Ramadan 2017 7 ways to improve your life during this holy month by Rodiyah

Here are seven things you can use to improve your life style during and even after the holy month.

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Ramadan play


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If you have been a bit down or things have not just been going well with you, here is another opportunity to work and improve on yourself this holy month of Ramadan.

As you know that the sacred month of Ramadan is the month the Holy Quran was sent down to mankind. It is also the month that has the night of majesty also known as night of destiny which is why it’s referred to as the blessed month.        

In order to make the best of this blessed month, here are seven things you can use to improve your life style during and even after the holy month.

1. Cleanse your soul: If there’s anything behind every human action, it’s the intention. The first Hadith says “actions shall be judged according to intention”. Tell yourself, it’s another opportunity to be closer to your Rabb (creator), purify your heart and be a better person in general. Therefore, drop any and if possible all bad habits, forgive anyone that has wronged you, think good of others and be good to others even people you are superior to. These little acts go a long way in freeing your mind and soul.

5 things the Qu'ran says about Ramadan play

5 things the Qu'ran says about Ramadan


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2. Unplug (Social media): All the goodies and blessings of Ramadan only last for 30 days but you can bottle it in beyond by making the best use of it in order to have an all year round reward. We would all agree social media takes a lot of our time which we can utilize more positively. Take some time off social media, drop that smart phone when necessary, look up during family dinner, spend quality time with family and friends and do lots of ibadah (worship).

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3. Bring people together with meals: If there is one thing most people especially kids look forward to as Ramadan approaches, it is the fact that the mum gives her all when making meals. Bring the family together with sensational meals that you do not prepare on a daily basis and hey its sunnah (practice of the holy prophet) you get reward for cooking good meals for your family. One thing, don’t over feed.

4. Give offering: You should do this even after Ramadan, so carry on with this holy tradition. Make someone happy, extend a helping hand, offerings don’t necessarily mean money, share your meals, give out water, fruits or as little as date palm to a local mosque, beggars or even your neighbor. Allah loves the doer of good deeds. Be the giver and accumulate rewards, it also humbles you and don’t forget to continue this act all year round.

Ramadan don'ts play

Ramadan don'ts



5. Have Ramadan buddies: Yes, that’s right, buddies; friends. Try to have Ramadan buddies, these are friends that would help you attain your set goals by participating with you such as reciting the Quran, observing tarrawih (night prayer), giving alms among others. These friends will help check and balance you when you are derailing from your set goals. Who knows you might just be making a lifetime buddy.

6. Cry it out: This might sound weird but try crying out when making Dua (supplications) to Allah, pour out your heart, go deep in spirit, reach for a higher realm and talk to the creator directly and get the feeling, it’s really just very different. We all need to cry it out once in a while in life. Ramadan is full of spirituality and the night devotion (tahajud) is a good time to do this. Who knows, you might just cry out all the worries and have a good year.

Ramadan is more than just fasting play

Ramadan is more than just fasting



7. Have ten days of isolation: The last ten days of Ramadan are pretty sacred and it is advised to seclude one’s self in the Mosque, pray, supplicate and do more good deeds during these days. This act will not only help you spiritually but also teach you time management and independence. Try it.

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These seven Ramadan tips can also be used as life hacks. Indulge in them and evaluate your progress. Ramadan Kareem.

Rodiyah is a journalist and freelance creative writer.