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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Lustful Tunde takes advantage of naive Oluchi [Part 4]

The crazy Tunde is finding new ways of getting Oluchi into weird sexual situations. He has found a crazy way to get her to hold his penis.

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As the zipper came down a rather ugly pair of boxer was revealed, Oluchi wrinkled her nose up at the sight. She took another deep breath as she pulled open the front of Tunde's trouser to gain access. Here goes nothing.

There was a slight catch in Tunde's voice, speaking into one of his phones as Oluchi timidly slipped her hand into the front entrance of his boxer.

He couldn't help but smile as his lovely secretary took hold of his dick in her fingers and pulled it out through the gap in his boxer.

Her  mouth was dry and her heart beating rapidly as she felt warm, rubbery shaft of Tunde's flaccid dick dick in her soft hand. She couldn't believe she was touching her boss's penis. The naïve lady didn't notice the grin on his face as she pulled his penis out, holding it in her fingers, trying to touch it as little as possible as she aimed it towards the dust bin on the floor at his feet.

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His dick wasn't particular long, especially in its softened state, but it was thick. He felt a rush of blood as her cool hand held his dick, but did his best to keep his mind off what was happening, not wanting to scare her off with an erection. At least not yet anyway.

She was unable to take her eyes off Tunde's penis as she held it gently in her hand, doing her best to aim the tip towards the bin as she waited for him to piss.

Oluchi gave a sharp gasp as she suddenly felt his dick twitch in her hand and a steady stream of piss shot from the end, splashing into the rubbish bin. She diligently held his dick still as he pissed into the bin, his eyes closed as he mumbled into his two phones. When the last few drops splashed out he reached forward and tore off another page from his note.

'Shake it' was what the note revealed.

She did as she was instructed, shaking his penis in her hand, sending a few drops of pee spraying about. She stopped and reached for Tunde's boxers with the intention of putting his dick away, but he tapped the note again, indicating he wanted her to 'shake it' some more.

The kneeling lady nodded and without a word shook his dick a bit more, his penis flopping around and bumping against the back of her hand and wrist as she shook it more vigorously this time.

Tunde tapped the note a third time, still not satisfied so Oluchi gave his dick some more shaking. She wasn't certain but she was pretty sure it felt a little bigger in her hand by the time he was finally satisfied.

'Wipe the tip.' Was the next message that appeared when Tunde tore off yet another page. She was surprised at just how well Tunde seemed to have this planned out.

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She looked up onto his desk to where he usually kept a box of tissues, but to her surprise there was no box. Oluchi looked questioningly up at Tunde in surprise but he was no help, ignoring her and focusing on his two phone conversations. The whole time she was holding Tunde's penis in her soft hand, the shaft ever so slightly swollen from her attentions, although by no means erect.

Oluchi glanced around the room for something to use but didn't come up with any ideas. She couldn't really let go and run to the toilet for some tissue paper as it might mean he peed on his underwear, not that it was a particularly clean pair of underwear however.

She finally made a decision and to his surprise wiped the tip of his dick with her other hand, her palm swiping over the dribbling slit of his penis. Oluchi then stuffed his dick back into his underwear and zipped up his trouser. Tunde smiled slightly as she then stood up, grabbed the bin and hurried out of his office to get cleaned up.

His plan had worked even better than he had expected.

Tunde maintained a low key for the rest of the day; neither of them even mentioned the piss incident at all. He managed to get by with several ass slaps and a couple of boob-stress-ball groping sessions.

The next day he arrived a little earlier, eager to see if he could take his new personal assistant to the next level.

Oluchi was wearing a tight fitting top with a plunging v-neck and a knee-length dark skirt. As he arrived on Friday morning he walked right up to where Oluchi was sitting at her desk and reached out with both hands, grabbing her breasts through her top.

She gasped in surprise as Tunde gave her big breasts a firm squeeze, his palms running across the wide boobs and feeling her nipples poking through the material of her top.

"No bra, very good Oluchi," he said, pinching her nipples through her top. He then released her breasts and marched onwards into his office, closing the door behind him without a further word of greeting.

Not long after, she put a phone call through and she heard him raising his voice anxiously, apparently he had another conference call this morning.

A few minutes into the call Oluchi's heart sank when she heard Tunde yell out from his office,

"I need to piss!"

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Her heart fell a little as she jumped up and hurried into Tunde's office. He was already prepared today, she walked in to see him sitting in his chair behind his desk with his legs spread wide and the front of his trouser already open. He was only talking into the one phone today, but it didn't cross her mind that he had a hand free to take care of himself.

She picked up his rubbish bin and positioned it between his spread legs as she knelt down beside his chair and reached for the opening in the front of his trouser. Tunde smiled as he felt her soft hand slip into the front of his boxer and close around the shaft of his dick. She pulled his dick out the opening in his boxer, it felt slightly swollen this morning, not erect by any means, but definitely slightly swollen in anticipation of her touch.

As she aimed the tip of his dick towards the bin at his feet, Tunde reached down with his free hand and slid it across her chest, groping each of her breasts in turn through her top. Even with him squeezing her breasts she didn't realise that he was quite capable of holding his own dick for pissing.

Oluchi frowned when he didn't start pissing right away, doing her best to ignore the hand squeezing her right breast as a stress-reliever. Tunde's fingers seized her nipple through her top, pinching it as he had done earlier on arrival at work, and then using the nipple hold to shake and jiggle her entire breast. The pretty lady frown deepened as she felt a stiffening of the dick in her hand.

Tunde gave a slight moan into his phone as his hand slid over to Oluchi's other breast, roughly squeezing and kneading the round breast through her top.

She shook his dick in the direction of the rubbish bin in an effort to get him to piss, but nothing came out. If anything his dick thickened further in her hand. The busty personal assistant gasped in surprise as his hand slipped down the front of her v- top, sliding inside to grasp her bare left breast.

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Oluchi froze in surprise, not sure if this was okay or not. Tunde didn't even look down as he fondled her breast, his hand eagerly reaching inside her shirt. The old businessman grinned as his fingers pinched her nipple and explored the ample firmness of her bare breast, rolling the fleshy melon around in his groping palm.

Keeping his hand buried down inside the neckline of Oluchi's top he reached over to her other breast, giving it the same eager squeezing, groping and pinching treatment.

"Ohhhh bullshit!" yelled Tunde in sudden anger, releasing her breast and slamming his phone down in a rage with his other hand.

Oluchi jumped in surprise, wondering the cause of her boss abrupt outburst. It was then that she noticed that the penis she was clutching was fully erect, hard as a rock and pointing skywards instead of down at the rubbish bin. The busty blonde snatched her hand away in surprise and horror.

"Look what you've done!" yelled Tunde angrily, gesturing with both hands towards his crotch.