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Burgundy is described as a grayish red-brown to dark blackish-purple.

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A few days ago I stumbled on a story titled ‘Burgundy isn’t just a color’ on the blog site of dictionary.com it was basically an education about a few colours and how their names mean diverse things, places. A few examples is the colour teal, a light blue-green colour similar to cyan.

The name is said to be derived from a natural source: the colours that surround the eye of the Common Teal, a duck that thrives in Europe and Asia. Another example is the colour burgundy, it is described as a grayish red-brown to dark blackish-purple, the classic wine and the hue share the same name and origin: a region in the centre of France the region is also named after ancient Burgundians, a Germanic tribe.

When it is being referred to as a colour, the word burgundy is not capitalized. The color is similar to maroon, oxblood, cordovan but they are all different in subtle ways. (Wikipedia)

I want to relate it to life and how self-awareness is a very key essential to today’s living. A few years ago I had some unpleasant experiences at work and in one of the meetings someone interpreted the situation and described me as a tantrum throwing silly woman who always likes to have her way, he asked me if I wanted to be described only in certain unsavory ways.

I then told him I hate labels but I am not afraid of them and I also cannot control what people say about me behind my back even if I tried, even God almighty gets an earful every second even though he is all knowing. Most people were shocked I told an ‘Oga’ my mind, lol ... When I left that meeting I knew why manipulation can be easy, from a very early age, all we here around us is ‘I don’t want people to say….’ We don’t like to see our ‘wobbly bits’, we all want to be liked.  I like to be liked, and I believe we should build a solid identity, transparency in our transactions and have a conscience that we actually use, but I do not subscribe to dying in silence.

During my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) year, I was travelling from Ilorin to Lagos, at the bus park a woman was begging, she had a baby strapped to her back, she came towards my side of the bus window and told me to help her and her twin babies, there was no sign of another baby and on that day I didn’t ask for the other twin even though I could if I wanted, I just gave her some money.

The bus didn’t get full on time, so I absently noticed the woman kept begging from people in other buses asking them to help her children and praying for the givers.  A few weeks later, I was travelling again and I saw this same woman begging with only one child again but saying ‘Ibeji’ meaning twins. So I tell her I can only see one baby, where is the twin? She looked offended but told me the other twin was at home. I laughed and I told her I didn’t believe they were two or twins. I didn’t give her any money.

She went away and surprisingly came back a few minutes later as the bus was about to leave the park. She said to me ‘aunty but you give me the other time, you did not ask for two pikin, why you de ask today?’ I was shocked that she remembered me, maybe because I was wearing the same NYSC uniform and still had on the same hairstyle. I smiled and still didn’t give her any money.

However I was worried she knew me in a strange town. I only travelled from Bida, Niger State where I was serving to Ilorin to board the Lagos bus, I didn’t know anywhere or anyone in the town then. I noticed other people didn’t ask questions, the idea is to just believe, you will still get blessed whether she lied about having twins or not. Now when I remember that incidence, I was the same person, in less of a hurry and I didn’t question her actions the first time for reasons I cannot explain, and then in less than a month asking her questions and not giving her money. Her reaction is typical of us when we say others have changed. But most times we don’t really change, we are all just multifaceted.

We can all be supportive, mean, kind, cunning, of strong faith, faithless, strong, weak, inspiring. Someone once told me I was boring., but looking back now, I have modified my approach to his opinion, I realize that’s how he honestly saw me at that time though I didn’t care much anyway, but was mortified that he will even think me boring .

I protested then because I didn’t agree that I was boring person, maybe easily bored but certainly not boring (I can be a default protestant too. Lol)However, we shouldn’t let people call us what we are not or tell us we are something we know we are clearly not, we may not protest it, but we should not accept it or shrink ourselves because how we are makes certain people uncomfortable or become small for people who have refused to grow..

We are all in many ways like burgundy... A colour, a wine, a place that came from a people. We are capable of being and doing unrelated things, we are capable of making mistakes, acting foolish or selfish, stretching our limits, shattering glass ceilings if we accept that we are not all good and not all bad. A friend was complained to me that he was described as laidback and he didn’t like it.

I told him being laidback is not necessarily a bad thing, laidback could mean imperturbable, unemotional (in some workplaces unemotional people are of great value), friendly, self-possessed, level headed, cool, collected, unflustered and other things that will portray him as a person of strength to some other people, even the not so cool synonyms such as placid, unconcerned, downbeat, chilled and be turned around for good if he took a minute to focus on his complexities. I told him I personally think he is quite the phlegmatic, unflappable most times.

We should focus on self-awareness, and how much strength our character is capable of having not forgetting to take responsibility for our actions. The person that poured a glass of cold water on you for those offensive remarks? Yea that’s me. The person that also slept on the hospital floor when you were ill? Yea that’s also me.

The next time someone tries to characterize you, act like you are listening if they are your bossy boss (most bosses do not accept even the politest debate) they may be right in that circumstance, but be quick to remind yourself that you are so many other exciting, wonderful things. Explore!

Chineze loves to read and write. She shares her wide range of opinions with family and friends and is a sucker for good food and good people. She can’t wait to be referred to as a ‘Novelist’. She also shares her thoughts on her blog chinezeonline@wordpress.com

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