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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 17]

The Viagra seems to be working efficiently for Oluchi until her mouth odour began again, and she offered him her honeypot but he wants the other hole.

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For the next few days something of a routine established itself.

Oluchi would arrive at work, spike Ahmed's tea with Viagra and then patiently await his arrival at her desk. Sooner or later he would emerge from his office and then shove his dick into her mouth and fuck her throat until he explosively came in her mouth.

Without fail, he would be apologetic and embarrassed afterwards and would quickly depart.

They then avoid each other for the rest of the day, before Oluchi went home, stopping in at the hospital to get fucked by her other boss, Tunde.

Finally, she would then go home to her husband feeling exhausted and confused.

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Something had to change. She was making progress with Ahmed, but he still didn't seem to be completely happy with her.

The one thing that Oluchi was pretty sure about was that Mr. Ahmed seemed quite taken with her ass. As far as she could see there was only one logical step to fix their working relationship.

A determined Oluchi arrived the next morning eager to please as always. She wore the same skirt she had worn the first day she met Mr Ahmed, matched with a blue  blouse that was stretched across her big breasts.

Events unfolded normally at first, Ahmed hurriedly drinking his morning tea and arriving at her desk with his dick out and hard as a rock.

"Relief time Oluchi," said Ahmed, reaching for the back of his busty secretary's head and pulling her towards his rigid manhood.

As he pulled her mouth towards the tip of his erection, the gorgeous lady turned her head slightly and kept her lips tightly closed. Instead of slipping inside her welcoming mouth as he was used to, the head of his dick bumped against her pursed lips and rubbing across her smooth cheek.

Ahmed looked down in surprise, "What's wrong Oluchi?"

She took a deep breath, strengthening her resolve.

"Am I doing a good job Mr. Ahmed?" she asked, looking up at her temporary boss expectantly.

He looked a little annoyed at being denied the use of her mouth.

"Of course you are, Oluchi. Now open up and start sucking."

He pulled Oluchi's head in towards his crotch again, but she once again turned away, his dick grazing across her other cheek.

"You haven't given me a pat for doing a good job for days Mr Ahmed," She complained.

"And my husband is starting to complain about my breath, I'm not sure you should keep putting your penis in my mouth any more."

Ahmed looked dejected.

"I...I..." he stammered, not sure what to say. His dick twitched in front of Oluchi's face, showing no signs of drooping.

"I am doing a good job, aren't I, Mr. Ahmed?"

He swallowed.

"Bend over the desk Oluchi."

The busty lady nodded and stood up, following her boss's instructions and bending over the edge of her desk.

"Good job Oluchi."

Oluchi gasped as she felt both of his hands on her ass, squeezing her firm, bouncy buttocks.

"Oh my," He breathed. "You're right Oluchi, it's been too long since I gave you a..." as he spoke he was lifting up the back of her skirt, and he froze mid-sentence as her ass was exposed. She was not wearing panties.

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After a moment of silence she looked back over her shoulder. "Are you okay, Mr. Ahmed."

The shy accountant gave a wail as he grabbed her naked ass with both hands and squeezed, his fingers sinking into the firm flesh of her round buttocks. He sighed as he squeezed the flesh of his assistant’s ass.

Oluchi tensed slightly as she felt him move closer, the tip of his dick poking into one soft cheek of her ass.

"Good job Oluchi," Ahmed repeated, leaning in against her, his hard shaft sliding up along the crack of her ass and nestling between her glorious buttocks as he rubbed himself against her. His hands slipped up off her ass to hold her by the hips and pull her ass back against his crotch.

"It really is a shame I can't use my mouth to relieve you today," She said as her boss humped against her ass, her skirt bunched up against her waist.

He gave a small moan as Oluchi reached behind her and took hold of his trembling erection, squeezing it in her fist. She guided him down between her legs, rubbing the tip of his dick against the lips of her pussy.

"If you want this you can't keep hiding in your office and avoiding me all the time," She advised.

"Yes," He moaned, his dick twitching as the head rubbing along the slit of Oluchi's pussy.

"Anything, whatever you want."

"And you have to tell me I'm doing a good job more often," She added, determined to put an end to the awkwardness between them. He was leaning in against her, Oluchi's hand the only thing from stopping his hard dick penetrating her pussy.

"Absolutely," Ahmed hurriedly agreed. He pushed forward with his hips as she dropped her hand away, his erection sliding smoothly into her wet pussy.

She let out a loud moan as her temporary boss pushed inside her. His entry felt like the walls between them breaking down.

He held tightly onto her waist and thrust into his busty secretary’s vagina several times and then pulled out.

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"Wh...what's wrong?" She asked, glancing back over her shoulder at him. He wasn't going to go all cold on her again surely?

"That's not the hole I want," He calmly told her as he lined his erection up with the entrance to her tight ass which he had been so obsessed with.

Oluchi gasped in surprise as she felt his dick nudging against her anus. She probably shouldn't have been so surprised given his fascination with her bum.

"I'm not sure...oh!" She gasped as he pushed his dick into her ass.

"Oh Mr Ahmed!"

Ahmed gave a grunt as he squeezed his dick into the ultra tight tunnel of her ass. "Oh that's tight Oluchi!" he groaned loudly, breathing heavily through his nose, his nostrils flaring.

The breathing accountant starting to pump against Oluchi, his erection sliding in and out of her tight ass.

"Oh Oluchi!" He groaned, humping against her ass.

"I can't believe I'm actually fucking you up the ass."

"Uh!" grunted Oluchi in discomfort as he thrust deeply inside her.

"Not fucking..." she gasped as he gave another hard shove. He felt impossibly big inside her tight ass.

"I'm just helping relieve your stress."

"Sure," agreed Ahmed, gripping her slim waist tightly as he buggered her.

"Whatever you say honey. Oh chai that's tight!" Ahmed pushed hard, shoving his swollen erection in Oluchi's ass to the hilt, his balls pressed against her pussy as his dick was completely stuffed inside the gorgeous secretary's ass.

"Uh! Mr. Ahmed!"She groaned as her panting boss started to fuck her ass with vigour.

"Oh Oluchi!"He groaned, his hips slapping against her as they pumped rapidly, pounding his dick in and out of the tight tunnel between her glorious buttocks.

"Mmmmmm!" He gave a moan of lust as he hit against her lovely round ass, her tight asshole stretched around his pounding prick. This was all his dreams and fantasies coming true.

He wouldn't last much longer.

Ahmed's entire body jerked, his back arching and he forced his dick deep between Oluchi's perfect cheeks and exploded, shooting his cum deep up her ass.

"Oh My Lawd!" He screamed as he emptied himself into her, his heart hammering in his chest.

With an assistant like this it was no wonder that Tunde  had suffered a heart attack, Ahmed thought to himself.

Ahmed slumped forward, leaning on top of her over the edge of his desk, his hips hunching a couple more times and shoving her against the desk as he squeezed out every drop of cum from his depleted testicles.

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"Good job Oluchi," he whispered in her ear.