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Finance Microsoft slides off record highs after 238 discrimination and harassment complaints filed by female workers go public (MSFT)

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Shares of Microsoft tanked on news that female employees had filed 238 internal complaints about gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

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Microsoft was the latest company to reel from sexual harassment and gender discrimination allegations.

Shares of tech giant slid 2.44% on Tuesday following news the company received 238 internal complaints about gender discrimination or sexual harassment between 2010 and 2016, according to a Reuters' review of court filings made public after Monday's closing bell.

The world's largest software company has been wrapped up in a lawsuit alleging it was systematically denying pay raises or promotions to women in US-based technical jobs, according to the court filings.

The lawsuit has received wider attention because it is the latest in a series of claims of a discriminatory culture in the technology, entertainment, and media industries.

Microsoft's stock closed at $94.41 per share on Tuesday. It was one of the worst performers in the Dow Jones industrial average. Shares are still up 9.46% for the year.