Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Grace takes the goodies to Linus the mechanic [Part 2]

Grace experiences her first public shaming after she is caught at mechanic workshop pants down by his girlfriend.

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Grace moved her face side to side on her small mirror to check her face, everyone had left to go visit her Oga's friend whose wife just put to bed.

In the recent weeks, any free time Grace has, is spent with her sneaking off to Linus’ workshop for some good fucking and with the house empty for some hours with no chores to do she felt like she had won the lottery.

She poured more Talc powder on her palms and applied it to her face, she was wearing nice tight dress and ready to get down.

She walked to Linus shop and was sweating by the time she got there, she went straight into the workshop, he snuck behind her quickly

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"Fine geh, you don come" He started

"Ah see has you dey sweat" He continued

He went over to where he kept clean clothes and came back with a singlet

"Take, make you use am clean your face " He said reaching to wipe the sweat from her face, he wiped off all the sweat and dropped the singlet beside her, he took her face and brought his lips to her, she doesn't really like kissing him so she pulled away after a while.

He unbuttoned her shirt and she took off her bra, as soon as her boobs bounced free he went to work, he grabbed her boobs and put a nipple in his mouth, he sucked hard making small groaning noises as he did, he squeezed and sucked rubbing her other nipple between his thumb.

She could feel her juices flooding her pant and she could not wait any longer,she reached and dragged the hem of his shirt, he pulled it off and dragged her skirt.

With her pant down, he shoved a finger into her dripping pussy making her moan out, he added another finger with his thumb on her clit, he started to shoved in and out rough and fast, she held onto the table moving forward to meet his thrusting. He grabbed her boob with his free hand and continued with the assault on her pussy

"Ehhh eh eh Linus o eh" She moaned

She started to move faster as she approached her orgasm, she rested her hand on his shoulder and he shoved in deeper into her, moving faster and hitting her throbbing clit as he moved

"Arhhh yesssss " She screamed holding unto him tightly as her orgasm ripped through her, her pussy spilled cum all over his fingers. He lifted her off the table and turned her around bending her hands were resting on the table, he pulled down his trouser and brought out his dick, he guided it into her willing pussy and it slide in without protest, he closed his eyes as she swallowed his whole length before he started to move really slowly.

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He held her waist and slowly increased his tempo, he loved how her very wet pussy was sliding against his dick,he soon picked up pace moving in and out faster, he reached out and squeeze her boobs, he felt his balls tighten and he moved even faster

"Ahh Grace E too sweet!" He moaned out

The door burst open suddenly

"And I will kill you today" A lady rushed in, they quickly disengage and he tried to pull up his trouser before the lady descended on him, her attention quickly shifted to Grace who was halfway through buttoning her shirt

"Ashawo! So you are the useless geh wey dey sleep with my boyfriend, I go kill una today " she yelled, charging at Grace and dealing her numbers of slaps, Grace lifted her hand to her face blocking some of the hit.

As soon as Linus grabbed the lady, she dashed out, she buttoned her shirt as she half walk half run out of the place.

She walked as fast as her legs could carry her, when she was safely home she sat down and caught her breath, she thought about what happened and loved the mixture of pleasure and thrill, she closed her eyes and imagined what happened bringing her hands to her pussy.

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