Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 15]

Ahmed seemed to have unlocked his special secretary's talent for himself. He just called her into his office to help him resolve a particular situation.

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"Oh I am!" Tunde agreed as he kneaded Oluchi's breasts, rubbing his thumbs across her hard nipples.

"I'm really stressed out now honey."

Pleased to be able to help, she guided his raging erection to the entrance of her cunt, rubbing the head of his dick against the moist lips of her pussy. He gave a moan, his hips lurching up off the hospital bed and the tip of his dick penetrating her pussy.

"Oh yesss!" He groaned loudly as she sunk down on him, his erection tightly clutched in her velvet-like vagina.

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As she started to ride him, her hips smoothly sliding gracefully over his crotch as she slid up and down on his erection, she glanced over at the small bedside table. Unsurprisingly there were a couple of pill containers sitting there, but Oluchi was surprised to see that one of the containers was marked 'Viagra'.

Oluchi frowned as she ground herself down on her boss's stiff dick. He never seemed to have any trouble getting an erection as far as she had observed. In fact, quite the opposite, his dick seemed to often stiffen up at the most inconvenient times, and he often required her assistance in deflating it.

"Um, Mr. Tunde?" She asked, slightly breathless as she rode the bed-ridden older man.

"Mmm?" He murmured in reply as he pinched her nipples and jiggled her big breasts.

"What's the.. er... Viagra for?" she asked.

"Huh?"He grunted, tearing his gaze away from her cleavage to see where she was looking.

"Oh, that helps my blood pressure apparently," he replied with a shrug, turning his attention back to Oluchi's breasts which he resumed his enthusiastic groping of.

"Oh, okay Mr. Tunde," replied Oluchi as she eyed the pill container thoughtfully.

"Can I ..ah.. borrow a pill or two?"

"Sure honey, whatever you want,"He gasped , one hand sliding down her side to reach around and grasp her ass as his other hand massaged one of her heavy, hanging breasts.

"Just shut up and fuck me before I have another heart attack."

"Oh!" She said in concern, turning her attention back to her boss.

"Sorry, Mr. Tunde."

Tunde gave a happy moan as Oluchi resumed riding him in earnest.

That next morning, she arrived at work feeling more confident than ever. She knew exactly how she was going to get herself back into her new boss's good graces and prove her worth.

The sexy lady was today wearing a black, slightly flared and loose fitting skirt, that was quite short, displaying a good portion of her smooth thighs, and an even more impressive portion when it flared out as she walked around the office, rising up around her long legs. She had chosen not to wear tights today, to allow Mr. Ahmed access to her smooth legs in case he wanted to touch them.

The skirt was matched to a tight fitting, black long sleeved top that had a plunging v-neckline that displayed plenty of her deep cleavage. Of course she wore a sexy white satin push-up bra beneath, which boosted her ample breasts to mind boggling heights.

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As she moved around behind Ahmed's desk to pour him his morning tea, she bent slightly at the waist and thrust out her round, firm ass in a most inviting manner. She was well aware that when it came to Ahmed , her best asset was her world-class ass.

"Good job Oluchi," Ahmed said, Oluchi's tactic paying off. His hand boldly slid up the back of her smooth thigh to cup her ass beneath her skirt.

She had been careful to wear a very skimpy undies today, and when his hand reached her ass it was filled with the silky, uncovered curve of her firm right buttock. Ahmed gave a trembling sigh as he squeezed the warm, soft flesh in his trembling hand.

"I've checked your schedule, and Mr. Alabi from head office is coming in at 11am," Oluchi explained, straightening up. Ahmed's left hand remained up her skirt, attached to her ass, but she acted as though it wasn't there.

"Yes, it's very important I make a good impression," muttered the accountant, picking up his tea cup with one hand as his other hand caressed his assistant’s ass.

"If there's anything at all I can do to help, let me know," Oluchi said.

"Anything at all." She watched carefully as Ahmed took a long swallow of his tea. Oluchi smiled broadly.

"Thank you Oluchi," He replied, patting her bare buttock. He let his hand drop down from beneath her short skirt, his palm running down the back of her smooth thigh before falling away.

"I'd better get my reports ready for Mr. Alabi."

"Of course," nodded Oluchi.

"Remember. If I can do anything, anything at all. Just give me a call on the intercom."

With that, Oluchi left Mr. Ahmed’s office feeling rather pleased with herself, making sure to sway her sensational ass as she walked.

Sure enough, less than half an hour later, Oluchi had an urgent call from him on her intercom.

"I need your help Oluchi! Quickly!" Ahmed almost roared down the intercom at her.

Smiling to herself, Oluchi hurried into Ahmed's office to find the somewhat embarrassed looking accounting sitting behind his desk, staring down into his lap in dismay.

"Are you okay Mr. Ahmed?" asked Oluchi in concern.

He looked up at her. "You said you would do anything to help?"

"Of course," nodded Oluchi earnestly.

"Well," Ahmed swallowed.

"Mr. Alabi will be here any moment, and I've got a  large problem on my hands."

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Oluchi frowned. "What is it, sir?"

Ahmed sighed and then pushed his chair back, rolling away from the edge of his desk. Oluchi's eyes went wide as she realised that Ahmed had removed his trousers and was naked from the waist down. Jutting up from between his legs was his rock hard erection.

"Oh my," She gasped. His dick looked even bigger than she remembered, or perhaps that was because it was so hard now. It was veiny and she could see the vein's standing out along the length of the shaft. Perhaps she had mistakenly slipped Viagra into his tea?

Ahmed's eyes were burning red. "I'm sorry to ask you to do this, but I tried to take care of it myself, but it was just taking so long...and Mr Alabi is arriving soon..."

"Oh!"She interrupted in a business-like manner, moving around the desk towards Ahmed.

"I would be happy to take care of this for you, it's my job to provide you some relief whenever you need it."

Ahmed opened his mouth to protest, but before he could speak, Oluchi had slipped to her knees in front of him, his gaze immediately drawn to the plunging neckline of her top as he looked down on her.

He gasped as Oluchi reached out and squeezed his trembling erection in her cool hand, giving it a firm tug as she smiled reassuringly up at her temporary boss.

"How long do we have?" She asked as her soft hand slid up and down his stiff penis. He felt so rigid.

He swallowed. "Just be as quick as you can. I can't meet Mr. Alabi in this state."

Oluchi smiled. Her plan was working perfectly.

"In that case, let me try something different."

Without waiting for a reply, Oluchi bent her head down into Ahmed's lap, the wet seal of her lips closing around the head of his dick as she plunged her mouth down onto his erection.

"Chooi!" He groaned, his body tensing as his painfully hard dick was abruptly enveloped in the warmth of Oluchi's perfect mouth and she began to suck on his stiff length. His busty young personal assistant was actually giving him a blowjob!

"Choooi!" he repeated as she started to move her head, sliding her mouth up and down on Ahmed's prick.

"That feels amazing!" he groaned as his busty secretary plunged her mouth up and down on his dick.

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She briefly lifted her mouth off Ahmed's dick, swiping her tongue down along the length of his shaft and then licking his scrotum, teasing his testicles with the very tip of her tongue.

"Is it working?" she asked with an innocent smile.

"Yes, yes!" groaned Ahmed, a half-crazed expression on his face.

"Just keep sucking. Quickly."

Oluchi grinned triumphantly and resuming sucking her boss's dick. Oluchi's cheeks hollowed as she sucked forcefully on his prick, her head bobbing rapidly over his lap.

"Oh...oh , I'm gonna cum!" He announced.

She felt him shrinking back in his chair as if reluctant to cum in her mouth and searching for an escape route. The busty lady however, was not going to let him get away. She pushed her mouth down harder over Ahmed's  erection, swallowing him to the hilt, the tip of his dick pushing right into her throat.

The sudden deep-throating pushed Ahmed over the edge. The accountant let out a roar of pleasure as his dick tensed in Oluchi's mouth, thick ropes of salty cum spurting from the tip as Oluchi swallowed hastily.

Ahmed leant forward, grabbing Oluchi by her shoulders, his face contorting oddly as he came, spraying his heavy load of cum straight down her willing throat as his groin pushed up against her face.

Oluchi made sure she drank down every drop, sucking Ahmed's rapidly shrinking penis until it was completely clean. Tunde had taught her to not make a mess when she was providing stress relief, and he would have been very proud of her work ethic this morning.

"Oh my goodness," He breathed, as he leant back in his chair, breathing noisily through his nose as he vainly attempted to regain his composure.

"That was amazing Oluchi," he told his lovely young assistant as she wiped a trickle of his cum from the corner of her mouth.

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"My pleasure Mr. Ahmed," She replied  agreeably.