Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny Mrs. Chika, my favorite 'teacher'[Part 6]

Lenny's lust for his teacher is about to become a reality in what seem to be an accidental spill during their private session.

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Crazy Lenny

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She leaned over me again and began to greedily suck the cum off me. She started with the drops that shot the farthest, continued down my stomach, and then sucked my dick into her mouth. She began sucking and licking my dick urgently. In addition to her mouth she also brought both hands to my dick to bring it back to life.

This was a much different blowjob than she had given me in the car. Then she wanted to tease and excite me, but now she simply wanted me hard again so she could fuck me to relieve the tension in her own pussy. Before long my dick was erect and ready for her.

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She straddled my waist. She reached down and held my dick with one hand as she lowered herself onto me.

As soon as I was securely inside her she dropped all the way down so my dick was fully inserted in her. Mrs. Chika started moving her hips back and forth to enjoy the feeling of having a young cock inside her.

When I entered her all I could do was sigh, "Oh God." The feeling was beyond anything I could imagine. It was warm and wet and her pussy seemed like it knew exactly how to squeeze me for maximum pleasure.

Mrs. Chika leaned forward so her hands were on either side of my head and she began to thrust herself up and down on me. Her eyes were closed and I noticed she seemed utterly lost in her pleasure. I glanced down at her boobs and saw that her thrusts were causing them to sway and move in the most unbelievably sexy way.

I couldn't help myself and I reached up and grabbed one breast in each hand.

Mrs. Chika groaned and adjusted her position so she could still fuck me but that she was more upright so I had an easier time massaging her boobs. I initially just held them and enjoyed their soft weight. I then began caressing them and soon was drawn to her erect nipples. I pinched each nipple as I had seen her do and pulled on them slightly.

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Mrs. Chika reacted strongly to this and increased the speed of her thrusts. Suddenly she pushed herself straight up and ground her hips into me. Her eyes were tightly shut but then they suddenly came open as she looked into my eyes. She yelled, "Oh God!" and I could feel her pussy contract and start to twinge around my dick.

With loud grunts Mrs. Chika thrust herself up and down on me as her orgasm passed.

When she finished she fell on top of me while still keeping me inside of her. I hugged her tightly and loved the feel of her naked boobs pressing into my chest. She raised her head and lowered her lips to mine. As we met she parted her lips and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We kissed deeply for several minutes.

Mrs. Chika broke the kiss and started to slowly move up and down on my dick.

Just then the phone began to ring. Much to my surprise Mrs. Chika leaned over and picked the phone up from the bedside table, all the while keeping herself firmly impaled on me.

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Just before she said hello she gave me a wink and put her finger to her lips as if to say, "Shhh."

"Hello. Oh, hi darling." My heart jumped into my throat as I realized that Mrs. Chika was talking to her husband at the same time she was fucking me in their bed. If I was nervous Mrs. Chika didn't appear to have any problems as she calmly continued her conversation while slowly grinding her hips into my dick.

She began a slow back and forth motion that felt so good to me that I had to work to suppress a groan of pleasure from escaping my lips.

"How was the journey? (Pause) That's good. Are they all there already? (Pause) So what are your big plans for tonight? (Pause) That sounds great. (Pause) No, don't worry about me; I have plenty to keep me busy. I've brought a project home from work that I have wanted to work on for a while. (Pause) Oh, the project probably isn't anything that you would be interested in. (pause) OK; you had better go catch up to them before they take off and leave you.

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Have fun and hurry home to me on Sunday. I already miss you. Love you."

As she leaned over to drop the phone, one of her breasts brushed against my face. I turned my head and kissed it before saying, "So, uh, that was your husband?"

"Yes, but don't you worry about him. You've got your hands full right here." As she said that she lifted herself off me and rolled over onto her back. As she rolled she pulled me over so that when we stopped I was now lying on top of her. I rose up slightly to admire the vision before me. Mrs. Chika was truly more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Her short hair was slightly roughened, but that only made her all the more tempting. I next moved my gaze to her boobs and I for a moment became lost in them.

Mrs. Chika sensed my interest in her boobs and she again cupped them in her hands. She rubbed them gently and motioned for me to come closer with her finger.

I lowered my head and sucked one nipple into my mouth. I held it for a second and then began to twirl my tongue around and around until it stiffened. When it had become very hard I did the same to her other nipple. I continued for several minutes as Mrs. Chika lay back and enjoyed my work.

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She had released her boobs and now had her hands behind my head and was idly running her hands through my hair.

Mrs. Chika finally pulled my head up and said, "I want to feel you inside me." She then reached between us and pulled my dick to the entrance of her pussy. "Just do what feels natural," she told me.

I gently pushed my dick into Mrs. Chika. She wasn't quite as wet as she had been before but there was still more than enough lubrication. I slowly slid my entire length into her and held it there as I ground my hips from side to side. Mrs. Chika seemed to enjoy that as she moaned and started moving her hips. I then started to fuck her as slowly as I could.

I pushed myself up on my hands and watched her boobs jiggle and bounce as I moved. I slowly increased my tempo until I settled into one that seemed comfortable for me and pleasurable for Mrs.

Chika. She started thrusting her hips in rhythm to mine and the effect was wonderful.

This continued for several minutes and I began to work up a sweat. Mrs. Chika had moved her hands back to her breasts and was pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers. I was distracted by this and lost the rhythm I had been keeping with Mrs. Chika.

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I increased my speed and the power of my thrusts slightly as I became more turned on by watching Mrs. Chika play with her nipples.

Mrs. Chika whispered through her clenched teeth, "Oh baby, just like that. That feels sooo good." One of her hands dropped from her nipple and moved between her and me. I could feel the back of her hand on my stomach and realized that she must be playing with her clit.

The thought of that made me even hornier and I started to drive into her even harder.

Mrs. Chika began yelling yes with each of my thrusts and soon I felt her body tense again as she was about to cum. She grabbed my hips with her hands and pulled me tightly into her.

She held me there very firmly so I couldn't thrust into her so instead I began to grind my hips into her in the same side to side motion that she seemed to enjoy earlier.

The effect was nearly immediate as Mrs. Chika screamed, "Yes!" She pulled me even tighter and raked her nails across my lower back.

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