Lifestyle The American who said he's the rightful King of England is yet to claim his throne

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Allan V. Evans is yet to claim his throne, after posting an ad in The Times claiming to be the rightful King of England.

Allan V. Evans play

Allan V. Evans

(Hollis Johnson)
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An American man, who last month said he was the rightful King of England and would claim his "royal historic estate" within 30 days, is yet to do so.

Allan V. Evans from Colorado, US, caused a media flurry when he took out a huge advert in The Times on March 1 claiming his royal status and outlining his demands.

Evans gave a 30-day deadline for his claim, but also said he would not take the throne until after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, out of "deepest respect" for Her Majesty.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Business Insider.

The Times advert, shown above in a tweet, said Evans is "a direct descendant of an unbroken primogeniture line legally documented since the 3rd century in Great Britain and registered in the Royal College of Arms."

It describes generations of lineage, starting with a claim that Evans is the descendant of Cunedda Wledig, the founder of the Kingdom of Wales.

Evans said he would give "legal notice" to all of his relatives, and planned to claim his "royal historic estate," as well as land, assets, and titles.