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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 9]

Oluchi has a new interim boss, Mr. Ahmed, a young man who has to understand how to work with the mouth watering personal assistant with unique abilities.

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"Mr Tunde's...er, I mean your office is right this way," said Oluchi as she led the nervous accountant to his new office.

Following along behind the gorgeous young PA, Ahmed was a  nervous. His composure had been completely blown by the sight of the busty lady, and as he followed her to his office, he was unable to stop staring at her sexy round ass, swaying seductively inside her short skirt as she walked.

"Yes," he coughed nervously. "Thank you Miss Chukwudi." Ahmed gaze slid over her big breasts as she turned to face him again and he had to struggle to retain his professionalism and tear his eyes away.

"If you give me a few minutes to settle in, I'll be with you shortly to discuss how things will work for the next few weeks, until Mr Tunde is well enough to return. It is a terrible news to hear of his heart attack."

Oluchi was unable to ignore the guilt she was feeling. "Yes, terrible news," she agreed.

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With that Ahmed gave a  nod and shut the office door, leaving a slightly surprised Oluchi to return to her desk in the reception area.

"Chei! she's beautiful," Ahmed muttered under his breath, giving his suddenly stiff dick a rub through his trouser. Even though he was twenty nine, Ahmed didn't have much experience with women, especially any as sexy as Oluchi.

Ahmed gave the hard bulge of his crotch a squeeze. He couldn't be certain, but he was pretty sure he had seen  her hard nipples through her  blouse. Was she wearing a bra? The thought was too mentally overwhelming to ponder on for long however. He had work to do.

In fact it wasn't until 5 o'clock that Ahmed emerged from behind the closed door of his office to speak with Oluchi. The very first thing that Oluchi noticed was that in Ahmed's right hand was a rather familiar looking blue stress-ball.

Oluchi frowned slightly at the sight of Tunde's old stress-ball.

"Ah, where did you find that?" she asked.

Ahmed frowned, looking down at the object almost as if he had forgotten he had been holding it. He gave it a squeeze. "Oh, this? It was in Tunde's top drawer. I kind of like it, it's soothing."

"Oh, I see," uttered Oluchi. She was sure that Tunde had said he had lost that thing. On the plus side it meant that she had been saved the embarrassment of Ahmed using her breasts instead, she had always felt a little awkward when Tunde had used her breasts as a replacement for the stress-ball.

"Anyway," continued Ahmed. "I know it's getting late but I thought we  better discuss how things work around here. What are your usual duties?"

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Oluchi frowned. She wasn't quite sure how much she should tell Ahmed. Tunde's demands were perhaps a little...strange. "Um, mostly typing," she eventually replied. "And anything you need really."

Ahmed nodded. "Very good. And is there anything scheduled for tomorrow I need to be aware of?"

Oluchi thought for a moment. "Um, Mr Tunde usually takes a business call on Wednesday mornings."

Ahmed frowned. "Really? I'm not aware of any business calls. Oh well, never mind, we can sort that out tomorrow. I need to head home so I'll see you in the morning."

He grabbed a sweet from the small bowl on the edge of Oluchi's desk and popped it in his mouth.

"Goodnight Mr Ahmed," said Oluchi as her new boss left the office. It actually felt kind of strange to be finished for the day. Her first day without Tunde Samson. It almost felt like she had not done any work today, despite all the typing she had done that day. She hadn't once sucked or stroked or even seen a dick the entire day. It just felt... odd.

The next morning Oluchi once again arrived looking her best. She was more determined than ever to make a good impression on Ahmed after their  awkward first day together. She was wearing a tight fitting  top that accentuated her amazing breasts and a short  brown skirt that was slit up one side displaying her  thigh. Although Tunde obviously wouldn't be around to play with her breasts, she still wore no bra out of habit, and her hard nipples were clearly discernable through the thin material of her top.

Once again Ahmed was stopped in his tracks at the sight of her.

"Um, Oluchi..." he eventually managed to bleat as he tore his eyes away from her breasts.

"Yes Mr. Ahmed?"

"Er, this is rather awkward, but I must ask...are you wearing a bra?" he stammered a little as he got the question out.

Oluchi gasped in surprise and unconsciously cupped her hands over her full breasts, covering the points of her nipples.

"Oh. No I'm not. Mr Tunde said I wasn't to wear one." Oluchi frowned at her own admission and wondered if perhaps it was a mistake to tell her new boss about Mr Tunde's request.

Ahmed frowned, his eyebrows lifting in surprise.

"Um, well..." he swallowed, staring at Oluchi's hands as they cupped her own breasts through the tight white top she had on. He couldn't help but note how small her hands looked against the largeness of her bosom, or perhaps that should be how big her breasts looked...

Ahmed stammered a little more and he was starting to join Oluchi looking stupid.

"Well that's not the case," he managed to say at last. "You should definitely wear a bra to work. It's...um... more professional."

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With that Ahmed hurried to his office and shut the door, leaving Oluchi alone in the reception area once again.

Oluchi took a deep breath and dropped her hands away from her chest. Things were not going well with Mr. Ahmed, she decided in discomfort. He was very different to Mr Tunde. There was definitely an awkwardness or tension between the two of them and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

The beautiful  personal assistant shook her head and returned to her desk. As she sat down she realised that she didn't really have any work to do. In all honesty most of her job had involved helping Mr. Tunde remain calm and stress-free. Mr Ahmed didn't seem to require her in that capacity and so she seemed to have a lot of free time on her hands.

She sighed again and reached into her top drawer for her nail clipper. It was going to be a long day.

It took a good hour to get her nails perfected and then she decided she should probably actually do some work. Of course she didn't really have anything that needed doing, this business of having a self sufficient boss actually made her a little nervous about her job. Would he fire her if she wasn't needed any more? Surely he would have to wait for Mr. Tunde to return first?

She stood up and walked over to the filing cabinet, deciding that she should probably check to make sure the filing she did yesterday was done correctly. It wouldn't look good if Mr Ahmed found any mistakes in her work.

As she pulled open the drawer and bent at the waist to check the alphabetization of the files Mr Ahmed opened his office door.

Ahmed gave a small groan at the sight that greeted him. Bent at the waist with her back to him, Oluchi's flawless round ass was thrust straight at Ahmed. Her short  skirt was stretched  across her round, bouncy buttocks, and from the back her legs looked even longer and sexier than normal.

Ahmed chewed on his lower lip as he hesitated at his office doorway, staring intently at his PA's gloriously firm looking ass.

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He was so tempted to grab or hump those magnificent buttocks, but of course that would be completely unprofessional, not to mention illegal and against the company's sexual harassment polic