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...And as believers, we need not play a Game of Thrones in our head.

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Salvation, according to Mariam Webster is something that saves something or someone from a dangerous situation

But you see, behind this word salvation, lies a chronicle

That could really make the mind boggle

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth

And then he created man and woman. And from these came the first birth.

And from this, the human race was made existent.

Now some may wonder why a God who is omnipotent

Wouldn't think of making the perfect world just to do his biding

But you see, it is impossible for one to love

If their life is strictly dictated from above

So He gave us freedom to make our choice

Doing what was right or so we thought

And so we fell short

We said one thing but did another

Betraying sister and brother

Until what was considered right and fair

Was no longer a priority everyone shared

We became worldly and did what everyone else did

Which is basically everythng we were told not to do as kids

And rather than becoming smart, we became arrogant

Saying things like that won't happen to me, I won't get out of control

Then our minds became worldly and so did our actions

Everything we did was for self-satisfaction

Because sin is like a boyfriend or girlfriend that keeps on cheating

But you keep going back because you like what you're reaping

Or you want to go on a diet but you keep on eating

And so what should be fun ends up as addiction

What was harmless and innocent turns into affliction

There's someone out there now and you know I speak to your heart,

I do not know your name and neither is it important

But you go to school and people laugh in your face

And tell you to go jump of a bridge, that you're a waste of space

Or maybe there's a friend or a loved one who's passed away

Now you're depressed so you drink and get high everyday

Now there's a need for help

But you let what they say get to you and you start hurting yourself

Suicidal thoughts running through your head,

"This world doesn't need me I'm better off dead"

So you grab a gun and put it up to your brain

But for some reason you can't pull the trigger

And that reason stands for something bigger.

It's bigger than your pain, it's bigger than depression

It's bigger than your brokenness, it's bigger than rejection

But what is bigger, that is the question.

There's a power out there that we all know

And it's not Superman or some other superhero

For those of you who for most of your hours

Dream or imagine that you had superpowers

I tell you that you can be anything your heart desires

For our God, is capable of doing exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think.

But why do you need to worry about that when you have our God on your side?

Our God in whose presence nothing can hide.

The One who with a single word can give life and just as easily take one.

The One True God who to his promises always stays true.

Why worry, when you have such power LIVING on the inside of you

And, as believers, we need not play a Game of Thrones in our head                                                

For our Lord and Saviour watches over us as we go to bed                                                                                                                                                 

And no matter what we do, He can always see past out facades

Yet He loves us and it was because of this infinite love He sent His Son

So that the battle of the ages could be won


For the Lamb of God was not forced to give His life

But He looked to the future and saw His bride

And so He laid there and let them whip His side

He was slain for our sin

And beat for our lies

Tortured for our vanity

Spit upon for our crimes

HE was black and blue for our being human

Bruised and bleeding all for our healing

Betrayed by meaning but still He was willing

Willing to die, all for His bride

A bride that was lost

And couldn't care less for Him and His cause

So He let Himself be hung on the tree

Barely able to breath

Thinking of you and me

A sinner so unworthy

Saved by One with such glory

Now as the world began to receive that Saviour

He did weave that fine scarlet thread through our lives

Through space and time

So that in the end, He can say, that is mine

Now we'd be lying if we said we didn't fall short

But because of the name Jesus, we stand blameless in His court


The one ruler who I trust

Is our Lord and King, who won my vote when he gave his life for us.

Because I didn't have to pay for my salvation

Or for a place in God's kingdom

With God on my side, how is there any problem?

For He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?


And whether you're Nigerian, Ghanaian, French, American or British

There is one language that everyone can share

And that is the language of praise

For in the end, we shall resound

Thank God, thank God, we're heaven bound


Nkoyo Itegboje is a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. You can connect with her via her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nkoyo.itegboje or send her an email via kitegboje@yahoo.com