Horror Story These 14 photos describe a father's worst nightmare

This is based on a true story. Better hope it doesn't happen to you too.

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1. You know when you are just at home chilling with the family.


2. And your child starts to develop a strange fever.


3. It gets so bad that you rush the child to the hospital.


4. And you start to believe your village people have finally caught up with you.


5. Your wife is beside you, uncontrollable.


6. And then the doctor comes out and says, a blood donor is needed, and you do the needful as a father.


7. And then somehow, just like in Nollywood movies.


8. After waiting for hours.

9. Somehow, they discover that the DNA doesn’t match between father and son.


10. So you decide to do paternity test (like in Nollywood) for all your four kids.

Muhammadu Buhari play

Muhammadu Buhari



11. And one after the other, you realise none of them are your children.


12. Your wife says it was just a mistake.


13. You do the maths.


14. And here you are, wondering what your next line of action would be out of the one million things flooding your mind.