Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Niyi's brutal assault on Tara [Part 10]

Finally, the day has arrived, the day when Bass has to be at the hospital to face Eva's mum with an explanation of what happened to her daughter. Sad day.

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I stared at my phone screen as the Uber cab made its way to the hospital. I was not looking at anything in particular, I just did not want my mind to wander out far especially about the events of yesterday. Today was a new day and I had just woken next to probably the next amazing woman I know, my mum and sister come first and second obviously.

So I was not going to ruin the day thinking about how I had become an accomplice in a kidnapping case or possibly a murder case. Who knows? Maybe Obinna decided to kill those guys after I left.

Maybe they were dead now and swimming with the fishes as the sicilians would say. I knew I should have called to ask how far but not now. Maybe after I left the hospital, I would.

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Was it a bad thing though if they were dead? Do I feel any guilt or pain? I knew I did not but then again I did not want to catch a case. Better safe than sorry. I was so angry yesterday to be on the lookout for loopholes, what if someone had seen us when we went to bust the guys and recognize one of us or recognize me specifically.

Wole’s parents were rich enough to fund a police investigation. Well, I had always wanted to leave town and start a new life in some place else where no one knew me, this might just be the catalyst.

And then I opened my twitter app, what were they angry about today?

Well, it is usually the ladies angry about something. So often the fake feminists who have lost their sense of direction. These days, it is more about belittling a man the most you can and no longer about yourself.


Well, you do have the ‘Men are scum’ line. And this morning, they were on about the cooking line again. I locked my phone after reading a few tweets and shook my head. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. When you get married, do not cook for your husband. Same thing goes for a man, when you get married, do not provide for your wife and kids. We all know the eventual outcome.

But then again, most folks on twitter do it for the retweets. They can’t be that dumb in reality.

The cab turned into the street where the hospital was located and I was hit with the reality of what I was about to go face. I had not seen Eva’s mum in over two years. This was not the kind of reunion I always thought I would have with my favorite drinking partner. What was I going to say to her? What was going to be my facial expression? Now I was scared of seeing her.

So scared I almost asked the driver to turn around and take me to the closest bar but I had to face her sooner or later. It was best I faced my demons now. The cab finally pulled up to a stop in front of the hospital and I got out. Took a deep breath and said a quick prayer as I walked into the building.

I was walking towards the nurse at the receptionist desk when I saw Tolu sitting close by. I changed my direction and went towards her.

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She was looking down at the floor so she did not see me till I sank to the available spot right next to her. She looked up startled at what just happened. When she saw it was me, she said nothing, just stared at me for a while and then for some weird reason tears started to roll down her face. Okay now, this was really awkward.

Tolu and I had never really seen eye to eye, I always had this feeling she was wondering what made Eva and I such close knit friends. Or maybe she always felt threatened, I don’t know but whatever it was, we never got along. So sitting here right now seeing tears roll down her eyes, my first instinct had been to wrap my arms around her and comfort her but this was Tolu.

Doing that would be all shades of weird. So I just reached out my hand and placed it on her thighs.

“It will be fine, she is okay now” I said in the most consoling voice I could conjure up.

“What did you do?” She whispered. I did not understand.

“You went after the guys that did this to her, didn’t you?” She asked

“No, I don’t have to” I kept a straight face.

“Olu, don’t lie to me. I know you have a demon in you, Eva did not have to tell me. You have always had it and I am sure you yourself don’t know the limits of what you can do.”

I nodded and almost busted out laughing, was she trying to form psychologist or what? I stood up.

“Where is she?” I asked.

Tolu looked up at me and knew that was the end of the conversation. She stood up without another word and cleaned up her face then she led the way. Walked through the large hallway and past several rooms before we came to a stop before one which I knew was a private one. We did not enter though, just stood outside by the window and looked in.

There was Eva’s mum sleeping like a baby but she looked like she had lost a whole lot of weight. Was it over the years or it just magically happened over the last twenty four hours? I could not tell. There was Eva’s Dad on the chair right next to the bed, his arms folded across his chest as he napped.

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For some reason, all the pain I had been keeping under wraps for the last twenty four hours started rushing to the fore.

This was one of those times I hate the fact that I could not cry no matter how hard I tried. It was just like my tear tank was all empty. I looked at Eva’s parents and I could literally feel their pain, I wanted to just fall to the ground and cry as hard as I could but it was all just in my head.

Then my phone beeped, I pulled it out.

It was a text from Shadow.

*Where you dey?*