Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Sarah, the tailor's apprentice initiates Grace [Part 2]

After an eventful first day with Sarah, Grace dashes home to learn as much as possible ways to shower her with pleasure.

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The images of girls pleasuring each other kept playing in her head, she had rushed home. As soon as she got home, she headed straight for Oga Danny to beg for his porn DVDs, she had quickly watched it with the door and window closed before anyone returned home, all thanks to PHCN.

It had turned her on watching them and thinking of the wonder that was Sarah’s mouth but now as she tried to sleep it made her nervous, she had an overwhelming desire to pleasure Sarah, to make her moan as loudly as she made her.

She woke really early and quickly did her chores, she woke the children up and bathe them while they were half asleep, she hurriedly prepared breakfast and went to take her bath, when everyone started to leave for their day’s activities she wore her crisply ironed apprentice uniform and headed out with Sarah on her mind.

Sarah was sweeping the shop, she looked up and gave Grace a wide smile

“Good morning ma” she greeted dipping down slightly

“Umm Grace how are you?” Her madam said looking up from her phone

  “Fine ma” She replied

“Good Morning Sarah” she said as she set her bag down

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The day seemed to move slowly as her madam kept giving them loads of assignments, she was anxious whenever her madam’s phone rang hoping it would be her boyfriend calling to take her away but was disappointed each time; she looked up at their wall clock and was disappointed that it was only 11am.

Flipping through the magazine with different type of styles was increasing her boredom and anxiety.

“That’s all for today” The madam said standing up

“I need to go somewhere so we are closing early” she continued

Grace was relieved that they would be closing early but was also disappointed that she won’t get to go down on Sarah, she started packing her things and headed out, soon Sarah was walking beside her

“Let’s go to my house” she finally said

“Where your house dey” Grace asked

“We will take Keke, don’t worry I have money for it” she said

They took a tricycle and rode for 10 minutes before arriving at an area with a series of storey buildings, they got off and Sarah paid for the ride, took her hands and led her towards one of the storey buildings, they walked up a stair case to the second floor, Sarah took out a key and opened the door

“Welcome to my house, we have the house all to ourselves” She said excitedly

Grace was staring at the beautiful furniture and the flat screen TV on the wall, the floor was tiled with a centre rug and a glass centre table, Sarah came over and kissed her, they stood kissing for a while.

“Let’s go to my room” Sarah said ending the kiss and taking her hand and leading her to her room.

Her room had more furniture than her madam’s entire room, Sarah made her sit and she sat beside her, they started kissing again and soon they were out of their clothes, Sarah kneaded her boobs and sucked like she’s been thirsty all day, she reached out and grabbed Sarah’s tiny boobs squeezing gently.

They laid down and she straddled her kissing her neck, she was eager to do all she saw in all the porn videos she had seen. She kissed her neck deeply grinding slowly on her pussy, she etched down and took her boobs in her mouth, her mouth covered almost all her boobs, she sucked her boobs loving how her nipples got hard.

She bite her nipples gently making Sarah to moan out, she moved down leaving kisses down her belly till she got to the top of pussy, she stilled not sure if she could do it, it felt wrong

“We can start slow till you comfortable” Sarah said

Sarah took her hands and led it to her pussy, she traced her pussy with her fingers, touching her clit and her pussy lips, she felt Sarah’s pussy and she pushed one finger in, she liked how slippery it felt and she moved it in and out, she continued to move and pushed in another finger. She moved in slowly loving how wet it was and Sarah’s soft moaning, she increased her pace

“Oh oh no Grace careful, your fingers” Sarah cried out

“Sorry” she replied

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She slowed down frightened to hurt Sarah and decided to try something she had see in porn, she lifted one of Sarah’s leg and tried to position her  pussy over hers, she started to move when she their pussy touched, she grinded faster as Sarah started to moan loudly

“Oh grace, that feels good...Oh yeahhhh” she moaned

It was her turn to make her scream, Sarah took her hand and place it on her  boobs, she motioned to Grace to pinch which she did, she pinched her nipples and grinded hard on her pussy

“I’m cummingg” Sarah shrieked

Soon she was holding Grace’s ass and moving faster under her, she started to thrash under her with her mouth wide open but no sound coming out, soon warm cum was gushing from her pussy making it more slippery, grace grinded with her clit hitting her pussy, she came holding unto Sarah’s leg.

They laid down side by side staring at each other with Sarah playing with Grace’s boobs

“Krack! Krack! Krack!” a knock made them jolt up

“It’s okay, my parents don’t come home at this time” Sarah said wearing her clothes

She went to the door and after a while came back to the room

‘Grace meet my friend’ she said

She looked up to see a girl staring at her boobs and smiling

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