Big Booty Is BAE Women with big bum are smarter and healthier says Science

I have always suspected it, and it has everything to do with my love for it, and Science just proved it

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Bundaism is the worship of big booty. No shit! I kid you not. Google it, and see for yourself. Those guys know what they're doing because having a big booty is healthier than you previously thought.

One more reason for you to consider this religion!

Some people have always claimed that women with big booty are smarter. It turns out that those set of people are right. According to a scientific study that was conducted by University of Oxford, this study analyzed data from over 16,000 women, and they found out the women who were endowed behind are more intelligent and more resistant to chronic illness than women with small booty.

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Hey, take it easy on me. I didn’t do the study, little booty is fine, its cute but seems like big booty takes the cake.

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And there are more health benefits for our big booty warriors, they also have lower cholesterol and glucose level. They also have higher amount of hormone called dinopectina that is anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties, if you put these together, its for good health

Asides being adored by a lot and worshipped by some people, big booty also means your chances of diabetes are low. It cannot get better until it does.

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They also have higher levels of Omega 3 fats which means the brain is working well, making them smarter, not forgetting that they also have a lot of adipose tissue found in the ass traps harmful fats, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

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Is there any flip side to having a big bum except you can’t sit comfortably in a crowded place? Or you’re embarrassed in public because everyone is staring.

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There is also the pretty normal translation of having a big booty meaning you’re one sexy lady

All hail the big booty.