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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 5]

This time around, he has played her into thinking she destroyed his mood, and needs her to solve the problem of his hard dick.

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Oluchi stared at Tunde's erection in shock, her mind racing, but no words coming from her mouth.

"The call is ruined and I clearly can't piss. You're a stupid, stupid girl!" raged Tunde.

"Sorry sir," was all Oluchi could blurt out. She was very confused and didn't really know what she'd done wrong. After all, she was just doing what Tunde had asked of her. Was it really her fault he had gotten hard?

"Sorry!?" he repeated furiously. "It's going to take more than that. You'll have to fix it!"

"Fix it? What do you mean, sir?" Oluchi asked shyly.

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"Make it go down, now!" Tunde firmly commanded her, making a fist with one hand and gesturing in an imitation of masturbating.

"You mean..." She stammered, her eyes widening as she realised what he wanted of her.

"Yes damn it, get to it!" barked Tunde.

If she had been thinking straight, or if she had been a little more intelligent or less naïve she probably would have refused. But she was terrified of upsetting him further; believing she had made a bad mistake and ruined his ever-so-important call.

"Quickly abeg," Tunde urged her to hurry.

She swallowed and reached out, taking hold of his dick in her hand again. It probably helped that she already held his penis a couple times by now, so it wasn't such an alien feeling to be kneeling beside him at his feet with her boss's dick in one hand.

The pretty lady started to move her soft hand up and down on Tunde's shaft, stroking his rock hard erection shyly.

"That's it," murmured Tunde appreciatively. "A little faster."

Oluchi started to jerk him off in earnest, her hand pumping up and down on his hard dick. Both of Tunde's hands moved down to her chest, giving her breasts a quick squeeze through her top and then slipping inside to grope her lovely breasts more directly.

"Nice," he breathed, squeezing her breasts as she pumped his hard dick in her warm hand.

"Play with my balls with your other hand," he told her. She obediently reached up and cupped his testicles in her free hand, not slowing her rapid stroking for an instant.

Tunde gave Oluchi's breasts an extra hard squeeze, causing her to wince slightly as she gently played with his testicles in one hand and yank him off with the other. His breathing was getting faster and she guessed he was getting nearer to climax.

"Oh Lord, that's nice," He moaned pinching hard on his personal assistant's nipples, causing her to gasp out loud. Oluchi's fist was tight on his hard dick, rapidly jerking up and down, stroking him towards orgasm.

Oluchi could see a few dribbles of cum leaking from the tip of her boss's dick, and as her hand slid rapidly up and down his length it reached her hand. The extra lubrication made her pulling smoother, but it was still kind of disgusting.

"That's it!" He gasped.

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"Not too much longer." His eyes were half closed in pleasure as he enjoyed his handjob with obvious delight. He was barely playing with her breasts at this point, his hands mostly just resting on her big round breasts as she jerked him off.

With a loud moan and a strangled grunt of pleasure Tunde suddenly staggered in his chair, his hands falling out from the front of Oluchi's shirt and clutching the arms of his chair. His dick surged in Oluchi's hand and a thick rope of sticky white cum sprayed from the tip, shooting across the gap in front of chair and splattering onto his desk.

Tunde moaned with pleasure as the shot was followed by another spray of semen, splashing onto the floor just beyond the rubbish bin that Oluchi had pulled up earlier.

"Oh Lord!" He screamed, as he slumped into his chair, still moaning as he orgasmed. The next spray of cum was much smaller, mostly falling onto his chair and over Oluchi's hand which still clutched his dick.

The busty lady gently squeezed the last of his cum from his dick before letting go and sitting back. She glanced around for something to wipe her sticky hand on, but there was nothing at hand to help out.

"That was great sweetie, but you made a big mess," breathed Tunde, a stupidly happy grin on his face.

She bit her lip, deciding not to point out that it was him who had made the mess and not her.

He was still breathing heavily as she put away his dick.

"I'm going to go get cleaned up, can you fix up this mess please," he ordered his assistant, who was still kneeling on the floor beside his desk.

He got up and hurried off to the toilet.

After getting cleaned up Tunde got out of the office for a snack. Oluchi did her best to clean up the cum that splashed his desk, floor and chair but there still a few stains remaining when he returned.

He walked back into the office to see Oluchi filing something in the bottom drawer of the cabinet beside her desk. She was bent at the waist, her beautiful ass sticking out directly towards him, the material of her skirt clinging to her flawless buttocks deliciously, the backs of her long, slim legs looking fantastic in her high heeled shoes.

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Tunde licked his lips at the glorious sight and immediately moved in behind her. Oluchi gasped as she felt his hand on the back of her calf, just below her knee. She spent all morning feeling embarrassed over the whole handjob incident and her skin crawled at his touch.

"Hmm," murmured Tunde, in appreciation of her long legs as he slid his hand slowly upwards. His palm stroked slowly up the firm, well-muscled back of her leg and his dick stiffened a little in his trouser, despite the earlier relief that Oluchi had provided.

She froze, remaining bent over as Tunde's hand moved up to her creamy thigh and then slid higher still, climbing up above the hemline of her skirt, the material bunching against his wrist and he explored upwards.

He was breathing noisily through his nose, almost snoring with lust as his hand moved up over Oluchi's soft, creamy upper thigh, right the way to the tasty curve of her buttock.

To Tunde's absolute delight the lovely blonde was wearing a pair of very skimpy panties and her perfect ass-cheeks were left bare and uncovered, free for him to grope. He gave a soft moan as his hand stroked upward over the curve of Oluchi's ass, till he was grabbing her buttock in his palm. He gave her ass a squeeze, his fingers sinking into the firm cheeks of her buttocks.

"Lovely," he breathed softly, giving her bare ass another firm squeeze. He gave her buttock a gentle pat and then moved on, heading into his office as if nothing had happened.

His door finally closed and Oluchi moved again at last, standing up straight and smoothing down the back of her skirt with a slight trembling.

At about 4pm another call came through for him and Oluchi put it straight through, hoping that there wouldn't be another incident like the previous calls.

After five minutes however, her heart sank as she heard the familiar call from Mr Tunde’s office.

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"Oluchi! Get in here. I need to piss!" He yelled, covered the end of his phone with one hand.