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To be honest, I have never really had a ‘bottom box’. Special clothes, shoes or jewelry kept away to be worn for that special event

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To be honest, I have never really had a ‘bottom box’. Special clothes, shoes or jewelry kept away to be worn for that special event. I am not even sure why. Maybe if I did, then I would still have all of my mother’s gold jewelry.

I would not have worn it all so carelessly back in University and lost all but one pair of ear rings which I eventually pawned off at Tejuosho many years ago. (I still bite my finger sadly when I think about how foolish and short-sighted I was back then). Maybe if I did then finding what to wear for special events would not be such a chore today cos there would be that one item or two that would still be well, special.

The truth is today, if you work with me or we attend the same church, it is very likely you know most of my clothes. Because I don’t have a bottom box and while I have nothing against them, I am coming here today to encourage you to break open yours if you have one.

Yes, go crazy and live a little more. Wear the bottom box dress to church tomorrow. Bring out the fine china you have been keeping to entertain Obama. Wear those earrings you plan to wear on your 50 five years down the line.

Pop the champagne today because you are alive and well and that’s worthy of a celebration. What am I saying? Live life today like life is going out of fashion and you want to be a legend of your own making. Today I had frozen yoghurt. It was ama-mazing and made me feel so alive. You know why? Because it was my very first Sweet Kiwi FroYo and I was on top of the world. I was experiencing something new. I felt so alive and proud of myself. I was living out loud. I was not wasting my life. Don’t blame me. I don’t know what they put in that yoghurt but that’s how it made me feel.  My sister, Sholly would have been proud. I promised her I would live enough for the both of us.

I am asking you to make up your mind to live enough for YOU and anyone you love that has passed on too.

God woke you up today for a reason. True, it is not just about eating delicious frozen yoghurt like foodies like me. It is much more. Every time we wake up in the morning and every time we lay down to sleep at night, we ought to thank God because we are mindful of the fact that somebody out there did not.

And that thought ought to galvanise us into ‘living loud mode’. What makes you so special that God has given you more time? Nothing. We are not special. We are just beneficiaries of God’s mercy. We ought to make that mercy count.

Represent God by being your best all the time. Be present in all you do. Dress your best. Even if it is in Jeans and a Tee, project yourself well. Don’t be lazy about doing this life. It’s precious and we all need to respect ours more.

Am I even making sense? I hope so. Bottom line is that because of my Sholly, I am committed to ‘wearing the bottom box of my life’ every day. Metaphorically speaking.

Simply put, that means, I am making every single moment count because I am very, VERY conscious of the truth that I may not get the next one. And same goes for you.

Salt Essien-Nelson is a blogger/author based in Lagos, Nigeria. You can connect with her via her blog - The Salt Chronicles on Blogger where she is ‘seasoning’ the world around her one salt blog at a time or send her an e-mail via abimbolaen@yahoo.com