A chilling footage of a car full of robbers getting killed by lightning has emerged in Russia.

According to reports, the robbers had raided a church in the city of St Petersburg, Russia and were in their get-away car which exploded moments after leaving the church - and witnesses insist the car was hit by lightning.

It was gathered that the dash cam footage uploaded by YouTube user World News TV, shows a vehicle speeding along with a police siren sounding in the background.

All of a sudden the car bursts into flames and explodes, sending debris all over the road.

Reports say everyone in the get-away car died as a result of the electrical bolt which caused an explosion.

It is not known how many passengers were in the car at the time of explosion.

And it is also not clear how real the video is although it has been watched over 90,000 times .

But most viewers seemed to think it is an example of 'divine intervention'.

According to experts, the chances of getting killed by lightning are around 300,000 to one.