Pulse Album Review Women run the world on Bankyondbeatz’s “Fuego Senoras”

This projects celebrates women in a way that is intimate, weighty, rich and thoughtful enough to be applauded for all its parts.

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Bankyondbeatz - 'Fire ladies' Fuego Senoras (EP) play

Bankyondbeatz - 'Fire ladies' Fuego Senoras (EP)

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EP- Fuego Senoras
Artiste- Bankyondbeatz
Collaborators: Lady Donli, Muna, DJ Yin, Eli, AT, Niniola, Deena O
Producer- Bankyondbeatz
Record Label- Indie (2017)

Duration- 34 minutes


“Banky you’re crazy for this one” begins the signature tag that carries through on this record. Producer Bankyondbeatz is living his name tag, by putting out a project that is both crazy and brilliant. “Fuego Senoras” or “Fire Ladies” is the most meta name anyone could find for an all-woman collaboration EP helmed by the producer.

It’s 2017 in Nigeria, and as the passage of time continues, there will be improved focus thrown on more polarising topics, such as feminism, with more people from all walks of life increasingly joining the push for more opportunities for females. Bankyondbeatz, is now a part of this movement, by creating a project, which hardly tackles this in content, but speaks volumes by its very existence as a body of work. This is girl-power that seeks to entertain and inform not confront.


‘Fuegos Senora is an examination and celebration of feminine identity. Eli and DJ Yin breaks down romantic emotion on ‘Come through’ and ‘Heart Desire’, while the eclectic Lady Donli uses Latino elements in showing the depth of the woman mind on ‘Fale comigo’. Big star Niniola shows the other side of her sultry singing, as she grapples with the complexities of impatience in achieving for the short term. ‘Pensive’ which features rapper A.T, owns paranoia with much swagger and lyricism.

Where Bankyondbeatz wins as a producer is in the sonical instrumentation. There’s a thematic consistency and evolution in the production of the production. It is inclusive and much deeper, with a sonic palette that hints into blues rock, Salsa, R&B, psychedelic folk and more. This is the perfect experiment; a confident, well-delivered one, for a world that is still finding its way through various sounds.


‘Fuego Senoras’ is an early starter in the New year, one which celebrates and edifies women in art. It does this in a way that is intimate, weighty, rich and thoughtful enough to be applauded for all its parts.

Rating -3.5/5

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