Apostle Suleman's Sex Scandal The gift that keeps on giving

Just when you think the Man of God's sex scandal is over, something new comes up.

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Apostle Suleman Likes Too Much Sex, Threesomes & Once Gave Me Proceeds Of Crusades - Stephanie Otobo

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Apostle Johnson Suleman's name has been in the news for over two weeks now, due to an ongoing sex scandal.

It all started when a Canadian-based lady named Stephanie Otobo, also known as Kimora, came out of nowhere with claims that she has been secretly dating the founder of Omega Fire Ministries.

Apostle Johnson Suleman play

Apostle Johnson Suleman



The lady said they met in September 2016, started dating after he told her that he had divorced his wife and wanted more male children.

In the midst of this allegation, the lady got arrested. Immediately after her release from Kirikiri Prisons, she granted an exclusive interview to Sahara Reporters, where she dropped some bombshells concerning the pastor.

Stephanie Otobo has denied allegations againts Apostle Suleman play

Stephanie Otobo has denied allegations againts Apostle Suleman



Amongst her many shocking statements, she referred to the size of his manhood, amount of sex they have had, threesomes, and his bedroom skills.

She also implicated Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke, by claiming that she is the pastor's ex.

Daniella Okeke play

Daniella Okeke


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The Internet went crazy with these new information, I thought that was the last of it, thinking there is nothing that could top that.

Unfortunately, I was wrong because something bigger actually came up. Another lady jumped in saying she has also been involved with Suleman.

The lady, identified as Queen Esther, said she was an usher in the church when he lured her into a steamy sexual relationship in 2013. They broke up a year later.

Apostle Suleman reacted to the scandal in a video saying, "They should have at least get somebody that people would believe. Look for a presentable person, not this."

I thought for sure this is the end, after all he has responded. I was wrong again.

To my surprise, another lady named Stephanie Ogbonna came up with new accusations.

Through Instagram, she said accused the Man of God of having a threesome with her and Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo at the actress' Lagos residence.

Here is an excerpt of her story:

“He bought me a business class ticket and sent me an address in Agungi area of Lekki to wait for him at his girlfriend’s house as he would want us to have a threesome as he enjoyed my breasts.

“Lo and behold the house was the house of Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo (@iyaboojofespris) in an estate called 5Streets in Agungi.

“She made me comfortable and told how she doesn’t mind whatever the pastor does as long as he keeps giving her money."

Popular Nollywood Actress, Ruth Kadiri, has also been linked to the scandal.

Unlike Ojo, who has remained quiet, the actress has reacted saying: “Are you people freaking kidding me? I don’t understand, where is this whole nonsense coming from? You are calling me over what? Can you imagine? I don’t understand this kind of nonsense; why are they calling me? How would I not get angry?

“I am here just living my life and you call me from nowhere and you are asking me rubbish question. What sort of rubbish is that? Please I don’t want to be rude to you.”

Ruth Kadiri play

Ruth Kadiri



Wow. Is this scandal ever going to end? In the midst of all of this, Suleman's supporters remain solidly behind him.

Our comment section is proof that people still believe in his innocence. Check out some of the comments from our readers.

"I can see that some cheap media houses want to sale these days by embarrassing men of God and Nigerians are busy believing this nonsense. What nonsense Stephanie, ur days are numbered.. You will suffer"

"Nonsense..... She's got no proof of anything"

"These are all rubbish...look at the lady she looks demonized"

"In all her concocted lies, she has failed to say how they met."

Stephanie sues Apostle Suleman play

Stephanie sues Apostle Suleman


"If apostle Suleman is of God, those who rise up against him wil FALL! but if not....... Remember, Touch not my Anointed and do my prophets no harm!"

"Only God identifies his true worshipers. I attended his revival services in Maryland. This charismatic preacher is innocent until proven otherwise and ought to be exonerated. Truth always come to light undoubtedly."

"This lady needs help she either wants spiritual deliverance or she is operating as a messenger by proxy, hence she is seeking attention, that she has to fabricate these false stories. And those saying the lady might be saying the truth should take a critical look at the lady you can observe that she is under the influence of drug and mental derangement. I hope with this the Apostle will learn his lesson he should get his protocol and Security officers to screen persons wanting to see him properly."

"This girl is a pure lair, she contradicts herself alot, and find it difficult to answer simple questions, God will soon expose her political sponsors."

Apostle Suleman and his wife remain unbothered by sex scandal play

Apostle Suleman and his wife remain unbothered by sex scandal



Reno Omokri, Richard Akinola, a renowned journalist and a church member have also risen to the defence of the preacher.

By these reactions it's safe to say that this scandal has not affected how a lot of people see the Man of God.

Still, I think this has gone on for too long. It's time for this controversy to be over. It's definitely for this 'gift' stop giving.

Let me know what you think about the pastor's innocence.

Do you think Apostle Suleman is innocent?»