Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Grace takes the goodies to Linus the mechanic

After the tease with the lesson teacher, it's time for Grace to sample the mechanic that has been eyeing her for a while.

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Grace sighed as her madam dumped another pile of dirty clothes on the one she's already washing, she's been washing clothes all morning after she fetched water, hunger began to set in.

It's been both a busy and frustrating week for her, all her sexual advances to guys had constantly not work and she was tired of touching herself in the bathroom, to make it worse it's like her madam can't run out of chores to give her.

After several hour of washing, she was done with the clothes and finally got to eat her cold breakfast, after she was done eating she went to fetch water, the line for the tap was long and a chubby girl kept trying to engage her in a conversation.

She was relieved when she finally got to fetch water, on her back she hit her leg on a stone and poured water on herself making her gown cling on her body, she poured the water into the drum and on her way out Papa Kolade stopped her at the door

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"Gracie how far na, Mama Kola dey travel o" He said with a half smile

If looks could kill, he would have been pulverized where he stood as Grace gave him the stink eye and hissed at him, she walked away fuming with rage; after avoiding her like a plaque he thinks he can just wiggle into her pant, she fetched the rest of the water angrily.

When she was done fetching water, she poured herself a bucket and got out of her wet clothes, when she was naked in the bathroom she let her hand wander to her pussy, she thought about Papa Kolade with less anger,  she does miss his big cassava and seeing how she's not getting any luck with anyone she could as well let him fuck her, she thought about the last time they fucked and she got off but before she took her bath.

When she was dressed, her madam still had a lot of chores for her but this time she was in a good mood, she cleaned, cooked and ran errands. She made dinner earlier than usual so she could have enough time to rest, when she was done her madam called her

"Come go Mama Chidera house and give her this money, na my contribution for this week thrift"

Grace reluctantly collected the money and made her way to Mama Chidera's house, after about 10 minutes of trekking she finally got there with the children running around and making so much noise, she could hear Mama Chidera yelling at someone inside the room, she greeted out and was asked in, she delivered her message and said her goodbye taking her leave.

On her way home she heard a familiar voice

"Grace, Grace Abeg wait" He yelled 

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She turned around to see Linus walking towards her, he was wearing a vest this time, she smiled at him as caught up with her

"I don dey  expect your hand I no see you" He said

"No vex, I just dey busy" She said

"So how far na" He asked with a look she knew so well

"You get water for your workshop? I dey thirsty" She replied

When they got to his workshop which was basically a table and tools scattered around, she sat on the table while he brought her a sachet water, she dropped it beside her and stared at him

"Come you get oil for your face make I help you clean am" She said smiling

She wiped at the non existent oil smear on his face then leaned in and kissed him on the mouth, he kissed her back but he was a terrible kisser so she pulled away, she slowly unbuttoned her top and as soon as her boobs were exposed he pounced on them like a hungry baby.

He sucked, squeezed and nibbled, it all felt good but she wanted the banana as she had very little time to waste, she slide her hand down to his crotch and stroked his dick, he got the message and pulled down his trouser, she smiled at the size of his banana, she slide down and removed her pant bunching her skirt to her waist.

He grabbed her by the waist and turned her around onto the table, he leaned down and guided his dick to her pussy, he tried pushing in but she was not wet enough, he spat and rubbed it on his dick and tried it again, he slide into her slowly and started to move grunting softly, he picked up pace occasionally grabbing her boobs, his moans gradually got louder,he pulled her away from the table and made her bend to her toes

"Ahh Grace Bere mole" he moaned, he said, encouraging her to bend down further in Yoruba.

He was pushing in deeper and she was moaning even louder, he held her waist and pounded faster,she didn’t realize how loud she screaming

"Eh ewo!! Ah! Yes! Ah!! Yes!!"

She reached behind and held unto his leg as she came hard her legs buckling a little, he followed soon after pulling out and cumming on the wall. It was what she needed for a while, she knew he would be useful to her someday, and thankfully today. He brought it the game for her.

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He got a rag and cleaned it up while she dressed up and hurried home. Now, her madam can do anything she likes, Linus has made her day, the orgasm from his big mechanic penis was what she needed.