back from the date and settled on the bed in the room upstairs to gist when Uche's man crawls behind me under the duvet, I got naughty instantly and like he read my mind he shifted my dress and plunged in.

Yes, I wasn't wearing panties, he fucked me slowly with his big dick till we both climaxed still acting normal and before that day ran out, I fucked all the guy's there one by one.

Hello someone cheated with my exes too so we are even. I don't know which to talk about again, the guy's in church? I fucked them too, I call him too cute to ignore and to add to it he sings beautifully too.

So I went after him and shagged him, Achibong? We fucked too, Ned? I fucked him too. I didn't like his fiancee because she too didn't like me so I fucked his man to spite her.

Have I met guys I'd really love to go out with in this fucking spere? Yes, but my heart is too messy so I just fuck without feelings.

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I fucked my crush too, I'm in love with him but we can't date don't ask me why. In other to keep him from popping the date question I fucked his close friend thrice so he wouldn't say it was a mistake and he's friends with guys I have fucked in the past, some whom I wish I can retrieve my sex back from.

The truth is if any if you here has a big dick, I'd fuck you right away. My life is messy and I need help.'