Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 7]

Tunde has just managed to proof to Oluchi that nothing they've been doing can be regarded as cheating on her husband. He has plans to kicks things higher.

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"I wasn't?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course not Oluchi. You are a faithful wife, aren't you?"

"I am," She nodded, already feeling a little better about yesterday.

"Yesterday was..." Tunde waved his hands in the air as he paused a moment to find the right word. "Stress relief."

"Stress relief?" repeated Oluchi, blinking in surprise.

"That's right," He said, seizing on his choice of words.

"Stress relief. Like when I use your breasts," he added. As if to illustrate his point, Tunde reached up with both hands, pushing open the front of Oluchi's jacket and seizing both her breasts through her blouse, giving them a rather firm squeeze.

Oluchi went stiff at his touch, but did not push his hands away.

Tunde gave Oluchi's breasts several squeezes. He frowned.

"Are you wearing a bra, Oluchi?"

Oluchi was nervous. "Yes I...I forgot. Yesterday...I was confused. Sorry."

"Take it off please," He instructed  firmly.

She looked shocked. "Right now?"

"Yes please," Tunde insisted. "We have spoken previously about you not wearing a bra, haven't we?

"Yes, sorry Mr. Tunde," Oluchi replied regretfully.

"Good. Go on then," nodded Tunde, urging her on.

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Oluchi removed her jacket, placing it on the arm of the chair and started to unbutton her white blouse.

She was tensed up as she opened the blouse and let it drop off her shoulders revealing a lacy bra that encased her perfect, full breasts. She stretched behind her back and unclasped the bra, the motion causing her breasts to push out even further from her chest.

She slipped off her bra, her breasts surged forward, but barely sagged at all. They were absolutely wonderful.

"Much better," He murmured  in approval, he reached out and took hold of a breast in each hand, giving the bare breasts a firm squeeze.

"You have lovely breasts Oluchi."

"Thank you, sir" Oluchi humbly replied. She started to reach for her blouse to put it back on, but Tunde had not yet let go of her breasts so she paused a moment.

"So are you feeling better about yesterday?" He asked as he continued to squeeze and massage her amazing breasts.

Oluchi nodded, "Yes. Thank you for talking it through with me, Mr Tunde."

He swiped his thumbs across Oluchi's nipples, the small buds hardening at his touch.

"And you're happy that stress relief is just a part of your job, and nothing sexual?"

Oluchi nodded.

Tunde smiled down at Oluchi's bare breasts.

"You know, when I'm really stressed, these breasts might not be enough for me," he commented, jiggling his fingers against the undersides of Oluchi's breasts, causing them to shake slightly on her chest.

Oluchi swallowed nervously.

"And all this talk about you quitting has definitely increased my stress levels," noted Tunde, his voice stern.

Tunde released Oluchi's breasts and reached down, pulling down his zipper. Oluchi's eyes were wide as her boss reached inside and drew his penis out. It was already semi erect.

"I need you to be a good assistant and relieve my stress," he told her, reaching up and pressing his hand to the back of his topless secretary's neck.

Oluchi's eyes were scared, but she didn't resist as Tunde pulled her head down into his lap, using his other hand to guide the tip of his dick towards her lips.

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She gave a small moan of alarm as the head of Tunde's dick was pushed into her mouth, spreading apart her full lips as it slid in and across her tongue.

"That's very good, my dear," He commented as he pushed her head down further into his lap, his dick nestling comfortably, deep within her warm mouth where it immediately began to grow and stiffen.

With a guiding hand on the top of her head, Oluchi began to helpfully move her mouth over her boss's growing dick. Her hand came up, wrapping around the base of his dick, jerking him at the same time as sucking noisily on the top half of his shaft, mouth and hand working together in a steady rhythm.

He gave a moan of appreciation and stretched back on the chair, letting his obedient personal assistant service his dick without further urging from her boss. While Oluchi continued to suck noisily on his rod, he reached beneath her, to capture and squeeze one of her still bare breasts in his left hand, fondling roughly as she blew him.

"That's perfect Oluchi!" He gasped as he pinched her hard nipple.

Oluchi came up for a breath, glancing up at Tunde as she squeezed and lightly tugged on his erection. She gave the head of his dick a brief, tender kiss and then plunged her mouth back down, taking him deep, right into the back of her throat. Despite her reluctance, this clearly wasn't the first time she had sucked a dick before.

Tunde gave another grunt of appreciation as both his hands moved to the top of Oluchi's head and he began to move his hips in time with her sucks, fucking his secretary's perfect mouth.

"That's good!" he panted, thrusting up energetically into her mouth. Her hand around the base of his dick was about the only thing stopping his dick from disappearing completely into her mouth.

Tunde fucked her pretty mouth, huffing and puffing as if he was running a marathon, for about five minutes before he started to feel a tremendous climax incoming.

"I gonna cum real soon," he wheezed hurriedly. "Make sure you swallow every drop."

Oluchi muttered something unintelligible, but it was silenced by her mouthful of dick.

He tightened his grip on the topless lady’s head and fucked her throat wildly, pushing her head down hard into his lap as his dick relentlessly thrust upwards. Her hand had long since fell away from the base of his dick and she was taking the entire length of his erection like a pro.

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"Ah, fucking yes!" He grunted, holding Oluchi's head down into his lap, his dick buried to her throat as he exploded, shooting thick salty ropes of cum straight down into the gorgeous, foolish lady’s throat.

Tunde staggered on the chair as his cum sprayed into Oluchi's mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could.

He finally let go of her head and sunk back against the chair, moaning happily as Oluchi sucked down the final spray of his orgasm.

"Wow, you were really stressed abi?" She asked, sounding slightly shocked as she sat up, breathing heavily.

Tunde could only weakly nod in agreement.