Erotic Story/The Dark Series Aisha, Karen, Steph visit the weirdly erotic bar

It's time for the uncomfortable talk between Steph and Karen, where is their relationship heading. Aisha escapes to milk whatever is left of Steph's date.

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Stephanie just sat with her hands firmly interlocked around her drink. Karen didn’t say a word but kept staring at Steph’s face looking for some validation if there was any. Nothing made sense anymore or seemed interesting anymore.

Not even the two ladies in the corner who had started making out in the corner.

“Why? What is going on” Karen finally managed to whisper.

It was Steph’s turn to stare for a while before answering.

“You don’t get to ask me that, Kae. Have you ever asked yourself or even sat down to reason where we are gonna end up? Married? Living together till we grow old and died? In Nigeria?”

Karen said nothing, this was one conversation she had been avoiding for years. She knew a day like this would come and she had been dreading it because she knew she would have to face the truth at some point.

She poured herself a drink and downed it in a hurry.

“You have got nothing to say? Don’t tell me you have never actually sat down to think about us. Or you think we were just gonna keep on fucking and hanging out forever?” Steph continued to press.

“Why Joe?” Karen diverted the question as she poured herself another drink.

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“To be honest, I don’t know. He is just the closest thing I can say I have to a guy bestie, and who best to date than your male best friend?”

“Oh I never got that memo” Karen sneered.

“You still haven’t answered my question. Did you ever think about our future?” Steph was in no mood to relent.

“Yes you bitch! I have thought about our future over and over again! Did you for once think I was going to let us live our lives out in Nigeria? Or that I care about what my father and his stupid political cohorts would say or think? If I couldn’t let all those get to me, who the fuck are you to let them bother you?!” Karen finally snapped.

And for the first time in the conversation Steph had nothing to say.


Aisha knew she was a bit on the tipsy side but knew she couldn’t blame that for what she was about to do. She needed a dick in her life so bad right now. And she thanked God when she walked in the backroom just in time to see the stranger Steph had been with about to pull up his jeans.

His dick was all limp now but she didn’t mind, she had seen it at its full length and knew she could get it there in no time.

“In a rush now, are we?” She smiled at the guy who was surprised to see another lady walk in. He didn’t know if he was to just zip up and brush her off or make it two in a row. Two in a row seemed just about nice so he replied her with a smile.

“My friend tells me you are quite the fucker” Aisha said seductively as she walked towards him. She got close enough to him and leaned by his ear just to whisper.

“How about you show me what this dick can do to my pussy?” She whispered as she reached down and grabbed his dick which jumped to life in her grip. It felt all warm and slimy. She was pretty sure he didn’t use a condom with Stephanie. Was she prepared to also take the risk? Fuck it she said. Things are meant to be.

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She let go of his dick and went to the table then as slowly as she could, she lifted her gown over her ass and moved her panties onto one ass cheek.

That was all the invitation he needed as within seconds she felt his presence right behind her. He grabbed one of her ass cheeks as he also took his time to lean by her ear and whisper.

“You wanna be fucked really good, right” He breathed by her ear.

All he got in reply was a slow nod as Aisha bit her lower lips in anticipation. He grabbed his dick with one hand and had it rubbing on her ass.

Aisha obliged him and wriggled back on him. Then he stopped and before she could fathom what was going on, he lifted her ass up and shoved his dick up her pussy. She couldn’t help but gasp out as he felt bigger in her pussy than she had imagined.

He didn’t take it slow to build up a tempo, he just started thrusting into her as hard and as fast as he could. She reached forth and let her hands grip the table as tightly as she could. Yes, this was what she needed right now.

She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling of his dick taking her from behind. He was groaning with each thrust into her and it just turned her on the more.

“Babe! Your pussy is fire” He groaned as he grabbed her neck and started to choke her.

She held his hand to loosen his grip on her neck but he choked her even harder. The more she struggled, the harder she found it to breathe. As if that wasn’t enough, he spanked her hard. So hard that her ass bounced back.

It was painful but her pussy didn’t mind considering how tight it continued to grip his dick. He was groaning even louder now and she knew he was about to cum. The bastard couldn’t even make her cum first and now he was about to cum in her.

She turned around and pushed him away with one hand in a move that shocked him. But it was in time as he started spilling his cum all over the floor.

“What was that for?” He stared at her in anger.

She didn’t reply him, only proceeded to pulling her panties back into position and getting her gown down. Then she stared at him a while before shaking her head and walking out leaving him with his dick hanging out once again.

She got back into the bar and was surprised to see Steph all alone again drinking.

“Where is Karen?” She asked as she sat down.

“She left” Steph slowly answered.

“Did you guys finally have the talk?” Aisha asked as she emptied the bottle pouring herself a drink.

“Part of it” Steph said.

“I take it, it didn’t go down well with Kae” Aisha asked.

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“No it didn’t” Steph acknowledged and they both sat in silence watching the two ladies in the corner who were about rounding up their making out session. They were both moaning out loud enough for everyone to hear as they came to a climax.

“Do you think I am doing the right thing, Aisha?” Steph turned to ask.

“Baby girl, No one can answer that question for you.” She replied