State Of The Music Nigerian pop songs are very deep, but you are too simple to see it

Nigerian music is deep. In fact, it is some of the deepest music that I have listened. But you are too simple to understand.

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Wizkid play


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You Nigerians are funny people. You pretend to be who you are not. You pretend to be deep, and that’s your problem.

The real problem is that you, yes you that is reading this article and thinks that you are deep, you are not deep. You are just faking it. If not you will not be cursing Nigerian music.

You people do too much. Every day you go on social media, keep your arrogant noses in the air, and curse Nigerian music. You say it is bad music. You say it is not sweet. You say the way it is recorded is poor. You say there’s too much bad things inside. That it has no message. You also say that it is corrupting the youths.

I have no problem with that. It’s your mouth right? You can say whatever you want to say, and still get away with it because its yours. But please for the love of God, don’t ever say Nigerian music is not deep. Don’t.

Ty Dolla Sign, Wizkid and Big Sean in the studio. play

Ty Dolla Sign, Wizkid and Big Sean in the studio.



Nigerian music is deep. In fact, it is some of the deepest music that I have seen. The only thing deeper than Nigerian music is the Atlantic Ocean. Every other thing isn’t deep enough. But I understand it when you say the music is not deep. And frankly, it’s not the fault of the artist, it’s your fault. That’s why you don’t appreciate the depth of Nigerian music?

Have you ever wondered what is ‘Palanga’? Have you wondered the amount of depth that is in that phrase, “Baby Palanga?” of course you have not. You think it means nothing because it came from Tekno. Because it is from a Nigerian, you ae biased and think it is just a simple, senseless exclamation. You are very biased and it is not good.

What if ‘Baby Palanga is deeper than that? What if it is a call to action for the Khoikhoi tribe, who are the aboriginal people of South Africa? What if it means Primordial Astral Illumination in Danish? What if it is God himself speaking to mankind via a very unlikely source?

“Baby Palanga”: Such depth. Deepness, Deepity, Deepdom. Deepism. Deepamania. Deeptastic.

How about the melodious and spiritual chanting of Runtown on the mega-hit, ‘Mad over you’? Do you know what it means? Nobody knows for sure. No matter how much you listen to it, that chanting has never truly been deciphered by any man on the living face of the earth.


The closest we have come to replicating that magic is: “Whine for the boy, girl ah whine make she whine for the dough”

And if you notice, when you get to that part of the song, something possesses your spirit, and draws you into chanting along, even though you don’t know what you are chanting. Only Runtown and he God he serves knows what he said there.

You don’t know, I don’t know, yet you say it is simple, because it is from Nigeria. How sad.

I put it to you that you are a bigot. That instead of paying attention to Nigerian music and giving it enough intellectual thought and research that it deserves, you simply bite Gala, drink La Casera and move on.

Maybe it’s not your fault. Maybe in its simplicity, the Nigerian music has become too hard for you to truly understand. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t have the capacity to recognize deep stuff when you hear it. Maybe you are a simple man, with a simple thought process.

Maybe you are not deep.