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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Niyi's brutal assault on Tara [Part 7]

Eva's death is bearing down on Bass, after the evening's event with the guys. Even a no-panty night with Lauren isn't enough to lift his mood.

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“Are you okay” She chuckled on my shoulders and that brought me back to reality.

I just broke off the hug and kissed her forehead. Smiling at her, I took her hand and led her into the office.

“It is pretty cold here” She commented.

“You don’t like it?”

“Nah, does not bother me. Just to remind you though that I have got no panties on” She grinned mischievously.

“Well, keep reminding me and we might just end up skipping the movie” I said as I pulled her close for a kiss while allowing myself to grab and squeeze up her ass.

I felt my dick give a nod, well with the kind of day I had had already.

“Now that’s a tempting proposition” She muttered as we stopped kissing.

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“Yes it is but still, seeing a movie with you would be the best thing right now” I sighed as I sat down. She did the same and pulled close enough to me with her hands on my thighs.

“Are you okay though?” She asked as she searched my face for any reaction. I frowned as I thought of telling her about Eva’s death. Considering if it would ruin night out or not.

Well for one, if I did not tell her then I had to come up with a good reason because I could tell my mood would keep switching lanes all through the night. Oh well.

“You remember Eva? The lady that came over to Blackky’s place the other day?”.

I asked.

“Oh that pretty lady” Lauren’s eyes widened.

Was that a good sign? I did not know.

“Yes. Wait, you thought she was that pretty” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, she was. Funny I was even jealous that she was getting all the attention “ Lauren’s confession had me laughing.

I pulled her head close and kissed her forehead.

“You have nothing to be jealous about, that is how Eva is around us. We all schooled together”.

“I figured” She smiled at me and I knew I could see there for hours just staring at her.

Wait, was I whipped already? Or this was just a reaction to the kind of day I had had. Was I just seeking comfort and warmth anywhere? If it was another lady sitting here smiling at me, would I be having the same reaction? I did not have time to answer that question as her voice came through again.

“So, what’s up with her?”

I looked her straight in the eyes, sure as fuck that my facial expression was as blank as could be.

“She died today” I said softly. Lauren gasped and her phone fell out of her hand as she made to cover her mouth with both hands.

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Thank God I was fast enough to reach out and catch it before it smashed on the floor. Can’t be adding expenses of fixing up an iPhone screen to all the one wey dey ground at the moment. I sat back up, phone in hand and waited for her to gather herself.

“What happened?” She finally asked after what seemed like hours of waiting.

“Long story, I don’t want to talk or think about it for now, maybe later on”

It was better and safer this way. And thankfully, she understood. She just nodded and wrapped her hands around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. We sat there in silence but I knew we had to leave sooner or later before someone came around the office.

“Let’s go get movie tickets” I whispered.

“You sure you still want to see the movie?” She whispered back.

“Trust me, I want to. I need all the distractions I can get” I answered. Then she stood up and smiled at me. I stood up and once again kissed her forehead as we made our way out of the office. The mall was already getting crowded seeing at it was night already.

I followed Lauren to the counter and was in zombie mode as she bought the movie tickets and got to getting us popcorn. Told her I did not have appetite for it but if it came up during the movie, we could always share hers. She nodded and got two bottles of water to go with it. The fact that she bought tickets to see a Nigerian movie and it did not bug me seemed pretty off.

I was now sure that Eva’s death had hit me harder than I knew at the moment. I have never been a fan of Nigerian movies, don’t watch them at home not to speak of actually seeing them at a cinema. But tonight was not any regular night. We stood by the escalator waiting for our movie time which was in about twenty minutes time.

We spoke no words, just stood in silence watching people go up and down the escalator.

I loved the warmth of her body next to me. Wait, what was wrong with me? Was it that I loved the warmth or that the events of the day had pushed me to this state that I could not even pick my emotions apart. Either way, I loved it.

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Soon Lauren nudged me in the ribs that it was time for our movie and we went in. Was I complaining in my head about seeing a Nigerian movie in the cinema? Please do forgive my stupidity. Why? Because once we were in and seated to watch our movie and I had a look around, I grinned. We were just eight people in total.

Four couples, just four couples seated far off from each other and it was not even a late night movie. Lauren and I were seated top row, far right corner as we had been the first couple to step in. The others were scattered all around but everyone avoided the first six rows. This should be fun, I thought to myself. I turned to Lauren.

“You said you have no panties on” Just for confirmation.

She nodded and I could see her biting her lower lips in anticipation.

This was sure going to be one hell of a movie.