Tech FOX Network allegedly denies agreement with TSTV, signs there is no substitute yet for DSTV

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It is hoped that this won't be a repetition of the HItv experience.

The American company is refuting the existence of any distribution agreement between it and TSTV. play

The American company is refuting the existence of any distribution agreement between it and TSTV.

(TSTV Africa)
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FOX Network Group - the operator of FOX television channels, has allegedly denied entering into any broadcasting agreement with TSTV to distribute its contents in Nigeria.

According to the statement purportedly released by the American based media group, TSTV’s advert listing FOX channels on its platform is inappropriate.

“Despite advertised claims regarding FOX channels, FOX does not have any agreement with TSTV regarding the distribution of channels, but remains confident that TSTV will normalise the situation prior to the launch of its service to ensure the consistency between platform content claims and subscriber expectation,” FOX said.

However, a check on Fox site by Business Insider SSA showed that there is no such release about TSTV on their website.

The check also revealed that the new pay TV is not among friends and partners of Fox network Group as listed on the group's website.

Moreover, the Cable Network News (CNN) recently issued similar statement debunking the existence of any distribution deal with TSTV.

They all threatened legal actions against the Nigerian pay-television provider.

With all these content wars springing up from every corner, it seems the TSTV got its business model wrong and may not be ready to assume the position Nigerians hoped it would. 

More so, the unending postponements of commercial operations have made many Nigerians to reconsider their decision to drop Multichoice Nigeria for the new pay-tv. 

For now, Nigerians may still have to swallow their dissatisfaction for DSTV and GOTV until a viable substitute is available.