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Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies He shagged my sister, so I shagged his boss!

Mr. Kekong never knew his fiancee found out about his sexual adventures with her sister. She planned to take his boss and his livelihood.

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'Aw!' 'Hmmm'

Were the muffled sounds I made as I tried to stiffen a moan caused by our intense kiss.

I let my tongue trail to his neck and bit him by his collar bone a little bit hard, he gasped and set his hands to work. I had trailed my kisses to his chest through his shirt when I felt his hands on my thighs determined to give him more room to ravish me, I jumped on him and he took the cue and placed me on his desk.

The mid flare skirt I wore went up on its own and his hands grabbed my ass cheeks and gave it one bad ass squeeze that made me bit him slightly, he gasped again and moved his hands a little bit to the front using his thumb to rub my clit through my pant.

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I stiffened for a while to let the sensation get to my brain and leave. He noticed the effects that got on me and moved it a notch by shifting my pant and making contact with my bare flesh now. He resumed the thumb rubbing but this time he inserted his ring finger in me to complement the thumb. I moaned a little bit loud and he increased the fingers to two thus whilst his thumb rubbed my clit, the ring finger pumped in while his second finger rubbed the anterior wall of my core (G-spot).

I was pleasured to cloud 99 and dazed at the same time as to how someone could do many at a time and just when I thought things were in their best, he added more flavor that made it better than the best I thought it was, by using his mouth to unzip my flimsy of a top and buried his mouth on my tits which has no bra holding it. I have firm round boobs so most times I go bare.

Even in my most pleasured position I didn't want to be the recipient alone, so I went for his meat pack, set it free and started giving him a hand job. I worked from his base to the top, I looked up in ecstasy and sighted my purse and remembered that I have a lubricant in it, not breaking off from his treat, I reached for it, took the oil applied just enough to my hands and set to work.

The moment I touched him with the lube, he paused and intensified his finger fucks almost immediately, I went back to work amidst moans and intensified my hands movement to and fro his dick.

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We were both building up and I knew we would still be shooting our loads but that wasn't what I wanted, so I stopped and pushed him off me too, he looked at me in a manner of questioning and I answered by kicking of my pants and pulling his shorts and pants to his knee and then drew him closer with his tie, when he was close enough.

I held his table edge for support after clearing his desk of files and set my legs wide apart, maintaining eye contact. He got the cue and held his meat pack ready for action, he looked at me for while then leaned in for a kiss and when our lips were almost making contact slammed in. He paused for almost a minute when in, kissed me intensely again, worked his hands on my boobs, gave it one long suck and bite.

When he withdrew his mouth, he started ramming in, thrusts after thrusts, I moved out a little, pulled him in and held on to him tight in a hug. I was locked in an embrace with him but I could still hear his heartbeat and the clasp of our flesh and thrusts complimented it.

I threw caution to the wind and started wailing in ecstasy, I was enjoying every bit of what he was doing and I don't care who hears after all he's the boss. He lifted me whilst still plunged in me and started thrusting in that standing position but I guess his knees got wobbled cause he leaned me on the wall for support. I was extremely wet on the inside and his dick super hard, we both loved the feeling we gave each other as we were trying so hard to restrain ourselves from cumming.

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But we couldn't keep up for long, my muscles contracted and seized his dick milking it of every bit of cum inside it as I climaxed too. We kissed each other again and when he brought me down in a bit to catch his breath, we heard a sound and turned to see Jide my fiance standing by the door, the files he had in hand on the floor and his mouth agape.

Mr. Kekong tried to explain but I placed my fingers on his mouth and spoke

'Hi Jide, you shagged my sister and I shagged your boss, who has had an eye for me all these while. Now we are even and Mr.Frank make sure you fire him.'

I said walked towards the desk sat on it with my legs wide open and gestured at Mr.Frank to come eat me up, he turned to Jide and said to him

'You are fired.'